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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-21 20:59:00

Todd Grisham interviewed Jack Swagger. He said that he should be the captain because he’s the only former World champion. He ripped on Miami, saying they were in Little Cuba, not Miami. Cod Rhodes cut in saying that Swagger was mad he couldn’t get into any hot clubs last night. Alberto Del Rio cut them off and said what they were doing was boring and that wasn’t why they were here. He said they were here to destroy Rey Mysterio, Del Rio said he wanted to see little kids cry because their hero was destroyed. He said that when they were done, he would buy them the beers. He said that they had nothing to fear because Alberto Del Rio was their captain. He walked off, leaving Cody and Swagger last to leave. Rhodes said that he hates to admit it but Del Rio is good.

Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, MVP & Chris Masters) vs. Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger & Tyler Reks) in a Survivor Series elimination match

The crowd is into MVP, big-time, since it’s his hometown. Rey and Del Rio start but Del Rio begs off to mess with his head and tags in to Rhodes. Rhodes caught Mysterio with a kick off the ropes, which they called the Disaster Kick. Del Rio then tagged in since Rey was down. He begaqn kicking and stomping the hell out of Rey.

Del Rio whipped Rey into the corner but Rey came out with a Lucha headscissors takedown. He snapped Del Rio into the corner with a drop toehold and dropkicked him. MVP tagged in to a big pop and worked over Del Rio. MVP ducked a kick to the head and drilled him into the buckles.

Kofi Kingston tagged in and came off with an elbow. Masters tagged in but Del Rio got the better of him. Reks and Drew each took turns working over Masters. Drew nailed him with a clothesline. Fans began chanting for Big Show. Masters made the tag to MVP who cleaned house on Drew. He nailed the Ballin’ elbow but Del Rio distracted him so MVP nailed him. MVP suplexed Drew from the outside into the ring but Del Rio hooked him leg and held it.

Drew pinned MVP, who is eliminated.

It’s not 5 vs. 4 with Team Del Rio getting the advantage.

MVP got a big chant on the way out.

Masters and Del Rio went back and forth. Masters went for the Masterlock but Del Rio escaped and nailed the rolling armbreaker. Masters tapped.

Masters is eliminated. It’s 5 vs. 3 with Del Rio having the advantage.

Show hits the ring , so Del Rio tagged out to Swagger. Swagger was able to take Show down and tagged back out to Del Rio. Del Rio slapped Show in the head, which only pissed Show off. Del Riop tagged out to Drew and mocked Show, saying he couldn’t get him because now he wasn’t the legal man. Show nailed him with the KO Punch anyway.

Show grabbed Drew and slammed him into the ring. Trainers rolled Del Rio off the apron. Show clotheslined Drew. He tagged in Kofi and slammed Kofi onto Drew for a two count. Trainers carried a dazed Del Rio from ringside. McIntyre tagged Rhodes. Kofi slapped him twice and Rhodes had a conniption fit over being hit in the face, kicking the stairs and the barricade before checking his face in a mirror.

Back in the ring, Kofi slapped him again, then tagged in Show, who KO’d Cody and pinned him. Entertaining as hell so far.

Rhodes is eliminated. 4 vs. 3 with Del Rio having the technical advantage, although Del Rio has left the scene.

Reks and Swagger worked on isolating Show from his partners. Swagger worked on Show’s leg. Swagger went for a forward rollthrough pin and came up locking Show in an anklelock. Show was able to tag in Rey, who nailed a Thesz Press off the ropes for a two count. Swagger came back with a big boot for a two count. Rey went for the 619 but Swagger was playing dead, catching Rey’s legs and locking in an ankle lock. Mysterio spun himself out. Swagger tagged Reks while Rey tagged Kofi.

Kofi went nuts with a ton of hot offense and drilled Reks with a kick. He nailed a flying bodypress but Reks kicks up. Kingston nailed a dropkick but Reks tied him to the tree of woe. He charged Kofi, who nailed him and rolled up Reks for a pinfall.

It’s 3 vs. 3.

Swagger and Kofi went back and forth. Swagger missed the Doctor Bomb. Kofi went for the Trouble in Paradise kick but was caught and turned into the anklelock. Kofi tapped.

Kingston is eliminated, so it’s 3 vs. 2 with Del Rio having the technical advantage.

Show and Mysterio took out Swagger. Rey went to Show’s shoulders to dive off of but Drew kicked Show’s leg out from under him and Rey crashed and burned. Swagger worked over Rey, getting near falls, but Rey came back for the 619. Rey went back to Show’s shoulders and dove off of them for a splash, pinning Swagger.

It’s 2 vs. 2, although no sign of Del Rio.

Drew went for Future Shock on Rey but Show was the legal man. He goozled and chokeslammed Drew, scoring the pin.

