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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-11-11 19:50:00
Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Turning Point 2012!

Taz starts the show off in the middle of the ring saying how proud he is of working for a company that wants to make a difference, and since the Northeast (including his own home and family) has been affected by the storm, he wants to bring out Buckethead (a local radio DJ in Orlando) and Bully Ray, who is also from the New York City area. Buckethead thanks TNA for allowing him to come to the show and thanks the Red Cross for all their work in the Northeast, then says they're going to attempt to set a world record for most people texting simultaneously during a PPV show. He says to send the message "REDCROSS 1041" to 90999 to donate ten bucks to the Red Cross relief effort in the Northeast, then Bully Ray says it's time to start the show the right way, and leads the crowd in a TNA chant.

On a personal note, being that I'm also from the New York area and have seen a lot of destruction in my area that we're not close to recovering from, I'd strongly urge anyone who can to donate whatever you can to the relief effort. The destruction caused in the area has been unimaginable, and every little bit helps.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Brutus Magnus

They don't waste any time before trading blows in the middle of the ring. Magnus tries to escape out to the floor, but Joe follows him out and continues dishing out punishment, ramming Magnus into the rail and drilling him with right hands. Magnus goes to the eyes, but Joe easily rams Magnus into the ring steps and rolls him back inside. Joe with a snapmare, chop to the back, kick to the chest and a kneedrop for 2 as Mike Tenay brings up his nearly 2 year reign as the ROH World Champion and his year and a half undefeated streak when he first came to TNA. Joe puts Magnus down with a running knee to the face, but Magnus dodges a charge from Joe and takes his head off with a clothesline. Magnus chokes Joe in the corner and then puts him down on the mat with a leaping kneestrike. Joe reverses a whip and sends Magnus into the corner, following him in with a running elbow and a leaping enziguiri. Magnus goes down and leaves himself easy prey for a facewash, then rolls out to the floor to grab a steel chair. Joe goes for a dive through the ropes, but Magnus throws the chair at Joe's head and it connects with an audible THWACK. Magnus slumps Joe over the second rope and charges in with an elbow to the back of the head, followed by a kneedrop for 2. Magnus gets a top wristlock, but Joe quiclky gets to the ropes and the referee isn't breaking for some reason, so Magnus lets Joe goe and continues pounding on the champion. Magnus comes off the second rope right into an inverted atomic drop from Joe. Joe follows up with a running boot and tries a senton, Magnus moves but Joe catches him with a snap powerslam for 2. Joe counters a leapfrog to a powerbomb for 2 and gets Magnus right in an STF as he kicks out. Magnus crawls to the ropes, but there's no rope breaks because this is no DQ, so Magnus ends up having to elbow his way out. Magnus tries a Kokina Clutch, Joe shoudler throws him, and Magnus gets a Fujiwara armbar. Joe rolls through and Magnus converts to a cross armbreaker, but Joe counters to a cradle for 2. Magnus connects with a right hand, so Joe responds with another leaping enziguiri to send Magnus back down to the mat. Joe tries the Muscle Buster, Magnus blocks, so Joe goes up for a superplex. Magnus drops to the apron and hits Joe with a high knee that knocks him backward onto the mat, then he climbs to the top and comes off with the elbowdrop he pinned Joe with on Thursday, but Joe kicks out at 2. Magnus tries another clothesline but Joe drills him with a right hand and goes to the ropes, but Magnus catches him coming in and hits a Michinoku Driver, then goes back to the top and hits another elbowdrop, but Joe kicks out at 2 yet again. Magnus can't believe Joe won't stay down, and he charges Joe in the corner and runs right into the STJoe. Magnus rolls back out to the floor and gets the chair again, Joe charges the ropes and Magnus gets ready to throw the chair at him again, but this time Joe hits a TWISTING CROSSBODY OVER THE TOP ROPE. Yes, you read that right. Joe sends Magnus back in sets up for the Muscle Buster, pauses for emphasis, and drops Magnus. He makes a cover and Magnus somehow kicks out at 2. Joe looks astonished as Magnus uses the ropes to hold himself up while flipping Joe off and yelling at him to come on. Joe obliges, battering him with more shots and then putting him out with the Kokina Clutch.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Terrific opener and I liked how Magnus was begging Joe for more even after taking the Muscle Buster, it made him look like a hell of a badass.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with ODB, and she starts complaining that Eric Young still isn't around and how embarrassed she was when Tara and Jesse poured the contents of her flask down her chest. Eric Young suddenly comes in and apologizes because a shark ate his phone and he asks if she can forgive him. ODB starts making out with him for like twenty seconds, so I assume she's okay with it.

