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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-31 20:10:22

Jerry Lawler is the master of ceremonies. He thanked everyone for the welcome and welcomed everyone to the Hall of Fame. He said its the night everyone comes together to honor the past. Then asked everyone to give a round of applause for all the current stars.

Jerry Lawler introduced a video on Ron Simmons.

JBL came out to induct Simmons. JBL said a writer came up to him to help him write the speech. He said since this isn't the attitude era, he can't repeat what he told the writer. He said the day he can't talk about his best friend is the day you put him in the ground.

JBL talked about Simmons' great college football career. He talked about Simmons' owning and driving cars with his own picture painted on the hood. He then talked about Simmons' strength. He said when Simmons came to WWE wearing a blue helmet, Steve Austin said he's the only man who can walk in wearing that and no one will say a damn thing.

JBL talked about Simmons breaking the barriers by becoming the first African American WCW World champion. He said if there wasn't a Ron Simmons, there wouldn't have been The Rock. He said athletes have no barriers now because of what Simmons accomplished in wrestling.

He talked about the APA being put together and said he can't tell us what he thought of the former head of creative but you saw what happened when he went to WCW. He said that the writer wanted to make it about one of them being black and one being white and Ron said absolutely not. He talked about getting a 8.6 quarter when they faced each other. He said if one of the guys can do that today, please tweet him.

JBL said that they were guys who loved the business and told some wild stories about being on the road during the Attitude era. He said that people love stories of wrestling but especially about Ron Simmons who had nothing growing up and earned everything he was. 

JBL said the best thing in his life was Ron Simmons becoming his friend. He said Simmons gave an amazing speech as his best man and like his wife, his friendship with Ron is 'til death do they part.

Simmons came out and said the entire evening he has been sitting in the back trying to think of one word to say. The crowd chanted, "Damn." He instead said, "Honored". He thanked everyone and said over the last few years he's had the fortunate luck of being honored in different Hall of Fames but this one was the one he treasures the most.

He said that he learned from a number of different generations, thanking Hiro Matsuda, Ric Flair, Junkyard Dog and Dusty Rhodes. He said that he looks back and wondered what his life may have been. He said that in his heart, the fans will always be brothers to him.

He talked about his run as World champion and how it led to runs like Booker T thanking him. He said it made the 27 years in the ring worthwhile. He said so many were on the journey but he has to thank the true Hall of Famer, his wife. He said he's gotten all these awards but he's never known fear until the day he came home at 5:30 in the morning and looked into her eyes...and he knew the meaning of fear.

Simmons thanked WWE and his family. He said he cannot remember a time where he had a problem and could not go to someone in the organization about it. He thanked everyone in the company on behalf of his family.

Simmons thanked the fans because without them there is no WWE. He finished off with damn!

Check back throughout the evening for ongoing coverage of the WWE Hall Of Fame!

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