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By Richard Trionfo on 2010-10-10 22:50:20
Taz says that he does not think that the Machine Guns should accept the challenge while Mike wonders if that is a way to cement their reputation. Taz says that the last thing he would want to do is accept the challenge.

Fortune is in the back with Christy Hemme and Flair asks if you can smell it. He says that excitement is in the air. Flair says that the heart and soul of TNA walks the ramp next. Flair says that EV 2.0 is done and Foley is going to kiss his ass, then he is going to kiss Christy’s ass.

Frankie says that they bury the antiques tonight. Roode says that they are also hardcore and they will finish them off at their own game. Matt Morgan says that EV 2.0 can brag about the ass kickings they have taken and they can brag about what happens tonight. AJ says that he says when it is over and it ends tonight. Flair wooos and struts.

We are reminded that Fortune has the advantage in this match.

Match Number Seven: Lethal Lockdown Match: Fortune versus EV 2.0

Flair and Foley fight before the match starts and Foley sends Flair into the cage. We have a verbal battle between the two teams and then the referee acts like he is in control.

Kazarian and Stevie Richards start off and Frankie with a side head lock and he punches Stevie. Frankie with forearms and knees. He sends Stevie into the turnbuckles and then he points to the cage but Stevie with a swinging neck breaker followed by a few more neck breakers. Stevie with a fourth neck breaker. Stevie slams Frankie’s head into the cage a few times. Stevie with a snap mare and kick to the back. Stevie misses a drop kick and Frankie kicks Stevie in the ribs. Kazarian with a slam followed by a springboard leg drop. Frankie stomps on Stevie’s chest.

Kazarian goes up top but he misses a leg drop. Stevie with a chop in the corner. Stevie does his version of the Flair strut and Flair freaks out. Stevie with a kick or two to Frankie and then he sets for the StevieT but he hits a suplex instead. Stevie with a Flatline into a Koji Clutch and then we get the second member of Fortune and it is AJ Styles.

Styles with a Phenomenal drop kick. Styles with chops and then Kazarian and Styles double team Richards and hit a leaping clothesline and belly-to-back suplex combination. Flair puts Stevie in the figure four leg lock while Kazarian stretches Richards. While this is happening Flair is climbing onto the cage.

They release the hold as Tommy Dreamer enters the match and he punches Styles but Kazarian hits him from behind. Dreamer with a double clothesline and then he spits into Styles’ face. He punches Kazarian and then he sends Styles into the turnbuckles. Dreamer with a chop to Frankie. Dreamer with a pump handle suplex. Stevie limps to Frankie and he holds him for a side slam while Dreamer hits an elbow from the ropes. Dreamer with a suplex to Styles and then he slams Richards onto Styles. Dreamer puts Kazarian on the turnbuckles and Stevie tries for a superplex but Styles turns it into a power bomb and Dreamer goes down as well.

Robert Roode is the next one in and he sends Dreamer into the cage and then he hits knees off Irish whips to Richards. Storm punches Dreamer while Styles has Dreamer against the cage. Kazarian slams Richards while Flair punches Dreamer through the camera hole. Styles and Kazarian work on Richards while Roode taunts Raven who is outside the cage waiting to enter the match. Roode yells at Dreamer while he chokes him. Kazarian with a Stinger splash to Stevie and Styles with one too.

Sabu is the next man in and he punches AJ. He Irish whips Styles into Roode. Sabu with Poetry in Motion to Kazarian and then he hits a splash on Roode and a springboard DDT to Styles. Sabu with a camel clutch to Styles. Dreamer with a power slam to Roode while Kazarian hits elbows on Styles while still favoring his knee. Dreamer with a snap mare to Styles. Sabu with a camel clutch to Roode while Dreamer has Styles in a Crossface. Kazarian punches Sabu and connects with a knee.