Tara & Jesse Godderz vs ODB & Eric Young

EY gets a nice welcome back chant as Tara and ODB get ready to lock up, but Tara has second thoughts and tags in Jesse. Jesse would rather make out with Tara than wrestle, so ODB rolls him up from behind, then atomic drops him right into a right hands from EY. EY and ODB with a double elbowdrop for 2, then EY leapfrogs Jesse and gets a hiptoss and dropkick for 2. ODB tags back in and they double whip Jesse into the corner so ODB can give him the bronco buster. EY drops down in the corner to let ODB bronco bust him as well, but Tara comes in and nails ODB from behind, so EY chases her until Jesse suckerpunches EY and chokes him on the middle rope. Jesse with a big backdrop on EY for 2, then repeatedly rams clubbing forearms into EY's chest and tags Tara in to let her cover him for 2. Jesse tags right back in and fires an elbow down into the shoulder of EY, EY slips out the back on a suplex attempt, but Jesse powerslams EY for 2. Jesse taunts ODB to draw her in the ring so he and Tara can double team EY while Taryn Terrell gets ODB back out of the ring. EY finally Flair Flips out to the apron, slides back in under Jesse's legs, and then they cream each other with a double clothesline. ODB takes a swig from the flask as she reaches out for the hot tag, but heel chicanery prevents EY from etting to his corner, so ODB comes in and spits her beverage in Jesse's face, kicks him low, then drags EY to the corner so she can tag in. ODB goes nuts on Jesse, hitting a Thesz Press before going to work on Tara. ODB hits the BAM on Tara, but Jesse comes in from behind with a forearm and tries a clothesline, but ODB ducks and tags in EY, who takes his pants off and comes in with a top rope elbowdrop on Jesse for the win.

Winners: ODB & Eric Young

That was certainly interesting. If this is EY's last appearance in TNA, it was a fun match to go out on.

We go to the broadcast team as they inform us that Sting will not be appearing tonight due to the attack by Doc this past Thursday on Impact, and that Hulk Hogan is in Texas with Sting, and will have an update on his condition this Thursday on Impact Wrestling.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with James Storm, who says he's been preparing for this moment for a year. He's not the smartest guy in the world and he doesn't have all the answers, but he can tell us that he's winning tonight, and whoever he beats, he's sorry about their damn luck.

We look at Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan's visit with Hulk Hogan this past Thursday as Morgan tries to intimidate Hogan to no apparent avail. Joey Ryan comes out for the next match and says that Hogan may think he got one over on them, but he and Matt Morgan don't answer to anyone. He says Hogan is underestimating him because he's been defying the odds since he got here, then tells RVD to get out here so he can take the X Division and make it X rated.

X Division Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs Joey Ryan

Joey goes to tie up with RVD, but ducks under the tie up and strokes his chest at the crowd. RVD picks his leg and Joey scurries to the ropes for safety, so RVD unloads on Joey with a flurry of kicks that sends him tumbling backward into the corner where RVD contnues pounding on him. RVD with a top rope legdrop as Joey tries to drag himself back to his feet, then hangs Joey in the Tree of Woe and baseball slides him in the chest. RVD with a rolling monkey flip that sends Joey completely across the ring, and he rolls out to the floor to escape Rolling Thunder. RVD goes right after Joey and sends him back inside where he kicks Joey square in the face, points at himself so the fans can chant his name, then springs up to the top rope for the five star frogsplash. Joey pops up and shoves RVD off and onto the guardrail, then wipes him out with a dive through the ropes. Joey with a series of pin attempts that fail to put RVD away, so he spikes RVD into the mat with a tornado DDT for 2. RVD tries another monkey flip, but Joey dodges and RVD crashes into the corner, so Joey goes to the second rope and hits the Mustache Ride, but RVD kicks out at 2, so Joey goes to a neck vice. RVD fights his way out of Joey's grasp and puts him down again with a springboard thrust kick, then connects with a pair of clotheslines and a superkick, followed by Rolling Thunder. RVD with a standing moonsault for 2, but Joey gets an inverted atomic drop and cradles RVD with his feet on the ropes. That beat him on Impact, but RVD kicks out this time, knokcks Joey flat on his back with a kick, then hits the five star frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Match was solid enough, but this was mostly RVD beating Joey up and making him look helpless without Matt Morgan there to back him up. Speaking of Morgan, he comes out of nowhere with the Carbon Footprint and lays RVD out on the entrance ramp.

Jeremy Borash is backstage again and is joined by Joseph Park, who is sweating like a madman, but wishes Sting well after the attack this past Thursday. He's petrified to be going out there to fight the man who did that to Sting, but Aces & Eights deprived him of his basic rights and put him through hell, so he's going to go out there and do his best. He's probably going to get his butt kicked, but he's going in as a man and coming out as one.

Turning Point continues on Page 2!

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