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By Buck Woodward on 2010-04-25 20:20:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Extreme Rules.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

The show opened with a video package focusing on the "Anything Goes" theme of the night, and every match except the Women's Title bout and the Strap match were featured in the package.  The announce team for tonight is Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker. 

Triple H vs. Sheamus in a Street Fight match.

No countouts or disqualifications, the match can only end via pinfall or submission.  Triple H's entrance theme started, but he didn't come out.  The music stopped, and they went to the back, where Sheamus and Triple H were brawling in a corridor.  Referees pulled them apart, and Sheamus grabbed his pipe and blasted Triple H in the head.  As Triple H got up, Sheamus blasted him again.  A trainer checked on an unconscious Triple H, while Sheamus walked off. 

Apparently the match will be postponed until later, pending an update on Triple H.

The Miz & Big Show came out, with the announcers noting they were not scheduled to appear tonight.  Miz said they should start the show with some excitement, noting he and Show were the greatest tag team in WWE history.  Miz then brought up how Bret Hart had to call ShowMiz the greatest tag team in WWE history, due to Miz defeating David Hart Smith in the UK.  Miz said tomorrow night on Raw, Bret Hart would make that statement.  Miz said he and Show had a lack of competition, and said they were begging for competition.  Miz said Big Show "makes Andre The Giant look like a little girl."  Now, I'm angry.  Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long came out and said he had a team for them to face.  Long said if this team wins, they get a future World Tag Team Title match.  Miz got a shot in at the Orioles (they are in Baltimore), then told Long to go figure out how to mess up the draft tomorrow.  Long then said since Miz likes to keep talking, there will be a second team after the first, with the same stipulation.  Miz kept talking, so Long upped it to three teams.  Miz mocked him, and Long threatened to make it four, so Big Show put his hand over Miz' mouth to shut him up.  So, Miz and Show will now face three teams in a row, and the first one to beat them (if any) gets a title shot tomorrow on Raw.

The Miz & Big Show vs. R-Truth & John Morrison.

R-Truth did his full entrance rap prior to the bout.  Morrison started out with Miz, grabbing a quick cradle for a one count.  Miz went on the attack, kicking Morrison in the gut and punching him against the ropes.  Morrison slid under a clothesline and grabbed an armdrag.  Truth tagged in, and they hit a double hiptoss and a standing shooting star/legdrop combo.  Miz stopped himself on a whip attempt and tagged in Show.  Show hit Truth with a shoulderblock, then chopped him against the ropes.  Miz tagged in and hit a running boot for a two count on Truth, then drove a knee in his back and applied a chinlock.  Truth fought back and hit a leg lariat.  Morrison and Show tagged in.  Morrison hit a dropkick, but Show shoved him away.  Show went for a chokeslam, but Morrison put Show in a triangle choke, pulling him over the top rope.  Miz tried to break it up, but Truth knocked him to the floor and gave Miz a pescado.  The referee disqualified Morrison for not breaking the choke on the ropes, ending the match at the three minute mark.

Winners: The Miz & Big Show.

The Miz & Big Show vs. MVP & Mark Henry.

MVP immediately went for a cover on Miz as he rolled in the ring for a two count.  Henry and MVP worked over Miz, as Big Show recovered from the choke on the floor.  MVP hit Miz with the Ballin' elbowdrop, but Big Show got in to break it up.  Mark Henry came in, but Show blasted him with a body shot.  MVP gave Miz a Playmaker, but Big Show punched MVP in the head and Miz pinned MVP at the two minute mark.

Winners: The Miz & Big Show.

The Hart Dynasty, with Bret Hart, ran out.

The Miz & Big Show vs. The Hart Dynasty.

David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd double kicked Big Show off the ring apron, then gave Miz their springboard Hart attack.  Miz was pinned in under a minute.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty.

The Harts celebrated on the floor.  They get a tag team title match at Raw tomorrow night.

They went backstage for an update on Triple H.  Todd Grisham said he was being checked out, when Sheamus interrupted him.  Sheamus said he was going out to the ring later, and basically said if Triple H is a man, he will see him out there.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk.  If Punk loses, he will have his head shaved.

Rey and Punk kept pointing to the barber's chair set up on the stage before the bell rang.  Punk went on the offense first, stomping Rey and knocking him to the mat.  Rey came back with a dropkick, then hit a kick to the chest and a series of forearms.  Punk tossed Rey to the floor, but Rey rolled to his feet.  Punk went outside, and Rey hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and sent Punk into the ring apron.  Rey hit a kick on the floor and tossed Punk back in the ring.  Rey teased a 619, but Punk grabbed him and teased a GTS.  Rey escaped and hit a kick, but then ran into a CM Punk powerslam for a two count.  Punk tossed Rey to the floor, this time with Rey bumping to the outside chest first.  Serena got in a kick to Rey's gut.  Punk twirled his hair in the ring and laughed.

Punk went to the floor and worked over Rey, then tossed him into the ring and hit a slingshot senton for a two count.  Punk put Rey in a headscissors on the mat, but Rey fought up and hit some kicks.  Punk went for a sunset flip, but Rey rolled through it and hit a kick to the head for a two count.  Punk got back in control, punching Rey in the back while holding him against the middle rope.  When the referee backed him up, Luke Gallows hit a cheap shot and Punk got a two count off it.  Punk gave Rey a double underhook backbreaker for a two count.  Punk put Rey in a bow and arrow, and hit a trio of legdrops.  Punk delivered some elbows to the body, then put Rey in a Gori Special.  Rey managed to break free and hit an armdrag.  Punk tried for a powerbomb, but Rey shifted his weight and came down on top of Punk for a two count.

Rey gave Punk a headscissors takedown into the turnbuckles.  Rey went to the top rope, but Punk tripped him.  Punk pulled Rey off the ropes into GTS position.  Rey escaped and set up Punk for a 619.  Serena grabbed a Rey's leg to trip him up.  Punk went and blasted Rey in the back of the head.  The referee, seeing Gallows getting on the apron, ordered Serena and Gallows away from ringside.  Punk went to the floor, wondering why his followers were leaving, and Rey hit him with a baseball slide kick as Punk realized what had happened.  Rey hit an Asai moonsault, then got Punk into the ring for a two count.  Punk reversed a whip and went for a backdrop, but Rey kicked it away and covered Punk for a two count.

Rey hit a springboard senton, then went for a springboard bodypress off the middle ropes, but Punk dropkicked Rey in the midsection.  Punk hit a springboard clothesline, then hit some kicked to the body.  Rey leapfrogged Punk, then got on his shoulders, but Punk turned it into a GTS position.  Rey spun out of it into a rana and hooked the leg for a two count.  As they got up, Punk blasted Rey with a kick to the face for a two count.  Punk missed a running knee in the corner and Rey used a spinning headscissors to put Punk in a 619 position.  Rey hit the move.  Someone came out from under the ring and tossed a chair in the ring.  The referee went to toss the chair out, while the mystery man, who was bald, came out the other side of the ring, pulled Rey to the floor and planted him with a reverse powerbomb on the floor.  Punk pulled Rey back in the ring and hit the GTS for the pin at the seventeen minute mark.  The replay made it seem like it might have been two men, dressed the same, that came out from under the ring.

Winner: CM Punk.

Punk celebrated on the stage by sitting in the barber's chair.  The man or men who were under the ring didn't come back out.

Coverage continued on the next page.

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