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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-04-03 19:42:00
Welcome to's live coverage of Wrestlemania 27! I'll be doing live play-by-play of the show, and Dave Scherer will also be updating his live thoughts blog throughout tonight's event. Mike Johnson is on site in Atlanta and will be posting any breaking news to come out during the event.

Keri Hilson performs America the Beautiful, and then we're off to the Georgia Dome to kick the show off!

The Rock opens the show and takes his time soaking in the reaction from the fans as he comes to the ring. He breaks into a big smile as the fans cheer him, and he says that finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK TO ATLANTA! And finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK TO WRESTLEMANIA! The Rock promises that this will be the most memorable Wrestlemania of all time: the electricity is in the air and all around us, and he asks if the fans can feel, taste, and smell it? The fans react affirmatively, and start a Rocky chant. Rock says they're making history, so they're going to have some fun, and when he says wrestle, they say mania. He says wrestle three times, and each time the fans go mania. He says he's got a message for one WWE superstar backstage deciding which color shirt he's going to put on tonight, then Rock pauses to take a sip from the People's Water, then tells the fans that when he says Yabba, they say Dabba. Same routine as before, and then he says he's with the millions (and millions) of the Rock's fans because this is Wrestlemania, this is the Showcase of the Immortals, and this is hosted by the jabroni beating, pie eating....well, he says lots of stuff and says that Wrestlemania is bigger than Christmas because Rock is bringing it all over Atlanta, if you s- no, Rock says that catchphrase and electrifying catchphrase in the world, so it needs to be special. It doesn't belong to the Rock, that catchphrase belongs to the people, so he wants all the fans to get on their feet, assume the position, and say it loud and proud...if you SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'. Rock finishes by flashing the eyebrow. Great segment to get the crowd going!

We hit the opening video looking at the history of Wrestlemania and running down the top matches on this year's show, then it's time to hit the fireworks and start the show.

For those who were wondering, Michael Cole is indeed doing commentary from the safety of his box, as is Jerry Lawler.

World Title Match: Edge vs Alberto Del Rio

Christian is, of course, in Edge's corner. They tie up and Alberto takes Edge to the corner and breaks clean...then slaps him. Edge slaps back and lays into him with rights and gets a backdrop. Alberto takes a shot at the arm and rams Edge to the corner and puts the boots to him. Edge backdrops Alberto to the floor and goes for a baseball slide, but Alberto dodged and rammed Edge into the barricade, then slammed his arm on the ring steps. Alberto rolls Edge back into the ring and covers for 2, then snaps the injured arm across the bottom rope. Edge tries to get some space out on the floor, but Alberto goes after him, rams the arm into the announce table, then sends him back in and applies an armbar. Alberto tries a running dropkick but Edge dodges and Alberto sails out to the floor, and Edge follows him out with a somersault dive over the top. Edge tosses Alberto back in and goes up top, but Alberto recovers and armdrags Edge off the top for 2, then drills him with repeated punches. Alberto comes off the ropes and runs right into a leg lariat, and Christian begins banging on the mat to get the fans going. Edge with a big boot to Alberto, then running forearms and a flapjack gets 2. Alberto gets an armbreaker and goes for the cross armbreaker, but Edge slips out and hits a modified neckbreaker for 2. Edge with an O'Connor roll, Alberto reverses to one of his own but then goes right into the cross armbreaker, but Edge quickly makes the ropes. Edge slips out to the apron and hangs Alberto up on the top rope, then goes up top but Alberto runs up the ropes and hits an enziguiri for 2. Edge put his foot on the rope but Ricardo pushed it off, so Christian goes after Ricardo but gets suplexed on the floor by Clay. Alberto gets distracted by this and Edge rolls him up for 2, then hits the Edge-O-Matic. Edge set up for the spear but Alberto moves, and Clay rams Edge's arm into the turnbuckle and Alberto rolls Edge right into the cross armbreaker. Edge tries to clasp his hands, but Alberto pulls him into the hold and Edge rolls Alberto to his back for 2, then gets Alberto in a modified Sharpshooter. Alberto goes for the ropes and Christian neutralizes Clay as Edge pulls Alberto back out to the middle, but Alberto miraculously slips out. Edge wastes no time hitting the spear and getting the win.

