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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-21 20:59:00
Welcome to's coverage of the 2010 Survivor Series.

The 2010 Survivor Series opened with a video looking at the history and tradition of the PPV before focusing on John Cena's role in the main event.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase (with Marsye)

They started out with DiBiase trying to work on Bryan's arm but the champion slipped out and nailed a dropkick. Bryan locked in an armbar as the ring lights died, then returned. DiBiase came back to suplex Bryan off the apron to the floor, then followed. DiBiase slammed Bryan into the apron, then drilled him with several elbows.

DiBiase went to the center rope on the outside, then drilled Bryan with an axehandle. He tossed Bryan back into the ring and covered him for a two count. Bryan fired back with several uppercuts but was cut off and DiBiase railed away on him with punches. DiBiase locked in a side chinlock to wear down Bryan.

Bryan elbowed his way out but missed a clothesline and was caught with a backbreaker for a two count, then nailed with a dropkick. DiBiase went back to a side chinlock as fans chanted for Bryan. Bryan escaped a charge in the corner, then dropkicked DiBiase into the turnbuckles.

Bryan drilled DiBiase with several kicks and a rebound clothesline. He tossed DiBiase over the top to the floor, then nailed a tope suicida to the outside. Bryan began grabbing at his shoulder after a nasty landing. He tossed DiBiase back into the ring and nailed a missile dropkick.

He began drilling DiBiase with kicks to the chest. DiBiase caught Danielson's leg but Bryan rolled him into a small package for a near fall. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but DiBiase slipped out and drilled the champion with a clothesline for a two count.

DiBiase began psyching himself up, then went for Dream Street. Bryan pushed himself off the corner to flip over DiBiase for a two count. DiBiase escaped and nailed a spinebuster for a two count. He began working over Bryan with punches to the head, then drilled Bryan into the corner. He climbed the ropes but Bryan slipped out underneath and crotched DiBiase. Bryan hit a top rope belly to back superplex, wiping out both men. Bryan recovered first and covered DiBiase for a two count.

Bryan went for the LeBell Lock but DiBiase again escaped and catapulted Bryan into the buckles. He rolled up Bryan, who kicked up and caught DiBiase in the LeBell Lock. DiBiase tapped.

Your winner and still United States champion, Daniel Bryan!

Very good back and forth opener.

As Bryan made his way to the entrance stage, Miz attacked him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and made his way to the ring with Alex Riley.

Miz mockingly apologized, noting that we all know how much he respects Bryan. The lights went out again. Miz said that he was a proud citizen of Cleveland and ripped apart The Miami Heat and the Nexus for both being mediocre. He compared LeBron James to Wade Barrett because they both feel they are entitled to a championship. He said that Wade might become champion but James will never become a champion. Miz said that James has a commercial asking, "What should I do?" Miz said he should go back to Cleveland and apologize for what he did, calling him a traitor. Miz said that he doesn't care what happens to John Cena tonight but Orton and Barrett both need to know that he's tired of carrying the briefcase. He warned them that it's not a matter of if, but when he cashes in. He closed out with his catchphrase.

Josh Mathews interviewed Sheamus., who said that the entire issue is that he’s been WWE champion and Morrison never will be. He said that for all the talks of bullies, he’s not going to shove Morrison into a locker or a toilet, but he’s going to break Morrison’s body and spirit.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

They began fighting immediately. Sheamus was tossed from the ring, where Morrison hit a corkscrew dive. Sheamus cut Morrison off and began working him over. He locked in a side chinlock. Morrison began fighting his way out but Sheamus clobbered him down to the mat and continued working over him.

Sheamus worked over Morrison’s chest with a series of brutal shots but Morrison kicked out. Morrison fought to regain his footing but was taken out again. Sheamus deposited him on the top turnbuckle but Morrison began nailing a series of rights. Sheamus absorbed them and began beating Morrison across the back. He went for a superplex but Morrison came back and nailed several forearms to take Sheamus out.

