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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-11-11 19:50:00
Kurt Angle vs Devon

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring with a look on his face like he's ready to cause some damage, and indeed he goes after Devo as soon as the bell rings and pummels him with right hands. Angle just kicks the crap out of Devon in the corner, but Devon starts firing back at Angle and puts him down with just a few shots before dropping a couple of elbows to the back of Angle's surgically repaired neck. Devon nails Angle with a flying shoulderblock and taunts the crowd before going back to unloading on Angle. Angle's moving really slowly as he comes in to put the boots to Devon in the corner, then snap suplexes Devon for 2. Angle with a series of shoulderblocks in the corner, but misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the ringpost and tumbles out to the floor. Devon goes outside and rams Angle's back into the barricade and slams his face into the ring apron, then they go back inside where Devon tells Kurt to come on while he chokes him with his shin. Angle tries to fight back, but Devon puts him right back down with a flying elbow before shutting Angle down with a chinlock. Devon continues to methodically wear Angle down, hitting a running splash in the corner before charging into Angle's boot on a second try. Angle comes off the second rope with a dropkick, then connects with a series of clotheslines and a running forearm. Angle with an overhead release suplex for 2 and goes for the Hacker Slam, but Devon slips out the back and lays Angle out with a clothesline. Devon goes to the top rope, but takes too long and Angle runs up the turnbuckles and suplexes him to the mat and covers for 2. Angle gets the anklelock and has Devon trapped right in the middle of the ring, but Devon manages to kick Angle off and quickly hit a Rock Bottom for 2. Devon goes for a powerbomb, Angle tries to slip out and stumbles a bit, but quickly recovers and hits three rolling German suplexes on Devon that get a 2 count. Angle goes for the moonsault he never hits, but Devon slips underneath Angle and powerbombs him for 2. Devon flattens Angle with a spinebuster and covers for 2, and looks stunned that he didn't put Angle away with that. Devon comes off the top rope with a flying headbutt and Angle moves out of the way and covers him for 2. Several members of Aces & Eights come out of the crowd and surround the ring as Angle hits the Hacker Slam for 2. Angle gets the anklelock on Devon and grapevines the leg, and Devon taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle IMMEDIATELY bails out to the floor and heads up the ramp as Doc yells at Angle that he's a dead man, he's got a target on his back, and he's next.

The Mystery Camermana catches up to a still distraught AJ Styles backstage and asks him what he's going to do now that he can't have a title shot for a full year. AJ gives the dumbass a real dirty look, then walks off without saying a word.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Austin Aries, who tells Jeffrey Nero Hardy that they're going to write the final chapter in the Jeff Hardy saga. Everyone thought Hardy's story ended in triumph at Bound For Glory, but it's going to end in tragedy tonight because he's going to take Hardy's happy ending and shove it down his throat. He doesn't need the support of the fans or the company, he just needs to be himself and go out there to be the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. He's going to beat Jeff Hardy at his own game, and regain the TNA World Title.

TNA World Title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

Aries circles Hardy to start, then bails out to the floor to piss off the fans. He gets back in and quickly kicks Hardy in the gut and dumps him out to the floor, then goes out the other side to grab the ladder. Hardy goes around to go after Aries, but Aries runs back into the ring and catches Hardy coming into the ring with a series of boots, then sends Hardy back outside and rams him into the steps. Aries goes back over to the ladder and slides it onto the ring apron, but Hardy comes from behind and rams Aries' face into the ladder, which tumbles out to the floor as Aries and Hardy head back inside to continue brawling. Hardy gets a flying headscissors on Aries and they go back outside to fight over the ladder, and Hardy ends up ramming Aries into the barricade and hits Poetry In Motion off the steps, then comes off the apron with a running clothesline. Hardy sends the ladder into the ring and starts to climb, but Aries comes in and tries to climb over Hardy to the top. Innovative idea, but Hardy won't let it happen, so Aries gives Hardy a Russian legsweep off the ladder. Aries folds the ladder up and lays it between the ring apron and the barricade, then picks Hardy up and dumps him onto the ladder. Aries goes back in the ring and slingshots himself over the top rope with a forearm to the chest of Hardy, then uses his boot to shove Hardy off the ladder and right onto the steps. Aries sets the ladder up back in the ring and starts to climb, but Hardy grabs his ankle and yanks him off the ladder. Hardy with an enziguiri that sends Aries out to the floor, then turns the ladder upside down and balances it on the ropes in a sort of V position. Aries comes back in and he fights over a suplex with Aries, Hardy nails Aries and tries to come off the second rope with something, but Aries moves and Hardy lands on the ladder, which snaps shut over him and leaves him in a bear trap, as Taz puts it. Aries goes out to the apron and slingshots back in with an elbowdrop that sandwiches Hardy between the sides of the ladder a second time, then goes and gets a second ladder out from under the ring. He brings it into the ring and then stops to hit a heat seeking missile through the ropes, then puts Hardy back between the sides of the ladder and puts the ring steps on top of Hardy to sandwich him into a trap at ringside. Aries goes back in and climbs the second ladder, but stops when he sees that Hardy escaped from the trap. He goes over to check on the situation, but Hardy had climbed underneath the ring and came out the other side, rolling into the ring and starting to climb while Aries was at ringside with his back turned. Aries quickly runs back inside and shoves the ladder out from under Hardy, causing him to land hard. Aries and Hardy both climb the ladder and Aries knocks Hardy off, but the ladder appears to have gotten damaged, so Aries drops off and leans the ladder in the corner, laying Hardy on it and nailinghim with an IED. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and stumbles back toward the ladder, Aries recovers and tries a charge, but Hardy armdrags Aries into the ladder. Hardy goes for a powerbomb, but continues the backward momentum and drops Aries on his face, then climbs the corner and uses the ladder as a sort of lever to ride down into a splash on Aries. Aries rolls out to the floor as Hardy sets the bent up ladder on top of the corner, then goes outside and gets yet a third ladder out from under the ring. Hardy sets the ladder up and starts to climb, but Aries comes off the top rope with a dropkick to the ladder that sends Hardy crashing back to the mat yet again. Aries puts Hardy in the corner and dropkicks a ladder into his chest, then picks Hardy up and hits the brainbuster before rolling Hardy out to the floor. Aries puts the broken ladder on top of the corner and starts to climb the good one, but Hardy comes back in and climbs the other side, trading punches with Aries until he gives Aries an Ace Crusher off the ladder. Hardy goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton, and Aries quickly rolls out to the floor while Hardy climbs the ladder and grabs for the belts. The belts suddenly raise up several feet, and we see Aries at the control booth with the controls for the belt hoop in hand. Hardy goes after Aries and they fight back to ringside, but Hardy gets the giant ladder out from under the ring and sets it up inside. He starts to climb, Aries goes up the opposite side and they trade punches again, and they tilt over and land on the broken ladder that was set up in the corner. They get to their feet as if the ladder was a platform, and Hardy gives Aries a Twist of Fate on the ladder, sending Aries and the ladder out to the floor while Hardy tumbles into the ring. He sets the big ladder back up and climbs up to grab his belt and earn the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Very good main event, I liked how they did daring spots without getting stupid with it like you see in some of these matches, and I really liked how Austin Aries was trying to outsmart Hardy by doing things like the trap at ringside.

Thanks for following's live coverage of TNA Turning Point, I'll be back in the Elite section later tonight with the postgame show!

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