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By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-22 22:15:00
Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE Over the Limit 2011.

The PPV opened with a graphic in honor of the late Randy Savage.

They then went into the opening video package for tonight’s PPV.

Welcome to’s live coverage of WWE Over the Limit 2011.

The PPV opened with a graphic in honor of the late Randy Savage.

They then went into the opening video package for tonight’s PPV. In keeping with theme of the PPV, there are several cars on the stage. We’ll see if they play into the show this year like they did with the John Cena vs. Batista match last year.

R Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are doing commentary.

Truth came out and told the crowd they shouldn’t be booing him, but booing themselves. He said he felt like being a good sport tonight and said when he arrived at the Arena, he didn’t have a parking spot. He said that meant he had to park with everyone else and he deserves to be treated like the fans. He said that it was a conspiracy. Truth said he danced and pranced for all the “little Jimmys” and it didn’t get him anywhere. He said that everyone is trying to make him crack up because he’s not playing their games anymore. Truth said that Rey Mysterio likes to play games by wearing his toy mask. Truth said that Rey tried to slide into his spot so Truth is going to take his spot and will take any spot that he wants – and that’s the truth. Promo was fine but I didn’t feel like there was this huge heel reaction to him tonight.

Truth was caught early with a Rey kick and sent to the outside. Rey dove off the apron into a rana on the floor. Mysterio tossed Truth in the ring but was caught on the ropes, where he was worked over in the corner. Mysterio caught him with a drop toehold in the corner but was nailed with a knee and charged into the ringpost, falling to the floor.

Truth brought Rey back into the ring and continued working him over. Truth caught Rey with a kick to the gut and covered Mysterio for a two count. Truth locked in a rear chinlock while Rey was outside the ring, using the ropes for additional leverage. He continued the assault, tying Rey around the ringpost and yanking at his extremities.

Back in the ring, Truth draped him across the top turnbuckle but Mysterio began fighting him off. Rey bulldogged Truth into the ring but Truth kicked up at the last second. Mysterio and Truth battled back and forth. Mysterio nailed several knee strikes but was shoved off into the ropes. He rebounded with a kick to the heat for a two count.

Rey was sent into the corner but fought Truth off.

Rey nailed the sitdown splash off the top but Truth came back with the spinning elbow off the top for a near fall. Truth went for the Axe Kick but missed. Rey rolled him up but Truth powered out. He went for a Uranage but Rey sent him into the ropes.

Rey went for the 619 but Truth got to the floor. Rey kicked him through the ropes Truth crotched him with the ring apron, the clotheslined Rey. The crowd started chanting that Truth sucked. Truth drilled Rey with his finisher, which is a forward swinging DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, R Truth.

Truth grabbed a water bottle and took a celebratory drink, then smashed the bottle into Rey’s face.

The matcb was solid. This was about getting over Truth as a heel and in that regard, it succeeded as the crowd went from being somewhat apathetic to hating Truth.

Todd Grisham interviewed The Miz. Miz said that everyone has overlooked something about John Cena tonight and he’s going to exploit it. Miz said everyone has overlooked that Cena has never faced Miz in an I Quit match. Miz said that people don’t think he has a shot at making Cena say I Quit but those are the people that thought he would be fired three days after making it to WWE, that he would fail at cashing in the Money in the Bank and that he was going to be a fluke champion. Miz said that tonight Cena’s going to say “I Quit” while he’s going to say, “I’m the Miz…” Alex Riley cut in and said, “and I’m the new WWE champion.”

They showed the fish market in Seattle. Michael Cole said he was there today to rip apart some fish and smear it on his feet for his Kiss My Foot Match. Cole is teasing he has a surprise for Jerry Lawler later.

WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Barrett caught Jackson with a kick to the stomach and tried to grab a front facelock but Jackson powered out and sent him flying. Barrett went to the floor but was pulled back in Jackson worked over Barrett, who caught him with a rake to the face and worked him over.

Jackson quickly overcame Barrett and tossed him to the floor. Jackson chased him into the ring. Barrett went for a kick to the face but Jackson caught it and shoved him down. Jackson worked over Barrett with a series of knees in the corner. He whipped Barrett hard into the buckles and Barrett bumped to the mat. Jackson covered Barrett for a two count, then sent him running into the corner again.