The fourth man in for Fortune is James Storm and he punches everyone. Storm and Roode with a double back body drop. Storm and Roode with a catapult into a DDT. They follow that with a double suplex on Sabu. They do the same to Dreamer. Styles kicks Richards in the corner and then we remember what Roode and Storm’s team name is. Richards with a Stevie Kick to Roode while Storm hits one on Richards. Dreamer is sent into the cage.

Raven is the fourth man for EV 2.0 and he connects with a shoulder to Styles. Raven with a bulldog to Kazarian while hitting a clothesline on Styles. Raven sends Roode into the cage and then he gets the snot rag and he gives it to Kazarian. Dreamer puts Styles in the tree of woe and he stands on A.J.’s groin while Sabu kicks him. Raven with a suplex while Dreamer works on Roode’s wounds. EV 2.0 is in control, but that will not last long.

It is time for the final member of Fortune to enter the match and it is Matt Morgan. Morgan punches Dreamer and connects with a knee to Sabu and then he hits a power bomb into the cage. Richards punches Morgan but Morgan with a clothesline to Richards. Styles with a Saito suplex to Richards and then Morgan with elbows in the corner to Dreamer. Richards is Irish whipped into the corner and Morgan hits a big boot. Fortune has things under control with the advantage. Morgan wipes blood on his chest. Morgan with an elbow to Sabu and Storm waits for Rhino to enter the cage.

Rhino with a spinebuster to Roode followed by a belly-to-belly to Morgan. Rhino hits a GORE on James Storm. Rhino raises his arms and it is time to look to the cage because the Lethal Lockdown begins.

Flair and Foley fight outside the ring and Flair with chops while Foley punches Flair.

Sabu goes to the ropes while Richards hits everyone with a cookie sheet. Rhino chokes someone with a chair while Dreamer has a trash can lid. Rhino uses a chair to choke Kazarian. Raven and Morgan have a battle with Morgan using a kendo stick while Raven has a trash can lid. We have a pile in the corner while Rhino punches Storm while Richards holds him. Morgan misses a running boot and hits the cage and he is holding his knee. Kazarian is thrown into the cage door and it opens. Rhino wants to go to the floor but Richards goes after Kazarian. Kazarian climbs the cage. Richards throws down the axe handle and he climbs the cage. Kazarian sets up a ladder on top of the cage. Kazarian wants to hit a Flux Capacitor onto the floor but Sabu with a suicide dive onto Morgan on the floor.

Richards sets up a table on top. Richards sets for a power bomb but Kazarian with a low blow and Richards is put on the table. A.J. and Dreamer are the only people who are still in the cage. Kazarian climbs the ladder but Brian Kendrick appears on top of the cage and he pulls Kazarian off the ladder. Kendrick back body drops Kazarian through the table. Styles goes to the top turnbuckles but Dreamer hits him in the leg with a chair. Dreamer sets for a super Death Valley Driver onto the chair and he gets the three count.

Winners: EV 2.0

Kurt Angle is in the back with Christy Hemme. Kurt tells Christy that he doesn’t want to talk right now because he is focused on his match. Every time that he has had to step up, he has. As much as he wants the TNA World Title, he has to win the title. He says that wrestling is his life. He guarantees that he will win the title tonight. He dedicates this to Hulk Hogan.

Match Number Eight: TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle versus Ken Anderson versus Jeff Hardy

Hardy kicks Anderson and Angle joins in the attack on Anderson. Hardy punches Anderson and then they Irish whip Anderson into the corner. Angle charges into the corner and hits the post and goes to the floor. Hardy with a running forearm and punch. Anderson with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Angle kicks Anderson in the knee and then he punches Anderson in the head. Angle with an Irish whip to Anderson but Anderson with a kick. Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and Hardy breaks up the cover.

Hardy kicks and punches Angle and then he climbs the turnbuckles and punches Angel. Anderson hits Hardy from behind and then punches him in the head. Anderson with an Irish whip to Hardy but Hardy moves. Angle with a German suplex to both men at the same time and Angle gets a near fall on Anderson. Angle throws Anderson to the floor and he gets a near fall on Hardy.

