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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-10-13 23:20:09
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of ROH Glory By Honor XI! For information on ordering the iPPV stream, visit Those ordering the iPPV will receive a code to order the DVD of the event for only $11.

We're live from Missisauga, Ontario, Canada and the iPPV is 100% *PERFECT* as Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome to Glory By Honor XI! The crowd is going nuts as Kevin and Nigel run down the top matches, then send us to the ring for our opening match...

Bravado Brothers vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

The Bravados are decked out in the stars & stripes to make friends with the Ontario fans. Harlem and Cedric start us off, but Lancelot sneaks in and blindsides Cedric from behind, stunning him so Harlem can hit a leg lariat for 2. Cedric catches Harlem with a flying headscissors and tags in Coleman, who hits a slingshot legdrop followed by a Lionsault from Cedric for 2. Double team from Coleman & Alexander gets 2, but Lancelot distracts Alexander from the outside so Harlem can get a Bret Hart side backbreaker for a quick 2. Lancelot tags in and the Bravados hit a double back elbow and double elbowdrop for 2. Alexander is in trouble now and gets worn down by a bodyscissors from Harlem. Harlem with a back suplex for 2, then dumps Alexander to the floor where Lancelot slams him and then rolls him back inside so Harlem can get 2. Lancelot tags in and gets a high surfboard, then rolls back to a seated position and gets a double grapevine with a chinlock that looks really, really painful. Cedric manages to fight his way through both Bravados and make the hot tag to Coleman, who comes in and cleans house on both Bravados, taking them out with a double dropkick. Coleman blocks a tornado DDT and then hits the rolling Northern Lights suplexes, making the third one a double on both Bravados. Crowd liked that one, as well as Alexander wiping Lancelot out with a dive to the floor. Harlem suddenly runs across the apron and pops off the corner with a climbing moonsault that takes out both Alexander and Lancelot. Finally, Coleman hits a slingshot dive that takes EVERYONE out, and they're all down on the floor. Coleman rolls Harlem back inside and gets 2, but misses a dropkick in the corner and Harlem drills Coleman with an Unprettier for 2. Lancelot with a kitchen sink and a running kneestrike in the corner, then a torture rack into a running neckbreaker for 2. Lancelot peppers Coleman with short clotheslines to the front and back, followed by a running lariat for 2. Coleman catches Lancelot unawares with a springboard crossbody and tags out to Alexander, who catches Lancelot with a springboard enziguiri for 2. Coleman and Alexander hit a double stomp/assisted backbreaker, but Lancelot kicks out on a very close 2, then boots Coleman off the apron before hitting a belly to belly on Alexander and the old Quebecers finish for 2. Harlem with a KILLER bicycle kick on Alexander, then they get the double team enziguiri and German suplex from Lancelot gets 2 on Alexander. Lancelot has blood running out of his nose as he slaps Alexander around, but Coleman pulls down the top rope and Lancelot dumps himself to the floor while Coleman and Alexander take Harlem out with Total Elimination. Coleman with a standing Frankensteiner off the top on Lancelot, then Alexander comes three quarters of the way across the ring with a frogsplash for the win.

Winners: Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

AWESOME opener, the crowd was really into this and it definitely got the show off to the good start. And by the way, the iPPV stream is still perfect, I've had zero trouble so far.

We see a video package of the interview segment from ROH TV where Mike Mondo kissed Maria Kanellis, which brings us to our next match...