Morrison came off the top with a flying bodypress but Sheamus caught him and nailed a Fall Away Slam for a two count. Sheamus, with some awesome facial expressions, set up for the Brouge Kick but Morison ducked and drilled Sheamus with a step-up enziguiri,

Both men recovered and began exchanging back and forth blows. Morrison nailed a series of clotheslines and a leg lariat for a two count. Sheamus caught Morrison during a clothesline attempt and snapped him into the Irish Curse backbreaker. Morrison kicked up at the last second. Fans tried to rally Morrison as Sheamus called for the High Cross. Sheamus went for the move but Morrison countered and sent Sheamus into the buckles. Morrison covered him for a two count.

Sheamus looked glassy-eyed as Morrison worked him over in the corner. He went to the ropes but Sheamus took his legs out from under him while he was leaping up. Sheamus grabbed Morrison by his injured leg and snapped him over, covering him for a two count.

Sheamus locked on a single leg Boston Crab but Morrison made it to the ropes to force a break. Morrison slipped under Sheamus for a sunset flip style rollup but Sheamus escaped and went right back to the hurt knee. He held Morrison by the leg and slapped him several times. Morrison nailed another enziguiri, sending Sheamus into the buckles.

Morrison went for Starship Pain but Sheamus nailed him. He went for the Brouge Kick but missed. He got caught up in the ropes. Morrison hit a springboard kick to the face, then a running knee strike and pinned Sheamus clean.

Your winner, John Morrison!

Another good match. Sheamus came off well as a brute while Morrison did a great job as the come from behind aerialist. Really fun.

Backstage, R Truth approached John Cena. He told John Cena that he may have a way out of all this for Cena. He told John that Nexus is banned from ringside but he’s not. He offered to come out and “accidentally” make something happen to Orton, so Cena could be free and be guilt free. Cena said that if that happened, he couldn’t live with himself and half the people in WWE can hardly look him in the face now. He said he was going to call it down the middle and that’s the truth. Killings said the truth was that he would believe it when he sees it and walks off. The entire Cena-Killings deal reminds me of Kerry Von Erich and Michael Hayes from the famous Flair vs. Kerry match that ended up sparking the Von Erichs vs. The Fabulous Freebirds when Kerry refused Hayes’ help in cheating to win the NWA World title. Not the same scenario but similar undertones. We’ll see.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Kaval

Striker, on behalf of Kaval, dedicated the match to a unit from Brooklyn now in the Middle East. He said that Kaval’s family and friends were watching and gave a shout out to Kaval’s cousin Steve (Monster Mack of JAPW) and Nelson (former TNA star Homicide).

Ziggler took control of Kaval early, working over Kaval’s neck, including a rolling neck snap. Ziggler used a Fireman’s Carry Throw, then whipped Kaval into the corner. Kaval went up and over but was caught. Ziggler continued to work over Kaval, who came back with a bodypress off the ropes and chopped Ziggler.

Kaval worked over Ziggler with a series of punches, He missed a charge in the corner and Dolph locked in a rear naked choke to wear him down. Kaval made his way back to his feet but Ziggler snapped him over and covered him for a two count. He tried up Kaval, who fought back.

Kaval kicked off a Ziggler charge in the corner, then nailed a series of leaping elbow strikes. Ziggler missed a strike and Kaval nailed a series of kicks. Kaval nailed a springboard moonsault press for a rwo count. Ziggler’s nose was bleeding. No stoppage. Kaval hit a handspring into a kick to the head for a two count.

Kaval went to the top for Warrior’s Way but Ziggler took his legs out. Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold as both were standing on the ropes. Kaval headbutt his way out of the move. He went to the top and for a twisting Phoenix Splash but Ziggler moved. Kaval landed on his feet and used a backslide for a two count. Ziggler nailed the Zig Zag but Kaval kicked up.

Ziggler locked on the sleeper but Kaval blocked it. He charged Ziggler, who elevated Kaval to the top rope. Kaval came off the top with an enziguiri for a two count. Fans began chanting, “Let’s go Kaval.” Kaval drilled Ziggler in the legs with a kick. He grabbed Ziggler, who nailed him in the gut, then in the back of the head.

Kaval ducked a charge in the corner and rolled up Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler small packaged him for a two count. Kaval attempted a forward roll pinfall but Ziggler rolled through to reverse it and held onto Kaval’s tights to help hold him down for a three count.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion, Dolph Ziggler!

Another very good athletic match. Good show so far. I think Ziggler may have taken a hard shot to the head from a Kaval kick as he seemed to be off a step towards the end.

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