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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-10-13 23:20:09
TV Title Match: Adam Cole vs Eddie Edwards

Edwards was, of course, the first ever ROH TV Champion and has since gone on to become the first ever ROH Triple Crown winner. Cole has a new evil beard as he and Edwards circle one another and tie up, with Edwards taking Cole to the corner and breaking clean. Cole seems hesitant to get too close in with Edwards, but ties up and gets taken down by Edwards, who easily outwrestles him and takes him to the mat with a chinlock/armbar combination. Cole hits a switch and shoots in on a double leg, but Edwards quickly scoots to the ropes to force the break. Another tie up, Cole goes to a wristlock but Edwards easily counters to one of his own and yanks Cole down to the mat, but Cole pops back to his feet and tries a dropkick, Edwards catches his legs, but Cole rolls through into a cradle for 2. Edwards acknowledges the cheers of the fans, but then the other half starts cheering for Cole as they tie up yet again in the middle of the ring. They go to a Greco-Roman knucklelock and Edwards breaks Cole down to a bridge, blocking Cole's attempt to bridge up to his feet by placing his knee in Cole's chest. Cole finally manages to work back to a vertical position and breaks Edwards down to a bridge, then floats on top of Edwards to try and break the bridge down. Edwards holds firm and monkey flips Cole over, and they both hold onto the knucklelock. Edwards rolls Cole to a sunset flip for 2, Cole reverses to a cradle for 2, and they go back and forth with several more pinfall attempt with neither man able to score a fall. Edwards tries an Achilles Lock, Cole reverses to a cradle, and they continue the pinfall reversals until Eddie ducks a superkick attempt, takes Cole down with a side headlock, and cole uses a headscissors to escape and they go back to a stalemate. Cole takes Edwards to the ropes and braks clean, but Edwards chops him in the chest. Cole responds with a forearm, and they go back and forth until Cole sends Edwards to the ropes and takes a charge, but Edwards dodges and dumps him out to the floor. Edwards goes for a dive, but Cole sees him coming and takes him out with a leaping enziguiri. Cole slowly climbs to the apron and catches a running boot from Edwards, who tries the dive again and connects on the second try. Edwards rolls Cole back into the ring and hits a Shining Wizard knee for 2. Edwards gets a rear chinlock while trapping Cole's arm with his leg, then uses the back of his arm to pancake Cole's face. Cole gets to his feet and elbows out of the hold, then dropkicks Eddie's knee out from under him and starts throwing kicks at the knee, but Edwards returns the favor and now both men have bad knees as Eddie unleashes some hard chops in the corner. They fight over a vertical suplex until Cole suplexes Eddie out to the apron and connects with a leaping enziguiri. Eddie is down on the apron as Cole slingshots over the top rope and hits a DDT where Eddie only grazes the apron and mostly tumbles headfirst onto the floor. He seems to be okay, so the referee starts the count as Cole dumps Eddie back into the ring and comes off the top rope with a frogsplash for 2. Cole with a fireman's carry into a neckbreaker over the knee for 2. Eddie's neck seems to be in bad shape as Cole goes to the second rope, but Eddie hits a leaping enziguiri and the Backpack Driver for 2. Eddie's neck really seems to be slowing him down as he goes for a vertical suplex, but Cole slips out the back and backdrops Eddie out to the apron. Cole goes for a kick, but Eddie catches his foot and hits a Dragon Screw legwhip and goes to the Achilles Lock. Eddie has Cole trapped right in the middle of the ring and Cole goes to the ropes, but Eddie drags him back out to the middle of the ring and stomps on the back of Cole's head. Cole tries to kick his way out of the hold, Eddie rolls him back over and gets more stomps to the back of the head, but Colle with more kicks to the chin of Eddie, and Edwards drops the hold and goes down. Eddie boots Cole in the face, but Cole gets a victory roll and swings through right into a figure four, but Eddie fights his way to the ropes. Cole sets Eddie on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Eddie picks Cole up in a fireman's carry and they both tumble off the top rope and to the floor. Eddie is up first and rolls Cole into the ring, but runs right into a bicycle kick from Cole. Eddie responds with a pair of superkicks and goes for a suplex, but Cole counters to a vertical suplex into a neckbreaker and a superkick for 2. Cole immediately goes to the Florida Key and gets the three count.

Winner: Adam Cole

Another awesome match, and these guys took a ton of punishment in this one. The Code of Honor is followed after the match as Cole has picked up another big win, having now pinned three of the last four ROH World Champions in the last year.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs vs Jay & Mark Briscoe

All four men start brawling before the bell, with the Briscoes kicking the crap out of SCUM, as Mark dumps Corino out to the floor and follows him out with a dive through the ropes. All four men fight out to the floor and continue brawling on the outside. Corino and Jay Briscoe fight up toward the entranceway as Mark hits a rolling senton off the apron on Jacobs. Corino rams Jay into the barricade but eats a running kick from Mark, then we go inside as Jay takes Corino out with a running boot to the face. Mark tags in and unloads with jabs to Corino, followed by a vertical suplex for 2. Corino hits the Colby Shock out of nowhere, but Mark quickly manages to make the hot tag to Jay, who unloads with jabs on Jacobs and then tags Mark back in, but Corino hits Mark with a roll of quarters and then superkicks Jay. Jacobs drags Jay back to the SCUM corner and tags out to Corino, who gouges Jay's eyes and then distracts the referee while Jacobs gouges Jay's face as well. Mark is out cold on the floor as SCUM continues to double team Jay, but Jay manages to hit a Flatliner into the corner on Corino and make the hot tag to Mark, who unleashes Redneck Kung Fu on SCUM. Mark with a rolling Samoan Drop on Corino, then hits a shotgun dropkick into the corner on Jacobs for 2. Mark with the Iconoclasm on Jacobs for 2, then Corino is dumped out to the floor as the Briscoes hit a side suplex/top rope legdrop combo on Jacobs for 2. Corino drags Jay out to the floor and rams him into the barricase before coming back inside to nail Mark, but Jay pops right back in and goes toe to toe with Corino before Jacobs spears him, and then Mark takes Jacobs out with a missile dropkick, and all four men are down in the ring. They all get to their feet and exchange right hands in the middle of the ring, but Jacobs ducks a charge from Jay, and Jay sails out to the floor. SCUM with an assisted Sliced Bread #2 on Mark, followed by a sliding lariat from Corino for 2, but then Corino and Jay go out to the floor with Jay giving Corino a DVD onto a piece of the barricade as Jacobs comes off the top rope with a senton right onto Mark's knees. Jay comes in and hits a DVD on Jacobs followed by the Froggybow from Mark, but that only gets 2. Briscoes set up for the Doomsday Device, but Corino shoves the referee into the ropes to knock Mark off the corner, then kicks Jay low before the ref turned around, allowing Jacobs to victory roll Jay for the win.

Winners: Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs

Good brawl, and the Briscoes are denied their eighth ROH World Tag Team Title.

The ROH World Title is up for grabs on Page 4!

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