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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-04-03 19:42:00
We get a great video package hyping our next match, and then it's time to go to the ring...

No Holds Barred: Undertaker vs Triple H

Triple H gets an awesome entrance with Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls playing and soldiers carrying shields leading him out to the stage, and then the lights go out and flip over to his standard entrance music as he comes to the ring, and then Undertaker gets an extended entrance with the usual Wrestlemania theatrics. The bell rings and Triple H takes Undertaker right to the corner and goes right after him with several jabs, but Undertaker just grabs Triple H and launches him over the top rope to the floor. They start brawling on the floor and Undertaker rams Triple H into the steps, then stars taking everything off the Spanish announce table to put Hunter through it in true Attitude Era fashion, but Triple H recovers and tackles Undertaker THROUGH the Colemine. Undertaker comes back in the ring and hits the flying clothesline, then goes up for the old school but Hunter yanks Undertaker off and he hits hard in the ring. Triple H clotheslines Undertaker to the floor, then goes out and rams Undertaker into the barricade. Hunter rams Undertaker into the announce table and goes for the Pedigree, Undertaker breaks out and goes for a chokeslam, Hunter kicks him and goes for the Pedigree again, and Undertaker backdrops Hunter to the floor! Yikes, that didn't look pleasant. Undertaker slowly crawls back into the ring and hits a running dive over the top and looks like he nearly killed himself on the landing. Undertaker drags the ring steps away from the ring and rams Triple H into them and then goes for a Tombstone on the steps, but Hunter slips out and shoves Undertaker off the steps. Undertaker took a run at Hunter but Hunter caught him and hit a spinebuster off the steps and through the Spanish announce table in another nasty spot.

Hunter rolls Undertaker back into the ring and Undertaker looks like he's in bad shape. Hunter comes after him and Undertaker catches him and hits a chokeslam and covers for a VERY close 2. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride but Triple H rams him into the corner and drives his shoulder into Undertaker's midsection. Triple H goes up for punches in the corner and Undertaker goes for the Last Ride out of the corner, Hunter slips out and goes for the Pedigree, Undertaker escapes and tries a snake eyes, Triple H slips out of that and hits another spinebuster for 2. Hunter goes outside and grabs a chair and goes after Undertaker with it, but Undertaker boots him in the face and he drops the chair. Undertaker gets the chair and cracks Triple H across the back with it, then goes for another chairshot but Triple H kicks Undertaker and hits the Pedigree...for 2! Hunter goes up for punches in the corner and this time Undertaker hits the Last Ride...and only gets 2! Undertaker gets up and looks angry, but does the throat slash motion and picks Triple H up for the Tombstone. Undertaker hits it...and only gets 2! Undertaker gets the chair again and sets it in the middle of the ring and picks Triple H back up. Undertaker gets him back in Tombstone position but Triple H slips out and hits a DDT on the chair. Both men pull themselves back to their feet with much effort and Triple H hits another Pedigree for a VERY close 2. Hunter slowly gets back to his feet and hits another Pedigree and STILL only gets 2.

Hunter has a "what do I need to do" look on his face, and grabs the chair. He cracks the chair over Undertaker's back, bending it, then nails him again. Hunter yells at Undertaker to stay down then nails him over and over with the chair until he physically collapses from exhaustion. Hunter crawls across the ring, but Undertaker is still moving. Hunter yells at him again to stay down but Undertaker still pulls himself up so Hunter gets back up and Triple H KILLS Undertaker with a chairshot to the skull. Undertaker looks loopy, but his eyes are still open and he starts trying to get up again, but can't seem to manage. He finally struggles to his knees and Hunter yells at him again to stay down and just die. Undertaker keeps coming, so Hunter goes after him, and Undertaker goozles him but Hunter shakes his head, and waits for him to stumble to his feet. Hunter does a throat slash, ducks a clothesline, hits a Tombstone, and STILL only gets 2! My god, this is insane. Hunter backs off again to try and take in what just happened, then rolls out to the floor and grabs the sledgehammer from under the ring. Jim Ross says desperate times are upon us, and I can't help but agree. Hunter stalks Undertaker as he tries fruitlessly to pull himself up on the ropes. Hunter drags Undertaker out to the middle of the ring but Undertaker catches him in the Hell's Gate! Hunter drops the sledgehammer and starts fading, but manages to regain his feet briefly before collapsing again. Hunter finally finds the sledgehammer and goes to nail Undertaker with it, but fades out and drops it. Undertaker keeps the hold locked in and Hunter weakly taps out.

Winner: Undertaker

That was just unbelievable, this was so far above and beyond what I expected and proved how good both guys are to deliver on this level even with their physical limitations. Hunter gets up first and Undertaker takes a VERY long time before he starts moving. I'm sure this is somewhere between selling and really being that hurt after that match, but it really drives home the war we just saw. Hunter stands in the aisle waiting for Undertaker, who finally tries to step off the apron and just collapses at ringside. Undertaker finally stops moving as his music stops playing and just lays there with his eyes open as they drive a flatbed golf cart thing down to ringside and haul a barely conscious Undertaker onto it to carry him to the back. Crowd starts a loud Undertaker chant as they drive him back up the ramp. This was just something else.

Awesome match, but the show continues on Page 3!

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