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By Buck Woodward on 2010-04-25 20:20:00

JTG vs. Shad Gaspard in a Strap Match.

As Shad came to the ring, they reviewed the events leading to the breakup of Cryme Tyme.  This is traditional strap match rules, meaning you have to touch all four corners in succession. 

JTG hit some punches at the start, then Shad tripped him with the strap.  Shad touched three corners, and almost had four right away, but JTG started whipping him with the strap across the back and chest.  JTG went for the corners, but Shad picked him up and put him on the apron, then knocked him to the floor.  Shad hit two corners, but with JTG on the floor, Shad couldn't pull to the third.  Shad pulled JTG to the apron and hit a shot, but JTG dropped to the floor and yanked Shad throat first across the top rope.  JTG got back in the ring and hit a second rope leg lariat.  JTG touched three corners, but Shad picked JTG up in atomic drop fashion, then slammed him chest first to the mat.  

Shad went to the floor and used the strap to yank JTG into the ringpost shoulder first.  Shad trash talked JTG while whipping him with the strap. Shad slapped JTG and continued to trash talk back in the ring.  Shad then used the strap to secure JTG's arm against his body and began dragging him around the ring.  Shad started touching corners, but as he did it, JTG did as well, without Shad realizing it.  When they had touched three corners, JTG pulled away from Shad.  Shad pulled him in for a short arm clothesline, but JTG ducked it and hit his Slingblade clothesline.  JTG touched the fourth corner for the win at the five minute mark. 

Winner: JTG.

Todd Grisham reported that Triple H was having nerve issues with his arm as a result of the blow to the back of the head Sheamus gave him with the pipe earlier.  He said it was unlikely he would compete tonight.

A video package on the events leading to the World Title match was shown. 

World Champion Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton in an Extreme Rules match.

They did the "big match" intros for the bout.  Swagger went for a takedown at the start, getting a one count.  Swagger grabbed a leg and hit a Dragonscrew legswhip.  Swagger grabbed a waistlock and rode Orton on the mat.  Orton got to his feet, but missed a back elbow and Swagger hit a series of shoulderblocks in a corner.  Swagger got on the middle rope to punch Orton, but Orton ducked under him and hit Swagger, then elbowed him off the ropes.  Orton took Swagger down for a two count, then Swagger rolled to the floor.  Swagger grabbed a chair, but Orton went to the floor and kicked the chair out of his hand.  Orton stalked Swagger around the ring, and Swagger rolled back in. 

As Orton got in the ring, Swagger went to kick him, but Orton ducked it.  Swagger went back to the floor and Orton followed, and Swagger caught him with a forearm and tossed him into the ringside barrier.  Swagger suplexed Orton on the floor and rammed him back first into the ringside barrier, then into the apron.  Swagger covered Orton for a two count in the ring, then choked him down in the corner with a boot to the throat.  Orton came back with a kick to the gut, but Swagger pushed him back into the corner with shoulderblocks.  Swagger hit a vertical suplex for a two count.  There was an "RKO" chant.  Orton battled back with punches, but Swagger hit a belly to belly suplex for a two count. 

Swagger stomped Orton in the gut, then hit a vertical suplex, followed by a back suplex.  Swagger shoved Orton in a corner, then hit some more shoulderblocks in the corner.  He went for a running shoulderblock, but Orton kneed him in the head.  Swagger came right back, throwing Orton shoulder first into the ringpost.  Swagger went to ringside and grabbed the World Title belt.  Swagger went to use it, but Orton avoided the belt shot and hit a series of forearms on Swagger.  Swagger just took the onslaught, then scooped up Orton and powerslammed him for a two count.  Swagger slammed Orton, with the title belt lying on the mat next to Orton.  Swagger took forever to set up his reverse splash off the middle rope.  As he went for it, Orton jumped up, grabbed the title belt, and blasted Swagger in the gut with it.

Orton hit a pair of clotheslines and a powerslam for a two count.  Swagger rolled to the ring apron, but Orton grabbed him and hit a series of forearms.  Orton went for the elevated DDT, but Swagger stepped into the ring and then backdropped Orton to the floor. Swagger went outside and grabbed a trash can from under the ring.  Orton kicked Swagger in the gut, then blasted Swagger twice in the head with the trash can.  Orton rammed Swagger into the announcers table three times, then hit a forearm uppercut.  Orton whipped Swagger into the ringsteps, then put Swagger's head on a section of the steps.  Orton then stomped Swagger's head twice on the steps. 

Orton rolled Swagger into the ring, then started stomping him.  Orton dropped a knee to the head, then continued stomping him.  Orton went for another kneedrop, but Swagger rolled out of the way.  Swagger went to the floor and got a chair.  As he got back in the ring, Orton kicked him.  Orton then hit the elevated DDT.  Randy measured Swagger for the RKO, then stopped and picked up the chair.  Orton set up the chair in the ring and went for a running RKO on the chair, but Swagger picked up Orton and dropped him hip first on the chair.  Swagger grabbed Orton around the waist, muscled him up and hit the gutwrench powerbomb for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. 

Winner: Jack Swagger.

After the replayes, as Swagger was leaving, Orton grabbed him on the floor and hit an RKO, then walked off.  As Orton exited, Sheamus walked down, and the two exchanged glares.  Swagger was helped out by a referee.

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