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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-17 19:26:24

WWE champion The Rock vs. CM Punk (with Paul Heyman)

Punk came out with the stolen WWE title flaunting it.

The Rock can lose the belt via DQ or countout.

They faced off and circled each other at the bell.  Punk shoulderblocked Rock down.  Punk controlled Rock early but was caught with several big armdrags.    Punk retreated to the floor for words of advice from Paul Heyman.   

Punk returned to the ring and they began arguing.  Punk slapped him.  Rock lost it and worked over Punk.  They noted it was a smart move from Punk since Rock could lose by DQ.  The referee warned Rock.  Rock calmed down but Punk spit in his face.  Rock clobbered him with a clothesline.

They went to the outside where Rock kicked the hell out of Punk.  He teased putting Punk on a table but realized Punk was looking for a DQ.  Punk raked his eyes and drilled Rock when he returned to the ring.   Punk nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.  The crowd began the back and forth dueling chants.  Punk controlled Rock and scored a two count with an elbow, then cinched in a side chinlock.

Punk nailed a heel kick for a two count.   He locked in a side chinlock.  Rock fought to his feet but Punk stunned him and nailed a springboard clothesline for a two count.  Rock mounted a comeback but Punk nailed the high knee in the corner.   He measured Rock and nailed another running high knee.  Punk ascended to the top for the flying elbow and nailed it for a two count.

Punk dumped Rock to the floor.  He set up the Spanish announce table (and warned JBL to watch out for his hat) but Rock made a comeback.  He tossed Punk into the ring for the Rock Bottom but Punk turned that into a neckbreaker for a two count.   Hey nan began arguing with the referee, allowing Punk to put Rock on the table.  Punk nailed a Rock Bottom on the table but it didn't break.  These tables don't like Rock vs. Punk matches.  Punk returned to the ring and implored the referee to count Rock out.  Rock returned just after the 9 count, saving his title.

Punk was immediately on Rock with a series of right hands.  Rock caught him with a Samoan Drop.     Rock made a comeback with a series of right hands.  They slugged it out in the middle of the ring.   Rock was whipped into the ropes but nailed a leaping clothesline and a DDT.  He called for the Rock Bottom but Punk began nailing a series of elbows to the neck and body.  Punk went for the springboard clothesline but was caught with the Rock Bottom in mid-air for a two count.  Great match.

Rock followed Punk to the floor and tossed him back into the ring.   The referee and Heyman began arguing.  Punk whipped Rock into the referee, who took a bump to the floor.  Punk nailed the GTS but there was no ref to make the count.   Another official ran out to check on the ref.  Punk went for another GTS but was caught with the spinebuster.  Rock went for the People's Elbow and nailed it.  The second ref hit the ring but Punk kicked out.  Great false finish playing off of last month's ending.

Punk tried to back away from Rock, rolling over the referee's ankle.  Rock went after him but Punk KO'd him with a kick to the head.  Again, no referee to make a count.  Punk had Heyman give him the WWE title belt.  Heyman held Rock for the shot but the champ ducked and Heyman was nailed with the belt.  Punk was hit with the Rock Bottom and pinned.

Your winner and still WWE champion, The Rock!

Really great main event.  Much better than their first match.

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