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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-13 20:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA Genesis!

The PPV opened with a good video feature on the three way main event.  The announcers welcomed us to the show and previewed the main event.

TNA Tag Team champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

Big chant for Chavo as he and Ryan locked up.  Ryan backed Guerrero up into a corner and backed off, mocking Guerrero, who unloaded on him.  Hernandez grabbed him in a bear hug and nailed and overhead release suplex.  He slammed Ryan and Guerrero nailed a slingshot back splash into the ring.  The champs hit a nice sequence of moves for a two count.

Guerrero drilled Ryan with a hard dropkick but missed a second one when Ryan held onto the ropes.  He nailed a slingshot into his own corner, allowing Morgan to drill Guerrero as he was sent in.  Morgan and Ryan tagged in and out, working over Guerrero.

Hernandez made the tag in and nailed Ryan with a slingshot shoulderblock.  Morgan tagged in and he and Hernandez went back and forth.  Morgan got the better of the exchange and tagged in Ryan, who spent too much time playing to the crowd for Morgan's liking.  Hernandez nearly fought back enough to tag out but was pulled back to the challengers' corner.

Ryan and Morgan tagged in and out working over Hernandez.  Hernandez tried to fight his way out but was killed with a discus clothesline.  Hernandez tried to fight himself out but Morgan tagged himself in and continued the assault, whipping him hard into the corner.  Morgan demanded Ryan follow suit and tagged him back in.

Guerrero tried to help his partner but the referee held him back.  Morgan and Ryan worked over Guerrero but the referee realized Morgan, who was not the legal man in the ring, had switched with his partner.     Hernandez was held by Morgan for Ryan to beat with a series of right hands.  He covered Hernandez for a two count and cinched in a chinlock.  The crowd rallied Hernandez, who fought to his feet and nailed a twirling backbreaker on Ryan.

Hernandez made the hot tag to Guerrero, who nailed a sunset flip into the ring, then a dropkick and a forward fiip on Ryan.  Guerrero then nailed a twisting head scissors out of the corner.  He nailed the Three Amigos.  He went to the top for a frog splash but Morgan stepped into the way.

Hernandez hit the scene but Morgan went for a double chokeslam on them.  They escaped and nailed a double dropkick, sending him out of the ring.  Hernandez nailed a NASTY looking powerbomb on Ryan and Guerrero hit the top rope frog splash for the win.

Your winners, TNA Tag Team champions Hernandez and Guerrero!

After the match, Morgan just looked down in disgust at Ryan.

OK opener.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Mr. Anderson.  Borash asked him his stance on Aces & Eights.  Anderson mocked him and said, "you guys are so kliq-y around here" and told Borash to grow up.  He said that as far as Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle were concerned, Angle called him out to fight and he was ready to fight.  He said that Angle decided to roll around with Aces & Eights.  He said if Joe wants to blame Anderson for Kurt Angle's demise, thanks.  He warned Joe that the same thing was going to happen to Angle will just happen to him.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

They faced off in the center of the ring.  Joe smacked Anderson's hat off his head.  Joe shoved him after they jawjacked back and forth.   Anderson took his shirt off, threw it at Joe and nailed him.  Joe fought him back and stomped the hell out of him.

Joe whipped Anderson into the corner and then nailed him with an enziguiri to the head.  Joe smashed Anderson into the corner.   Joe snapmared Anderson, then drilled him with kicks and chops.   He covered Anderson for a two count.

Anderson tried to slug it out with Joe and found out that wasn't the best idea.  He was run off to the floor, where Joe chopped him hard on the floor.   They battled around the ringside area, with Joe maintaining control.  Anderson nailed Joe after Joe rolled in and out of the ring to break the referee's count, allowing Anderson to gain control ever so briefly. 

Anderson was chopped down to the floor, but sent Joe into the ring steps.  Joe was slammed into the ring steps and then slammed back-first into the apron.  Anderson covered him for a two count.   Anderson locked in a chinlock, trying to wear Joe down even more.  Joe nailed a series of elbows but was caught with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Anderson nailed a series of right hands but Anderson went right after Joe's knee, which showed signs of damage from hitting the stairs earlier.   Anderson nailed Joe with a series of rights and chops in the corner.  He went back to working over the knee, trying to tie it up in the ropes.  Joe shoved Anderson off, but was still caught with a dropkick to the knee for a near fall.

Anderson placed Joe's leg on the rope and leapt down on it, softening the knee up.  He went to do it again but Joe used his other foot to shove Anderson over the top to the floor as Anderson leapt up.  Joe hit a tope into a forearm smash to the floor on Anderson.

Back in the ring, Joe scored a near fall.  Anderson fought back but was caught in a snap powerslam.  Joe placed Anderson on the top for the muscle buster when the artist formerly known as Mike Knox.  Joe saw Knox and shoved Anderson to the mat.  Joe turned to Anderson and was caught with the Mic Check.  Anderson scored the pin.

Your winner, Mr. Anderson!

Another OK match.  The match really was just a backdrop to continue the mystery of whether Anderson is in cahoots with Aces and Eights.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kenny King about the X-Division tournament final.  King said that he was a freight train and the only thing that can stop it is Superman.  He said Christian York isn't Superman and tonight isn't about York, it's about RVD.  He said that when he tagged in RVD, he wanted to see if it was true.  He left RVD in the ring for Morgan to kick him in the face on purpose.  He said RVD has gotten soft.  He said that RVD isn't the same man who used to battle Sabu and kick Jerry Lynn's head off ten years ago.  King said he was going to perform "natural selection" and take out RVD to become the new emperor of the X-Division.

Kenny King vs. Christian York

They announced the X-Division title bout will take place immediately, so there will be no rest period for the challenger.  They had a feeling out process early and traded Japanese style armdrags before both going for a dropkick at the same time and facing off.

King and York went back and forth shoving and slapping each other.  York got the better of it, then chopped away at King.   York drilled King with a knee to the mid-section as he came off the ropes.  King nailed an inverted atomic drop, a leg lariat and a slam for another near fall.

King went outside to the apron.  York went after him but was nailed with a shoulderblock.  King tossed York to the outside and went for a dive but missed.  York whipped King towards the apron but King caught himself.  York charged and King sent him into the ropes. York bounced down and used a rana on King.

They battled back and forth until York was nailed and sent to the floor.  King drilled him into the railing and rolled York back in for a series of near falls.  King kicked away at York in the corner.  York fired back with chops.  

King regained control but was caught going for a leg lariat and folded backwards with a nasty suplex.   King avoided a charge but was nailed with a series of clotheslines.  York used a Russian legsweep variation and clotheslined King in the corner. 

They battled onto the apron, where King failed at a cartwheel kick and York nailed one instead.  York went to the top and nailed a double stomp off the ropes for a two count.

They went into a sequence of near falls and reversals with some hot moves.  York went for a cannonball in the corner but King rolled out of the way.  King drilled him with a pair of knees in the corner but York kicked out.  King went for a La Magistral but York reversed it and scored the win.

Your winner, Christian York!

Good match.  York is a star.  King came off well here as well.

After the match, King laid out York, upset over having lost.  King then tried to call out Rob Van Dam.

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