They announced Show and Mysterio as the sole survivors.

Your winners, Team Mysterio.

Really fun match. This is a great show so far.

Backstage, Josh Mathews asked WWE champion Randy Orton about John Cena. Orton cut him off, saying he is sick of talking about John Cena. He said that he feels for Cena, but he did all of this to himself. Orton said that he’s not thinking about Cena, but Wade Barrett. He said that John knows Orton and also knows that being fired would be the best thing that could happen to him, because if he tries to pull something on Orton, Orton is going to take him out. He said tonight isn’t about Cena, Barrett or even The Miz. He said it’s about what Barrett’s going to get – an RKO or a kick to the skull.

WWE Divas champions LayCool vs. Natalya

McCool and Natalya started out, locking up and rolling around the mat. Natalya out-wrestled her early but McCool caught her in a near pinfall. LayCool began double teaming. Layla nailed a spinkick to the gut, sending Natalya to the outside. Layla argued with the official, allowing McCool to nail the challenger on the outside.

McCool worked over Natalya on the floor. She charged her for a kick but missed and ended up crotched on the barricade. Natalya dumped her into the crowd. She went after McCool but Layla attacked her. Layla ended up tossed atop of McCool on the floor.

Back inside the railing, McCool whipped Natalya, who was already selling her back, into the barricade. She tossed Natalya into the ring but was tricked into butting heads with her partner. Natalya covered her for a two count, then locked in the Sharpshooter for the submission.

Your winner and new Divas champion, Natalya!

Natalya was crying as she was awarded the belt.

LayCool attacked Natalya. Before they could nail her with a title belt, Beth Phoenix’s music hit and she attacked both. She knocked McCool out of the ring and nailed Layla with the Implant Buster. She and Natalya faced off, then she handed Natalya the belts and paraded around the ring with Natalya on her shoulders.

Short match but they got the absolute most they could have out of it. Layla’s facial expressions during Beth’s return were awesome. Good to see Natalya get the nod here and Phoenix’s return was a welcome event. Short but sweet.

World champion Kane vs. Edge

Kane was alone. Edge came out alone, then teased he was going to get Paul Bearer, only to return with an empty wheelchair. They acted as if Edge had figured Kane out by getting into his head. Edge cleaned house early.

Kane came back with some right hands but Edge left the ring and played with the chair to psych out Kane. Edge cut off Kane as he chased Edge back into the ring, then tossed him into the barricade on the floor. Edge nailed a series of rights. He ducked a kick and clotheslined Kane, then began punching and stomping him.

Edge tried to pull Kane over to the ringpost and finally slammed his leg into it. He continued kicking at the leg and dropping an elbow. Kane came back with several heel kicks to the chest. Edge went for a DDT but Kane powered him up and dropped Edge across the ropes, then kicked him to the floor.

Kane brought Edge back to the ropes and whipped him into the turnbuckles. He whipped Edge into the opposite corner. Kane began demanding to know where Paul Bearer is. He drove Edge backwards into the buckles again and beat him down to the mat. He covered Edge for a two count.

Kane locked in a cravate on Edge, screaming at him to tell Kane where his father is. He kicked Edge down to the mat for a two count. Edge snapped Kane’s throat over the ropes and came off the top with a bodypress for a two count.

They exchanged punches in the middle of the ring until Kane clobbered Edge in the corner. Edge went down and Kane went to the top for a clothesline. Edge dropkicked Kane as he was in the air. He mounted a comeback with several clotheslines but Kane wouldn’t go off his feet. Kane reversed an Irish whip but was caught with a boot to the jaw. Kane came back with a big right hand for a two count. Slow match so far.

Edge was caught with a sideslam for a two count. Kane went back to the top rope but Edge met him with a series of punches. Edge went for a superplex but Kane shoved him off and Edge ended up crotched in the middle of the ropes. Kane clotheslined him off the top rope.

Kane went for a chokeslam but Edge kicked him off and nailed the DDT. Both men were down and the referee began his count. Edge realized he could set up for the spear. He charged but was kicked in the head. Kane chokeslammed Edge but Edge got his shoulder up at the last second. Kane began screaming it was a three count.

Kane called for the tombstone but Edge slipped out and speared Kane. Both men went down and their arms were atop of each other. Edge’s music played the ring announcer proclaimed Edge was the new champion. The referee waved him off and corrected him. They then announced that both men’s shoulders were down, thus it was a tie and Kane retained the belt.

Kane attacked Edge immediately, demanding to know where Paul Bearer was. He attacked Edge but Edge sent him into the stairs. Edge positioned Kane into the wheelchair, then ran him into and through a piece of the barricade.

Match never really seemed to get out of first gear and the crowd was nowhere as much into this as they were the other matches on the card. Finish was a creative way to get out of the match while setting up rematches.

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