Winner: Edge

Edge and Christian go up the apron to celebrate, and Edge stops to look at the car. Hebeats the car up and starts elbowdropping the roof. Christian comes out with a crowbar for Edge that he uses to scratch up the body, smash in the windows, and beat in the hood. Alberto is in the entranceway looking very upset at what has just transpired, and Michael Cole wonders how Alberto's going to get home. Alberto hugs his car and starts crying.

Commercial for Tough Enough, which premieres tomorrow night on USA.

We go back to ringside, where Michael Cole antagonizes Jerry Lawler from the safety of the box.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

Rey Mysterio is Captain America this year. Rey charges Cody and gets backdropped to the apron, but comes back in with a flying headscissors. Rey with a kick to the head but Cody with a spinning flying forearm. Cody tries to take the knee brace off, but Rey slips away so Cody whips Rey hard into the corner instead. Cody gets a springboard enziguiri for 2, then locks Rey in a Sabu clutch, grinding into Rey's nose with a crossface. Rey fights his way out and goes for another flying headscissors, but Cody blocks and hangs Rey on the ropes, kicks him in the gut, and hits an Alabama Slam for 2. There's an audible "let's go Cody" chant going as Cody puts the boots to Rey some more. Cody puts Rey on the second rope and gets the Boss Man Drop, then chokes Rey with his boot. Cody does a nerve hold that looks like he's massaging Rey's back, but Rey slips out again and goes up top. Cody comes up and headbutts him and picks Rey up for a very delayed superplex and they crash down hard. There's that Cody chant again as he covers Rey for 2. Cody goes for Crossrhodes, but Rey reverses and dumps Cody to the floor and follows with a baseball slide, he misses with a second one but recovers right away with a flying headscissors into the apron. They go back in and Rey hits a Thesz Press from the top, then a bridging O'Connor Roll for 2. Rey leaps off the second rope to try something, but Cody catches him and hits a wheelbarrow suplex for 2. Rey with a springboard flying headscissors then drops Cody into position and goes for the 619, but Cody catches him and dumps him. Cody catapults Rey into the middle rope and covers for 2, then goes after the knee brace again. This time he gets it, but Rey hits a moonsault for 2 and pulls the mask off. Rey gets Cody in position and hits the 619 and comes off the top rope, Cody blocks the move but kicks Cody in the face for 2. Rey puts Cody's mask on and hits a series of running headbutts with the mask, then goes up top for a diving headbutt that only gets 2. The Cody chant is getting louder, and Cody grabs the knee brace from ringside and cracks Rey in the face with it as he tries a dive, then hits the CrossRhodes for the win

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody quickly covers his face with the mask and pushes the camera away as he heads to the back.

Josh Matthews and Jerry Lawler go through some of the celebrities to have come to Wrestlemania over the years, then we go backstage to Snoop Dogg and Teddy Long. Snoop wants some talent to take on tour with him, and Teddy has some folks lined up: first is William Regal, who comes out and raps about being from Blackpool in true gangsta fashion. Snoop isn't having it, so next we get Khali and Beth Phoenix who sing Grease, followed by Zack Ryder singing about Friday. Roddy Piper sneaks up from behind and blasts Zack in the back of the head with a coconut. Next up was Yoshi Tatsu and Chris Masters, with Masters bouncing his pecs to the We Will Rock You beat while Tatsu sang. Hornswoggle comes out and Snoop likes him, but Teddy Long tells Snoop that Hornswoggle can't talk or anything. Teddy says it's time to roll on out of here, and Hornswoggle looks disappointed and waves goodbye at them. As soon as they're gone, the lights go down and the Bellas come in and dance as Hornswoggle raps. That was SO bizarre.

The show continues on Page 2!

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