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By Mike Johnson on 2011-07-10 20:45:00
They showed Daniels and Styles vs. AMW in the past.

Daniels was backstage going over interviews he needed to do with a stagehand. AJ Styles entered and greeted him, asking if he was ready to do this. Daniels said that he was and asked Styles not to mess him up too badly. Styles said we’d have to see what happens. They played it up like friendly competition.

SoCal Val interviewed Zema Ion. He said that it’s the biggest night of his life and all that’s standing in his way is three of the best wrestlers in the world. He said that he knows no one believes he can win, but he’s going to show the world they are wrong. Promo was OK. He looks like a young Atlas Da Bone in OVW, but not as charismatic.

Ultimate X to crown number one contender for X-Division championship: Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E (with Cookie) vs. Alex Shelley vs. The Amazing Red

They noted this was the 25th Ultimate X match. Sounds to me like TNA should be doing an Anthology DVD set.

All four began brawling in the ring. Moore took out everyone with different moves. He whipped E into the ropes but it was reversed. He came back with a spinkick. He went to climb up but was cut off by Red.

Shelley tried to climb up but was nailed with a spinkick while on the top rope. Robbie climbed across the cables but was pulled down by Red and nailed with a huge spinning kick. Red climbed to the top but was caught and slammed off by Shelley.

Shelley drilled E with a kick, sending him off the apron, then worked over Red in the corner with chops and kicks, then snapped Red with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Shelley caught Moore trying to climb to the top rope but was nailed. Shelley tried to use him as a base to climb up but E nailed him. Shelley caught E with a STO into the buckles. He nailed a sliding dropkick into the corner on E and Moore.

E went for a sliding kick but Moore pulled the apron back and caught E in it. He worked over Robbie. Shelley got involved but Moore overpowered him and dove off the apron. As all this is going on, Red tried to maneuver the wires but Moore caught him and tossed Red into Shelley. Moore nailed leg lariat on Shelley in the corner.

Moore looked up at the X but Red came off his back with a shooting star on Shelley. E clotheslined both Red and Moore as they faced off. With everyone else down, E tried to maneuver the ropes. Red caught him in the middle, pulled him down and nailed him with a quartet of spinkicks.

E caught him and whipped Red into the ropes. Red leapt and nailed a spinning corkscrew plancha onto Moore and Shelley. Fans chanted “Go Red Go”, which was the chant Don West used to lead.

E tried to ascend but was taken out by Moore. Moore climbed up and actually went over the ropes to the top of the UX structure. Red began to follow him. Shelley tried to as well but Cookie grabbed his leg…in front of the refere…who did nothing.

Red began climbing across the cables as Moore tried to drop down from the metal structure. Shelley began to fire away at Red with kicks. Red fell to the ring below. Moore dropped down but was fought off by Shelley with kicks. Moore crashed and burned.

Shelley pulled down the X and captured the win.

Your winner, Alex Shelley!

Decent match but not the off the wall insane stuntshow that have been the calling card of the UK match. I thought the ending was creative but I never felt there was a big dramatic build to the match. Some nice bumps and dives but not memorable in comparison to the history of the match.

Chris Sabin, who Shelley dedicated the match to, came out and celebrated with his partner on the stage.

They showed highlights of Styles vs. Daniels at Final Resolution 2009, which was an awesome match.

Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam

Dueling chants for each man. Van Dam and Lynn played to the crowd early. They did their back and forth sequences. The announcers noted the match was originally scheduled for the Hardcore Justice PPV last year but Lynn trained so hard, he blew out his back.

Lynn worked over Van Dam’s arm but RVD legsweeped him and locked in an armbar. Borash said this was a match a lot of people, including himself, wanted to see for a long time. Borash mentioned his Forever Hardcore documentary while talking about their rivalry.

Lynn went to the top but was caught with a rolling kick. RVD went for a superplex but was shoved off to the apron. They battled on the apron but Lynn was clotheslined over the top into the ring. RVD worked him over in the corner, then whipped Lynn into the corner.

They went back and forth exchanging moves, with the story being that they knew each other so well, they could counter the other. They exchanged strikes, ending with Van Dam sending Lynn to the outside with a kick. RVD teased a dive but Lynn avoided it. RVD held the ropes open for Lynn to return.

They returned to the ring. RVD offered a handshake but Lynn grabbed him and tossed him to the outside, where Van Dam nailed the guard rail. Lynn drilled him with a sliding kick to the outside of the ring. Lynn nailed a flip dive off the apron on Van Dam.

Lynn brought him back into the ring, covering Van Dam for a two count. He stomped on RVD’s face and covered him again. They go back and forth. Lynn nailed a suplex with a bridge for a two count.

