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By Richard Trionfo on 2010-10-10 22:50:20

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The pre show starts with comments from Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam, D’Angelo Dinero talking about how big Bound for Glory is. Ken Anderson talks about being in the main event of the biggest show of the year for a company that he loves. A company that has reignited his passion for the business. Jeff Jarrett says that the work and effort behind the scene and in the ring is built for Bound for Glory. Ric Flair talks about how the show gains viewers every day. Mick Foley says that 10/10/10 sounds like the day for the perfect storm and tonight will deliver. Mick says that he knows how to work in a big money atmosphere. Samoa Joe says that there are times when you up your game and tonight will be no exception. Dixie Carter predicts that this will be the biggest pay per view in TNA history.

The Before the Bell Special starts with Kurt Angle talking about how he feels the same way that he did when he won the Gold Medal in 1996. He says that he wanted to earn the title and if he cannot prove that he can be the champion, then maybe he shouldn’t wrestle any more. Angle says that if he gave his best and fell short, then maybe it is time for him to step out. Will Kurt Angle win his 14th World Title tonight? Kurt says that he has been champion before but he has never been more prepared physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Kurt says that he is the most intense wrestler and he only knows to go at full speed.

Ken Anderson earned his spot in the match by defeating D’Angelo Dinero. Ken says that he got into the business to win titles, make money, and travel the world. He has made money and traveled the world. Tonight, he will win the title. Ken quotes another Green Bay icon, Vince Lombardi about his goals tonight. Ken was told that if you screw up the first time, don’t bother doing it at all. Ken says that he has something to prove because he has never captured a major title. He says that he feels that he has to prove something and he will do that. It is a matter of when and where. Ken says that will be in Daytona Beach.

Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. He returned to TNA in January and coming up short is not an option. Jeff says that TNA is the freshest and dopest wrestling company. He says that if you are the TNA champion, you are the best. Hardy says that he has built to this before. He has been a World Champion, but not in TNA. He says that he doesn’t know how much time he has left because of the last few weeks. Jeff says that if he wins, it is for his fans. He says that he would be one of the best champions of all time because he puts his body on the line every time.

It is time to look at the Monster’s Ball match.

Mike Tenay says that you aren’t shocked by too many things when you have been involved in wrestling as long as he has, but the beating by Abyss was brutal.

Rob says that he knew he would be back. He says that you can’t kill him unless you kill his spirit.

Taz says that when you are taken out in the manner that Abyss took out Van Dam, you want to take Abyss apart.

Tenay says that the fact that Van Dam is back for Bound for Glory is a shock to him. He says that the doctors did not sign off on his return.

Dixie says that she is concerned about Rob’s health.

Rob says that many people have not been in the business for twenty years and be in the physical condition he is in.

Abyss says that ‘they’ told him to finish off Van Dam, but he did not get to finish the job.

Rob says that there is a score to settle and it is about balancing things out. Van Dam says that he is going to destroy Abyss.

Abyss says that Monster’s Ball is the most horrific match in TNA.

Van Dam says that he is not going to wait for a more convenient time to get in the ring with Abyss. He is taking advantage now.

Who is ‘They’?

Van Dam says that he is interested in finding out who ‘they’ is.

Sting says that he will let us take a look at things behind the scenes, but it is in the wide open for everyone to see. He says that something is going on. He is not going to talk about it because he has been there before and it doesn’t work out.

Kevin Nash says that Sting talked to him and Nash said that he found out that what Sting said was true.

Jeff says that Sting was turning to the dark side and Nash joined in. With Hogan and Bischoff coming in, along with the talent, things were changing.

Sting talks about Hogan and Bischoff and he says that he obviously has issues with them. He has deep issues.

Nash says that it is all about power with Hogan and Bischoff. He says that they are going to run the company into the ground. Dixie thought that Hogan would be the savior but Hogan is a snake. People don’t know who is wearing the black hat and the white hat.

Jarrett says that they are still on top now because of their political positioning and there are times when that is not good for business.

Sting says that he can see right through Jeff. He has people swerved and he is part of the problem.

Samoa Joe says that Sting can whine. Joe mentions that Jeff and him have had issues so it wasn’t a guarantee that he would help him. However, Hulk Hogan called him and asked him to help. Joe agreed to help. Joe wonders how are you going to quarantine a force like him.

D’Angelo Dinero talks about the deceptions going on. He says that when you are trying to play games like Hogan and Bischoff have, you cannot play a player.

Nash says that Dinero has a problem with Bischoff so at least one young guy is not being hoodwinked by Bischoff.

Dinero says that Jarrett is the founder and he gives him credit. What you can do is judge a man based on his character. The character of Jeff Jarrett is one that does not hold favor with him. He says that Samoa Joe is being led blindly by the forces of the darker side.

Sting says that it won’t be his words, but his actions. He will make sure people know by 10/10/10.

Jarrett says that Sting, Nash, and Pope talk about a big picture but all they have in common is that they aren’t getting what they want.

Nash says that he knows that him and Sting will be in the ring and they will be there to give the answers.

EV 2.0 was on top until Fortune attacked them on Impact. Their goal was to eliminate EV 2.0.

Dixie says that things got out of control. She says that she wanted to do something good for one night for them and the fans. Ric Flair took offense to it.

Flair says that EV 2.0 is a gimmick that didn’t work. If it worked, they would have their own company and they would be successful.

Foley says that Flair’s group is the future while some of the guys in EV 2.0 might be on the end of their run.

James Storm says that Dixie called EV 2.0 to the 90s what Hogan was in the 80s, maybe they should have stayed in the 90s.

Tommy Dreamer says that they are going to get revenge for what happened to their friends.

Dixie says that Lethal Lockdown is the perfect match to end this feud.

Storm says that most of them are past their prime.

Dreamer says that this is their bragging rights to show that they are better.

Robert Roode says that if they can beat EV 2.0, it will show that they are better.

Foley says that there is no place to run or hide. They will be like children on Christmas morning getting ready to play with their toys.

Dreamer says that Foley will be the perfect counter for Ric Flair and he talks about how he was there to see the fights between Flair and Foley.

AJ says that Flair is a wrestling god while Foley looks like a pack of mustard.

Roode says that Foley is a joke.

Foley says that he cannot guarantee that Flair won’t get involved, but if he does, he will be there.

Flair says that if Foley messes with him, he will be hurt.

Dreamer says that he feels bad for all of them because they will all leave the cage hurt.

Flair wonders why EV 2.0 would want to get into this match. Flair says that if he was dead and in a casket, he is still better than Foley.

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