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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-31 20:10:22
Gene Okerlund, Mick Foley, Billy Kidman are also here.

Jerry Lawler discussed Edge's career stats. They went to a video on Edge. Christian was introduced to induct Edge.

Christian said that everyone has heard the news, something that could be bigger than Rock vs. Cena and Taker vs. HHH....someone got a haircut. That led to some Justin Bieber jokes.

Christian said it was so amazing...amazing Edge was trying to emulate his career and now the haircut proves it. He joked that Edge was going to delete title reigns to do that. He said they were just a couple of idiot kids that grew up in Toronto and knew that somehow they knew they were going to make it. He talked about them wrestling in Middle School in an area that was square like a ring. He said that no matter what you do in life sooner or later the kid goes back to the school and recreates that moment and pulls out security footage of Edge doing just that. It was pretty damn funny.

Christian said he's proud to be inducting him because of something he said when they were breaking in. He said Edge grew up with his mother working multiple jobs. He said that he knew that he had to make it in the business so he could take care of his mom. Christian said he did that.

He talked about this time last year when he got the word that Edge was going to have to retire. He said they knew the clock was ticking but they thought it was going to end on his terms. Christian said they did end on his the World champ at Wrestlemania. He said that he thought you didnt get a bigger celebration of his career but he was wrong...that was tonight.

Edge came out. He and Christian hugged for a long time. Edge did all the mannerisms from his ring introduction. He had a huge smile on his face.

He said that he told himself he wouldn't cry but he already was backstage. He thanked a number of names that he said wouldn't mean anything to anyone but him.

Edge said this a celebration so he wanted this to be happy. He showed some photos to make fun of himself. He showed photos of himself and Christian as kids. He made fun of his hair then.

Edge told the story of writing an essay and winning a contest to become trained by Ron Hutchison and Sweet Daddy Siki. He said they taught him the basics and fundamentals and anyone who left that school was ready. He credited Siki as one of the first African American wrestlers in this industry. He said he loved Siki.

Edge talked about some of the students from that era, who were there and how they went on the road for promoters. He talked about the Tony Condello tours and pointed out Lance Storm, who was sitting with Scott D'Amore and Rhino. Edge praised Gerry Morrow for teaching him. Edge pointed out Rhino and mentioned that they named him Rhino when they were both chubby kids. He said they went to these terrible places and talked of the death store driving over frozen lakes. He told a story of driving over a frozen lake and seeing a huge hole in the ice. Condello decided to gun it and driving over it. Rhino meanwhile is rocking back and forth muttering to himself. The van sinks so they get out. They get out and Christian falls through the ice to his hips. Edge is laughing. Rhino freaks that it going to shatter and runs away. He turns as Christian is getting out and nails Christian with the first ever gore.

Edge thanked Bret Hart for helping him get to WWF. He told of asking Bret how to get into the company and Hart invited him to train with him. He got the call to wrestle Bob Holly as a tryout. He kept going and going and finally got signed.

Edge said that once he got here, he had some great opponents. He said the hard part was getting to the top. He said that he had Shawn Michaels who was one of the first people to text him after finding out Edge was going into the Hall of Fame. 

Edge talked about having the first ever TLC match of Ric Flairs career, Mick Foley, Eddie Guerrero, Owen Hart, The Hardys, The Dudleys, Batista, John Cena, Kurt Angle and Undertaker.

Edge told a story about Being on tour in Iraq and letting loose with bad gas, really making the Undertakers eyes roll in the back of his head.

Edge thanked Vickie Guerrero and Lita for helping him realize the Rated R Superstar. He thanked Hulk Hogan for making a dream come true and it was one that had nothing to do with a sex tape.

Edge said that the Fabulous Freebirds should be in the Hall of Fame because of Michael Hayes and talked of his experiences working with Hayes. He said Hayes is rock and roll. He showed a roll call of Hayes' suits over the years and said tonight he looks like Kermit the Frog's pimp.

Edge said that he's had a lot of friendships over the year. He mentioned Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder and told them they are near and dear to his heart. He said that he knows the influence he was on them like Bret and Shawn were to him and thanked them and told them to keep it up.

He praised William Regal for his unwavering friendship and sense of humor. He talked about Rey Mysterio. He thanked Glen and Mark. He then talked about Matt Striker's anxiety towards Taker and teased him. 

Edge thanked Tommy Dreamer and told stories about their many road trips. He said Dreamer was a terrible driver who fears fogs and night tornados and told a funny story about Dreamer driving in a fog and being pulled over by a cop with Dreamer saying he shouldn't be driving to the cop. He tells a story of how he usually doesnt like to room with anyone because he wants alone time but Dreamer tells him he doesn't snore. He of course immediately snores so Edge did the Superfly Splash onto Dreamer...while naked. 

Edge talked about how Dreamer was his Kramer, Striker was his George and Christian was his Elaine. He said they have been friends for 27 years. He said he loves Christians morals and that he was the best husband hes ever known.

He thanked his girlfriend Beth for coming to his life and making it so much better. He then thanked the true best friend of his life, his mom. He talked about how little they had growing up but when he told his mom that he wanted to be a wrestler, she told him to do it. She encouraged him to do it. He thought the best look on her face was when he bought her a home but tonight was even better.

He thanked everyone in WWE and the fans. He said he loved it all over the years. He said he could be here all night and he thanked everyone he could for the past. He played an old clip of him and Christian as fat Elvis to close it out.

They started playing the Hall theme but Edge said no. He didn't want to do that. He instead had them play the music from his induction video and did the old five second poses. He was walked off by the Divas

Awesome night.

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