Jackson nailed a series of kicks in the corner. Barrett started selling that his neck was hurt and when the referee backed Jackson up, Barrett clotheslined him. He sent Jackson into the ringpost shoulder-first. Barrett covered Jackson for a two count. Barrett went to the middle corner and came off with a flying elbowdrop for a two count.

Barrett locked in a side chinlock. The crowd started to rally Jackson, who fought his way out but was nailed with a kick. Barrett went for Wasteland but Jackson slipped out. Barrett caught him with a rear kick to the gut, then slammed Jackson for a two count.

Jackson came back with a right hand hand that sent Barrett to the floor. Jackson caught Barrett on the apron and sent him into the turnbuckles. Jackson flipped him into the ring and never several shoulderblocks, then a running clothesline in the corner. Jackson slammed Barrett several times. The crowd liked that, so Jackson kept going with the slams.

Jackson locked in the Human Torture Rack but Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater hit the ring. DQ.

Your winner, Ezekiel Jackson!

Jackson fought them off but was eventually overwhelmed by the three on one odds. Barrett drilled him with a kick to the face, exacerbated by the others slamming Jackson down. The Corre stood tall over the beaten Jackson.

Match was about what you would think it was. Not pretty but they were trying to showcase Jackson’s strength and did a good job of that. The crowd was really getting into Jackson’s offense at the end.

CM Punk and Mason Ryan were walking into their locker room, finding the other members of Nexus laid out. They said it was Kane and Big Show. Punk calmed Mason Ryan saying that it proved they were under the champions’ skins. Ryan wanted to go find them and kill them but Punk told him no. Ryan said Punk didn’t care that they were beat up. Punk said he does but he also cares about winning the Tag Team titles, and told Ryan let’s go do that. They left. Punk returned and told Otunga and McGuillicuty to walk their injuries off. That was funny.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

Sin Cara hit his trampoline entrance, which is good because Vince McMahon hated it when Cara would barely make it over the ropes and talked about scrapping it.

They locked up and Guerrero grabbed a side headlock. This has to be Chavo’s first PPV singles match in years. He scissored Cara’s head with his legs. Cara escaped but was caught in a hammerlock.

Cara slipped out and nailed several hiptosses, then monkey flipped Guerrero into the ropes. Guerrero shoulderblocked Cara on the apron but Cara sent him to the floor. Cara hit a twisting dive to the outside. Cara bounced off the ropes onto Guerrero’s shoulders and nailed a head scissors on the floor.

Back in the ring, Guerrero nailed Cara but was kicked off. Cara nailed a top rope standing moonsault for a two count. Cara drilled him with a knee in the corner but missed a leaping splash Guerrero nailed several knees and stomped away at Cara in the corner.

Guerrero drilled Cara with an uppercut in the corner of the ring, but Cara came back with a huge dropkick. Guerrero kicked Cara off as he charged him in the corner. Guerrero peppered him with punches and began working his leg, trying to take away Cara’s offensive maneuvers.

Cara elevated Guerrero to the apron with a backdrop then nailed him with a kick to the head. Guerrero went to the floor. Cara did a great dive over the ringpost to the floor on Chavo but the camera angle took away from the awesome visual of the height Cara gets with that spot.

Cara drilled Guerrero with a knee, then came off the top with a top rope headscissors. Cara nailed a flurry of strikes, including a handspring rebound elbow off the ropes. Guerrero backdropped Cara onto the apron but Cara landed on his feet and kicked him. He nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count.

Guerrero nailed Cara and locked him in the Gori Guerrero Especial. The announcers didn’t call the move. REALLY GUYS? Cara slipped out and something went to hell there. They went to the finish and well, the whole thing fell apart.

Your winner, Sin Cara!

Some nice spots from Cara but for something designed to spotlight him, I didn’t get the impression it worked out so well.

Todd Grisham interviewed World champion Randy Orton and his challenger tonight, Christian. Grisham asked whether the title loss ate away at Christian Christian said he isn’t mad at anyone because Orton didn’t do anything he wouldn’t have done tonight and he’d probably be freaking out if he didn’t know he was going to get his belt back. Orton told him he was a great competitor and he’d make a great story, but when he loses. Christian said that he’s not going to lose. Orton said that he better because when he fights a feel good story, it doesn’t end well.

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