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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-13 20:00:00
They showed Bully Ray's proposal to Brooke Hogan.  The happy couple then came to the ring.  Ray began talking about who they should invite to the wedding and Brooke said they should invite everyone there in the Impact Zone.  So, Ray filmed footage of them and said he was going to put it on Twitter.  Ray said he wasn't much for "this feelings stuff" but thanked Brooke for saying yes and making him happy.  He thanked the fans for having their back over "this whole situation."

Sting vs. D.O.C.

They began brawling on the floor.  Sting sent Doc into the stairs and then into the guard rail.   They battled into the crowd and towards the Aces & Eights entrance.  Sting began choking Doc with his own shirt as another member of Aces & Eights hit the scene and attacked him.

That allowed Doc to grab control of the battle.  He tossed Sting into the ring, where the referee rang the bell.  Doc stepped on Sting's chest to pin him but Sting kicked out.  Doc kept working over him and Sting rolled out back to the floor.

Doc drilled Sting with a right hand and whipped him hard into the ring steps.   Doc tossed Sting back in and kicked away at Sting, keeping him on the defensive.  Sting pulled himself up but was drilled with a haymaker and sent back to the mat.

Doc snapmared Sting down and cinched in a side chinlock.  Doc continued the assault.  Sting fought back and went for the Scorpion Death Drop.  Doc fought him off but Sting nailed a series of kicks and drilled the Death Drop. 

Sting unloaded with  a series of rights and strikes.  He hit the Stinger Splash on Doc and nailed another Scorpion Death Drop for the pin.

Your winner, Sting!

Match was what you would expect from Sting in 2013.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Aces and Eights hit the ringside area and were going to attack Sting but Bully Ray charged out and they ran off.

TNA champion Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries.

Jeremy Borash did the big time ring introductions.

Roode and Aries both tried to give the other orders on what to do.  They then attacked Hardy and worked him over in the corner.   They sent Hardy into the opposite corner.  Aries was whipped into Hardy but was caught with an elbow.  Hardy nailed Roode as well, then bulldogged Aries as he clotheslined Roode.

Hardy nailed an inverted atomic drop on Roode and followed up with a backdrop.   Hardy turned to Aries and worked him over but was caught with by Roode and slammed backward to the mat head-first.  Hardy kicked off Aries and tossed Roode to the floor.  He then picked up and spun Aries into the air and down to the mat.

Hardy nailed a dive to the floor on Roode but only nailed him glancingly.   Hardy brought him back into the ring and went for the Twist of Fate.  Roode turned it into a spinebuster.   Roode drilled Hardy with a series of right hands.     He grabbed Hardy and dropped him with a back suplex for a two count.

Roode was sent to the outside but Aries then took over on Hardy, controlling him and scoring several near falls.  Hardy made a comeback as Roode returned and sent them into each other, then used Roode as a springboard for Air Hardy.

Hardy went to the top but was caught up on the ropes by his opponents.,  Roode began smothering Hardy with his boot in the corner.  Hardy was worked over and placed on the top rope.  Aries and Roode took turns  working him over but had dissension over who was going to follow up.

Roode nailed a big superplex and covered Hardy for a two count.  They placed Hardy on the top and argued again.  Roode finally agreed to put Aries on his shoulders and then attempted to do a double decker back superplex.  Hardy fought off Aries and nailed a Whisper in the Wind on Aries, sending both crashing down.

Aries and Roode tried to grab Hardy but he wiped them both out.  Hardy went for a dive on Roode outside but Aries attacked him from behind and Hardy crashed to the floor.  Aries went for the big dive through the ropes on Hardy, who Roode was holding, but Hardy escaped and Roode was wiped out.

Hardy nailed a running leg lariat off the stairs onto Aries against the ringpost.   Hardy followed up with a dive over the ropes to the floor on Roode.  He returned Roode to the ring and went to the top for the Swanton.

Aries cut off Hardy and tried to suplex him out of the ring to the floor but Hardy turned it into a front suplex on Roode.  He went for the Twist of Fate but was shoved off.  Hardy sent his challengers into each other but was caught with a spear for a two count by Roode.

Aries caught Hardy with the brainbuster but Hardy kicked out.  Roode told Aries to nail the 450 splash.  He held Hardy wide open for it.  Hardy rolled out of the way and then out of the ring.  Roode tried to use the Perfectplex to pin Aries and eliminate him.

Ares kicked up and that was the end of their alliance.  They shoved each other and Aries nailed a big running elbow for a two count.  Roode went for a spear but Aries caught him and turned it into the Last Chancery.    Roode teased tapping, then ripped Aries' eyes to force a break.

Roode went right for his Crossface.   Aries turned it into a cradle for a two count.   Aries went for a move but was caught with an attempted tiltowhirl.  Aries was able to pull himself to the top rope but Roode cut him off before Aries could do anything.  They battled on the ropes but Aries got the better of him.  Aries drilled him with a big dropkick and went for the brainbuster but Roode turned into a rollup for a two count.

Aries came back with a backslide and as Roode went down, Hardy returned and nailed the Cruncher legdrop and both men pinned Roode.

Roode is eliminated.

Aries argued with the referee and went to grab Hardy.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate.  Hardy was fought off but nailed the Twist of Fate through the ropes and drilled him with a Swanton for the win.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Jeff Hardy!

Dynamite, hard worked main event.  All three of these guys worked their asses off.  Really good finish to the PPV and easily the best thing from an "in ring" standpoint on the show.

Solid show but nothing out of this world.  This is the end of an era here as it's the last Orlando live PPV for the time being (for major shows) and from here on in, it's on TNA to build the major shows as just that major.  This felt like just another show.  TNA's job is to make sure the PPVs don't feel that way ever again.  Let's hope they do. 

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