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By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-22 22:15:00

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WWE champ John Cena vs. The Miz – I Quit Match

Miz had the inflatable letters for “AWESOME” and stormed through them for his entrance. After the introductions, Miz started cutting a promo saying he can do anything he wants because there are no rules, which means Alex Riley can do it as well. Miz told Cena to save himself the pain and say he quits now. Cena refused.

Cena clotheslined them both. Cena backdropped Riley and bulldogged Miz. Cena went right for the STF but Riley broke up the move. Riley and Miz worked over Cena. Cena backdropped Riley out of the ring.

Cena slammed Miz and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He nailed it and went for the AA on Miz. Miz slipped out and nailed his combination of set up moves for the Skull Crushing Finale. Cena slipped out and nailed the AA, only to be struck in the head with the briefcase by Riley. Riley beat Cena with the case. They were putting this over as a brilliant move by Miz but really, it was just hurting the flow and drama.

Miz and Riley both powerbombed Cena off the top rope. Cena was asked if he wanted to quit and refused. They tossed Cena to the floor, then drove him into the barrier. They removed the covering from the barrier, then sent Cena into the exposed steel. Cena refused to quit.

They started to set up the announcing table to use it against Cena, including smashing him with the monitors. Cena exploded with a flurry on Riley but was sent back into the exposed barrier by Miz, then DDT’d on the stairs. Cena wouldn’t give up. Riley grabbed the steel steps. Miz told Cena to quit. He told them to go to hell so Riley smashed them down on Cena.

Cena still refused to quit. Riley held Cena’s arms and exposed him. Miz grabbed a Singapore Cane. Miz offered Cena the chance to quit but Cena instead told him he hits like a girl. Miz started caning him across the chest and stomach. You could see the raised welts. Miz started caning the hell out of him. It was pretty damn brutal.

Cena made his way to his feet where Miz drilled him again with the cane. They said he was nailed in the temple. They continued to beat Cena up the aisle towards the stage. They slammed Cena backwards onto the steel ramp.

On the stage, Miz suplexed Cena. They continued to trash Cena but he refused to quit. They draped Cena over the crane camera. Miz grabbed a belt from a production employee and started telling Cena what he was going to do with it. The long verbiage was forced. Cena told Miz he didn’t have any nuts. Miz whipped him. Cena just steeled himself and tried to take the shots. He refused to quit. Miz started whipping the hell out of him.

Cena still refused to quit so Miz sent Riley to fetch a chair. Miz started forcing Cena back towards the ring. Cena fought back against Miz and Riley but was nailed with a chairshot across the back.

Back in the ring, Cena nailed Miz before he could use the chair again. Riley charged Cena, who sidestepped him and sent him crashed into the referee in what was a great looking ref bump. Miz nailed Cena and took him back out.

Miz opened a chair and set it on the ropes. He went for the Skull Crushing Finale on the chair, which slipped as they did the move and it looked brutal. Cena refused. Miz said that maybe he needed to ask someone else. Miz went to a fan in the front row and asked him if he wanted to see Cena in any more pain. The fan said no. Miz told him to tell Cena to quit. The fan said never. Miz kept trashing Cena, telling the fan it was his fault.

Miz started trashing the kid, telling him to tell Cena to quit if he ever wanted to see him on Monday Night Raw. The kid told Miz to quit first. I am assuming he is a plant, but either way, he was great. Miz worked over Cena and trapped him in the exposed barrier. Miz told Cena he’s been trapped and beaten, and he’s not going to stop until Cena says that he quit. Cena told Miz that the kids are smarter than Miz.

Miz drilled him with the chair. They stole the Rock-Foley finish and had a tape played of someone saying “I Quit.” It didn’t even really sound like Cena. The announcers came off like idiots, acting like he really had quit.

The referee realized that Riley’s phone had played a clip over the mic and refused to stop the match. Miz argued. The referee played the clip into the mic and said the match would restart right now.

Riley went to nail Cena with the WWE title belt but the champ ducked and Miz ate the belt. Cena hit the AA through a table on Riley, taking him out of the equation. Cena smiled and took his belt off as he waited for Miz to recover. Cena started whipping the hell out of a retreating Miz. Miz tried to go backstage but Cena dragged him back, whipping him and locked on the STF. Miz quit immediately.

Your winner and still WWE champion John Cena!

Some of the stuff here was really brutal but the addition of Riley and Miz giving us a long, drawn out explanation of everything he was about to do like he was a villain in a James Bond movie hurt the drama. Still, Cena took a hell of a beating and he’s going to be aching tomorrow. Cena whipping the hell out of Miz at the end was great. The false finish was just terrible.

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