Angle punches Hardy in the head and then Hardy sends Angle over the top rope to the floor and Angle lands on his head. Anderson punches Hardy and kicks him. Anderson with a few elbow drops and then Angle pulls Anderson to the floor and punches him. Anderson and Angle exchange punches and don’t realize that Hardy was going for a pescado and he hits both men and all three men are down.

Angle goes after Hardy’s knee and then he hits a suplex and gets a near fall. Angle with a reverse chin lock but Hardy with clotheslines. He hits a clothesline on Anderson as well. Hardy goes up top but Angle climbs the turnbuckles and hits a belly-to-belly throw on Hardy. Anderson with a fireman’s carry slam but Hardy with a mule kick to Anderson. Hardy with a hesitation baseball slide on Angle. Hardy calls for a Swanton but he misses it and Angle gets a quick near fall.

Angle puts Hardy on the top turnbuckle and he punches Hardy and sets for a superplex but Hardy stops him. Anderson joins in and they turn it into a tower of doom move and Anderson gets a near fall on Angle. Anderson rolls over to Hardy and gets a near fall.

Angle with the Three Rivers German suplex combination to Anderson and then he does the same thing to Hardy. The straps come down and Angle puts Hardy in the ankle lock. Anderson tries to get involved and Angle puts both men in an ankle lock at the same time. They both roll through and Angle is sent into the ropes as the hold is released.

Angle goes up top but Anderson stops him and punches Kurt. Hardy goes to the apron while Anderson goes for a super fireman’s carry slam and he hits it. Hardy goes up top while Anderson has Angle covered and he hits a swanton. Hardy covers both men but they both kick out. Angle sends Hardy into Anderson on the apron and he hits the Olympic slam but only gets a two count.

Anderson goes up top but Angel comes over and hits Anderson. Angle sets for a super Olympic slam and he turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. Hardy gets a near fall on Anderson. Angel with an Irish whip and Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy with a Twist of Fate to Anderson and then he goes up top for the Swanton and he hits it on Anderson. Angle pulls him off and puts Hardy in the ankle lock. Anderson rolls over and he sees what is going on and Hardy escapes and sends Angle into Angle and Anderson hits the Mic Check and gets a super duper near fall.

Anderson picks up Angle and Angle with a sunset flip but Anderson rolls through and gets a near fall. Hardy with a near fall on a rollup. Hardy and Anderson with clotheslines and both are down. Angle goes to the top turnbuckle for the moonsault on Hardy and he gets a two count. Hardy falls out of the ring.

Anderson and Angle with punches. Anderson with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Angle tries for the Olympic slam but Anderson blocks it. Angle blocks the Mic Check. Angle clotheslines the referee when Anderson moves. Angle with a German suplex and then Anderson hits the Mic Check.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with a chair from Stage 19.

Hulk Hogan’s music plays and Bischoff stands frozen. Hogan is on the stage and he has crutches and Atlas Security to help him come to the ring. Hogan gingerly makes his way to the ring and Atlas holds the ropes for him. Bischoff throws the chair out of the ring. Hogan makes his way to Bischoff and he gives Bischoff a crutch.

Jeff Hardy rolls in and he comes between Bischoff and Hogan. Hogan gives the crutch to Hardy and Hardy hits Angle in the back with it. Bischoff is shocked at what he saw and says that was awesome. Hardy hits Anderson in the back with the other crutch. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Andeson and the referee makes the count while Bischoff kicks the referee.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss come to the ring and Abyss hugs Hulk Hogan. Jarrett hugs Hardy and raises his hand. Abyss then celebrates with Jarrett.

Rob Van Dam comes out and wants to know what Hardy is doing. Hardy hits Van Dam with the title belt. Elite subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and will also have access to our exclusive post-PPV audio show. You can subscribe by clicking this link and if you've never checked us out before, you can sign up for our three days free offer. Elite subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and will also have access to our exclusive post-PPV audio show. You can subscribe by clicking this link and if you've never checked us out before, you can sign up for our three days free offer.

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