Mike Mondo vs Mike Bennett

Bennett slaps Mondo in the face, and Mondo responds by kicking the crap out of him. Maria pops up on the apron to try and distract Mondo, but Mondo slips under the bottom rope and sneaks under the ring. Bennett comes out after him, but Mondo sneaks out behind Bennett and lays him out with a clothesline before chasing Maria around ringside again. Mondo gives that up and charges down the apron to dive onto Bennett, but Bennett catches him and counters to a powerslam on the floor. Ouch. Bennett keeps up the pressure by whipping Mondo into the guardrail, then charges across ringside and spears Mondo right onto the hard floor. They go back inside and exchange punches on the top rope, Mondo headbutts Bennett into the ring, but Bennett charges back with a right hand that sends Mondo tumbling off the corner and to the floor where he apparently hurt his ankle on the way down. Bennett goes after Mondo and rams him into the barricade, but Mondo returns the favor and then does it again. Mondo charges Bennett, who picks him up and hits a sick spinebuster onto the ring apron. Back inside they go, as Bennett tries a Cobra Clutch but gets hiptossed across the ring. Both men hit the ropes and connect with simultaneous crossbody blocks, and both roll out to the floor. They trade punches on the floor and fight up the aisle toward the entranceway, but Mondo stumbles on the bad ankle and Bennett tries a piledriver on the floor. Mondo blocks that and backdrops Bennett onto the concrete floor and rams him back and forth between the barricades. Mondo hops into the ring and stops the referee from counting Bennett out, then goes back out after Bennett and atomic drops him onto the barricade so hard the piece of barricade tips over and Bennett goes splat on the floor. Mondo suddenly climbs up on top of the entranceway and dives onto Bennett. The man is insane. Both men are literally crawling back down the aisle to get back in the ring before they get counted out as the crowd starts a "this is awesome" chant. Mondo rolls Bennett into the ring because he wants to beat him instead of taking a countout, but Maria jumps back on the apron to beg the referee to stop the match. Maria suddenly starts coming onto Mondo with some kind of stripper dance, but it's another ploy. Bennett comes from behind, Mondo sees him coming and catches him with an O'Connor Roll, but Bennett kicks out and sends Mondo into a slap from Maria that stuns him long enough for Bennett to hit a TKO for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett

This match was awesome, and Mondo is out of his mind for doing that dive off the entranceway. These guys worked their asses off and again, the crowd was loving it. The iPPV stream is still working fine!

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team jump Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer on their way to the ring for the next match, leading to a brawl on the floor between the two teams. WGTT bring Whitmer in the ring and beat him down before going for their finish, but Titus comes in to make the save, booting Benjamin in the face and dumping Haas out to the floor where Whitmer takes him out with a dive. Now that we're down to two guys in the ring the referee finally rings the bell to start...

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer

Titus and Benjamin go at it in the ring, but Haas takes Whitmer out on the floor and Titus is in a 2-on-1 situation that ends with him getting dumped to the apron and superkicked in the face by Benjamin. Titus is in the wrong part of town, and takes a shellacking at the hands of WGTT. Benjamin slams Titus across the knee of Haas, who covers Titus for several two counts before hitting the chinlock. Titus fights his way out and leaps across the ring for a hot tag, but Haas catches him in a waistlock and hits a spinebuster for 2. Benjamin tags in and puts Titus on top, Titus shoves him off so Benjamin goes for his leaping suplex, but Titus shoves him off again and wipes him out with a flying bodypress, and both men are down in the middle of the ring. They trade punches as they get back to their feet, then wipe each other out again with a double clothesline. Both men make tags, but Whitmer comes in and cleans house on both of WGTT, taking Benjamin out and getting Haas in a northern lights suplex for 2, followed by an exploder suplex for another 2. Benjamin comes in but gets dumped right back out to the floor, then Haas and Whitmer...uh, express their appreciation for each other while trading haymakers and big boots, then trade German suplexes until Haas hits the Hacker Slam for 2. Titus comes back in and they double team Haas, with Titus hitting an IED and then going after Benjamin on the floor while Whitmer hits a Roll of the Dice on Haas for 2. Benjamin comes into the ring and goes at it with Whitmer, and they block each other's suplexes until Titus drills Benjamin square in the face with a dropkick. Titus goes to the top rope, but Haas whips Whitmer into the corner to crotch Titus and then hit their finish on Whitmer for the win.

Winners: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team

This was a real war, and was also far and away Whitmer's best match since returning to the ring. He looked like a monster as he went at it with Haas & Benjamin, but I get the feeling like this is the end of the Titus-WGTT feud.

Davey Richards battles Jay Lethal on Page 2!

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