RVD rallied back. They both went for a hiptoss but Van Dam drilled him with a kick and rolling thunder for a two count.

They battled to the outside. Lynn ate the railing. Van Dam draped him over the railing and nailed the corkscrew guillotine legdrop.

Van Dam tosses Lynn back into the ring and nailed a slingshot legdrop. Van Dam called for the Five Star Frog Splash but when he went to the top, Lynn shoved him off the top rope to the floor.

Lynn grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring. The referee tried to tell him not to use it. Van Dam went for a Van Daminator but Lynn ducked and dropped the chair. Lynn legdropped Van Dam onto the chair, busting him open right above the eye.

Lynn brought another chair into the ring. Van Dam nailed him and went for a monkey flip on the chair but Lynn evaded it and used a sunset flip to send RVD sailing across the ring onto the chair for a two count.

Lynn went for the chair but RVD nailed the Van Daminator. RVD nailed the Five Star Frog Splash and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Good back and forth match with a lot of nostalgia for those of us that lived through the ECW era. For all the talk of the physical freak that Ric Flair is, Jerry Lynn has to be right up there as he still looked and worked like it was 15 years ago. That man may never hit a peak. I am a big fan of the old series, so I am probably looking at this from a different POV than some, but this was pretty entertaining.

Jack Evans was interviewed. He said that there are times you have to give your all and see what happens, and this is one of those days. He said he was getting the contract and apologized in advance to the others.

Low Ki vs. Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans

All four circled the other. They all whipped out a ton of cool moves early. Ki chopped away on Ion but was caught with a knee in the corner. Ki drilled him and covered him for a two count.

Ki worked over Evans in the corner but was snapped backwards by Aries. Aries raked him across the back, then nailed Evan and Ion as well with rakes. All three came back to nail dropkicks on Aries, sending him to the floor.

Ki broke up an Evans pinfall on Ion, then chopped away at him. Evans kicked Ki off but was slammed into the apron by Aries. Ion nailed a kick to Aries.

Evans went to dive into the ring on Ki but Aries’ grabbed his leg. Evans kicked him off and went for a moonsault but Aries evaded and drilled him into the apron.

Ion locked a forward choke on Ki but Aries dropkicked him in the face. He covered Ion but his leg was under the ropes. Ki stalked Aries but Evans nailed a flying dropkick.

They went back and forth. Ki trapped Evans in the Ki Klutch while Aries trapped Ion in the Oriental Torture Device. They trash talked each other while trying to get their man to submit. Aries broke the hold and attacked Ki. They chopped and kicked each other back and forth.

Aries caught Ki with a double sledge. Aries went for a brainbuster but Ki kneed him while upside down and went for a suplex only for Evans to come out of nowhere and wipe them out. He went for a comeback but Ion nailed a Hostile Makeover, a belly to belly that drives the opponent onto his knee.

Aries cut off Ion and drilled him with the Pendulum Elbow. Ki drilled Aries with a double stomp and covered him for a two count. Evans was shot into the ropes and landed on Ki’s shoulder, turning it into a rana. He went for a dive but Ion held the ropes down and crashed outside. Ion went for a dive but Aries tackled him and covered Ion for a two count.

Aries went for a crazy highspeed dive but Ki kicked him in the forehead. That looked nasty. Evans hit a twisting kick off the top on Ki but was drilled by Aries with a roaring elbow. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Aries tried to cover them as the audience chanted, “Sign them all.” The crowd then chanted, “This is wrestling.”

Ion and Aries squared off. Aries was backdropped over to the apron. He grabbed Ion and nailed a hangman’s neckbreaker across the ropes. Aries went to the top but was caught with a cartwheel kick in the corner. Ki covered Aries, who kicked out.

Ki dragged Aries to the middle of the ring. He went to the top for the Warrior’s Way but Evans springboarded off the top rope to catch Ki with a top rope rana. He called for the 630 splash but Ion nailed him. Ion nailed a 450 splash on Ki but Aries made the save.

Evans went for the 630 but Ki pulled his knees up. Aries worked them both over, then nailed a brainbuster on Ki and scored the pin.

Your winner, Austin Aries!

Incredible balls to the wall, super hot, stiff and fast action. GREAT stuff.

The crowd chanted "thank you all." Aries was interviewed after the match. He asked if anyone was surprised and said he was the greatest man who ever lived. He signed the contract and headed to the back, reading it.

They aired a backstage promo with Abyss talking about warfare. He said that Brian Kendrick's strategy is to stand toe to toe with Abyss as some sort of moral victory for the X-Division. Abyss said that he may be right but tonight is going to be the final rights and burial for "your" PPV, Destination X. He said that when it's time for Kendrick to die, he'll make it quick, but not too quick. Great promo.

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