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By Mike Johnson on 2011-07-10 20:45:00
TNA Destination X opened with an Abyss-spotlighted video featuring scenes inspired by Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. It was a great video.

We went to Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash. They stated Taz was “on assignment.” They talked about the return of the X-Division’s six-sided ring. They played it up as if Brian Kendrick was out to take the X-Division title back for the Abyss. Borash and Tenay came off pretty polished early.

Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian

Immediately, Kazarian attacked Joe in the corner. They went back and forth slugging it out with punches and chops. Joe went for a choke but Kazarian slipped out to the outside. Joe went to follow but Kazarian went to the ring. He went to take out Joe but was caught and nailed with a running kick. Joe and Kazarian battled back and forth on the outside until Joe raked his eyes.

Joe whipped Kazarian towards the ring. Kaz leapt onto the apron but Joe avoided a kick and Kazarian crashed and burned. Back in the ring, Joe muscled him into the corner and drilled him with an big strike.

Joe went for the Facewash but Kazarian broke free. Joe caught him with an inverted atomic drop off the ropes and began working him over. Kazarian battled back but was caught with a running elbow. Joe snapmared Kazarian over and drilled him with chops to the back and a kick to the chest.

Joe scored a two count. He went for the choke. Kazarian escaped but Joe drilled him with a running lariat. Fans began to chant, “Joe’s gonna kill you.” He set up Kazarian for a muscle buster, chopping him hard as he was set up on the top rope. Kazarian kicked off Joe and nailed an awesome springboard dropkick.

Joe and Kazarian battled back and forth with strikes in the middle. Joe rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a slam and nailed with a springboard legdrop. Kazarian nailed a tornado DDT for a two count. Big “Let’s go Joe” chant.

Joe elevated him to the apron but Kazarian nailed him with a springboard DDT for another two count. Joe nailed Kazarian and went to the second rope but was nailed with a leaping enziguiri. Kazarian went for the Flux Capacitor but Joe fought him off. Joe drilled him to the floor and nailed a great elbow suicida to the outside. Joe went for a powerbomb in the ring but Kazarian landed on his feet. He nailed Joe and went for the Fade to Black. Joe reversed it and powerbombed Kaz, then turned it into an STF.

Kazarian bit Joe’s finger to break the move. He charged Joe but was caught with an Uranage in the corner. Joe went for the rear naked choke. He grabbed Kazarian with a body scissor in the center of the ring. Kazarian tried to battle to the ropes but looked as if he was fading. Kazarian forced himself forward and made it to the ropes. Joe held onto the hold despite the referee’s count. Joe began arguing with Earl Hebner.

Joe went for the choke again but Kazarian slipped out and caught him with a forward roll, pinning Joe.

Your winner, Kazarian!

Samoa Joe looked shocked and upset over the loss. The storyline there is that Joe is questioning himself after all the recent failures.

Very good opener.

Before we go forward, I have to say that while I am missing Taz, as he would have been great here as an analyst. Both Borash and Tenay were great on commentary, talking about the history of both men and their importance to different eras of the X-Division. You can tell their goal is to make the division “legit” and they are treating it as very important. Borash is a hell of a lot better than you’d expect with giving out history and is more polished than you’d think while Tenay is playing more of a straight announcer (as opposed to cheerleading babyface announcer) and is coming off great.

They showed old clips of the first AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels match that featured the X-Division in the main event.

They showed Christopher Daniels arriving at the building.

We saw clips of Eric Young approaching Curry Man, Sangrieto and Suicide, who were signing for fans. He asked them to be his tag partner tonight. Curry explained he had to go to Tokyo for a match right after this, while Suicide is injured and Sangrieto doesn’t have a visa, which is why they are only signing. Shark Boy showed up and said he’d be Young’s partner tonight.

Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins

Borash explained that Haskins wowed fans on the TNA UK tour and now he would have a chance to do that tonight. Williams took the mic and said that after the tour, everyone was telling him that Haskins was the next great X-Division star and he agrees, but Haskins is no Douglas Williams. He said that it’s one thing to wrestle in front of your hometown, but another to wrestle on PPV.

Williams, who sent Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry to the back, took Haskins to the mat and worked over his arm early. Haskins caught him with a forearm but Williams drove him down in the corner with one of his own. They went into a great back and forth exchange with near falls. Johnny Saint would be proud.

They did some more good mat wrestling. Haskins caught him in a front facelock. Williams muscled him against the ropes. Haskins used the ropes and leapfrogged over Douglas, then monkeyflipped him. Williams went to the outside. Haskins went on the offensive but Williams grabbed his ankle and tossed him back onto the apon.

Williams suplexed Haskins on the floor and tossed him into the ring for a two count. Williams worked over Haskins on the mat, including a sideways bow and arrow. Haskins began nailing Williams with kicks from the mat but Williams worked him over. Williams used the Gori Guerrero Especial, then rammed him backwards into the buckles.

Williams set up Haskins on the buckles for a superplex but was fought off and nailed with a missile dropkick in the corner. Haskin and Williams exchanged headbutts, forearms and uppercuts in the middle. Haskins got the better of him and nailed a running back elbow. He used the ropes for a running clothesline, scoring a two count.

Williams went for the Chaos Theory but Haskins evaded it and nailed him with an Ace Crusher for a two count. Williams drilled him with a series of strikes, then climbed to the top. He leapt into the ring but was caught with a kick as he came down.

Haskins went to the top but slipped. The crowd turned against him for that. He went for a shooting star press but missed. Williams rolled up the dazed Haskins and scored the clean pin.

Your winner, Douglas Williams!

Solid match. Lots more matwrestling and European inspired wrestling than you would usually see in the States, so it was pleasant to watch. Haskins seemed nervous.

Socal Val interviewed Austin Aries. Aries said that people are watching because wrestling matters. He said that he wants everyone who paid for the show to pay attention and for everyone watching an illegal stream to choke and die after they pay attention. He said that he’s not a spot monkey and not a vanilla midget but the best wrestler in the world today. He said that he can go with anyone on the Impact Wrestling roster and while the others in the ring with him are good, they aren’t great like him. He promised to get the contract.

Austin Aries, Mark Haskins and Shark Boy are trending worldwide on Twitter.

Generation Me vs. Shark Boy & TNA TV champion Eric Young

Jeremy and Shark Boy started out but Young then immediately tagged in. Young is doing his silly stuff, immediately tagging back out. Jeremy nailed Shark with several shots but was then stomped in the corner.

Shark Boy nailed him with a Thesz Press and tagged in Young. Young nailed a double sledge hammer off the ropes. Max tagged in and took over on Young. They went back and forth, exchanging arm drags and leg sweeps. Young caught Max in the head with a kick and an inverted atomic drop.

Shark Boy tagged in and took a bite out of Max’s rear. Jeremy tagged in and eventually caught Shark Boy with a sleeper. Shark Boy fought out of it but Max nailed him. Boy finally caught him with a clothesline and made the hot tag to Young, who had disrobed to reveal new colorful tights underneath.

Young hit some hot offense. Jeremy nailed a Faceplant on him, then a moonsault off the apron to Shark Boy on the floor. Jeremy and Max set up Young but Shark Boy nailed Max with a stunner. Young drilled him with a wheelbarrow faceplant and scored the pin.

Your winners, Eric Young & Shark Boy!

Lots of silliness here but some decent action. OK match.

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