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By Mike Johnson on 2010-03-21 20:16:01
Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Destination X 2010 from Orlando. Florida.  Destination X opened with a great video feature on the show.

Brian Kendrick vs. Kaz vs. Amazing Red vs. Daniels - Four Way Ladder Match for #1 contender status for X-Division championship.

Everyone started brawling as the match began.  Kaz nailed Daniels with a dropkick.  Red nailed a baseball sliding kick on Kendrick.  Kaz hit a running clothesline on Daniels and both went up and over to the floor.  Red nailed a twisting dive over the top to the floor on them.  This allowed Kendrick to set up the ladder but he was cut off by Kaz.  Fans chanted, "X Division."  Red and Daniels battled around the ladder.  Red was whipped into it but dropped underneath it and then dropkicked the ladder into Daniels.  Red scrambled up the ladder but was pulled off by Kendrick.  Kazarian was hit with a catapult into the ladder and grabbed at his leg.

Daniels did a ladder airplane spin but Red ducked and hit him with a drop toehold.  All four battled on the floor.  Kendrick bridged a ladder on the outside across the rail but was grabbed and tossed into a ringpost.  Kaz nailed a gutbuster onto the ladder.  Daniels took out Kaz, who landed on the ladder, then hit an Arabian Press onto the ladder.  The crowd chanted TNA.  Daniels celebrated while standing on the bridged ladder but Red nailed a springboard into a rana off the ladder to the floor.  That's cool.

Kaz and Red raced up the ladder.  Kendrick tried to stop them buty was shoved off.  Red and Kaz battled.  Kaz attempted to hit the Flux Capacitor off the ladder but Kendrick shoved the ladder over.  Both men took a nasty spill into the ropes.  Daniels ran Kaz into the ladder facefirst.  He attempted to use the ladder as a battering ram but Kaz avoided it and used a legdrop to slam Daniels facefirst into the ladder.

Kendrick tried to grab a ladder but Kaz stomped it, hurting his fingers.  Kaz grabbed the ladder and attempted to nail Red who bent backwards out of the way then hit a spinning kick to Kaz.  Daniels took Red out.  He placed the ladder atop the middle turnbuckle and slammed him into it.  Kaz and Daniels battled over a suplex but Kazarian was nailed by Kendrick with a ladder.  Kendrick whipped Kaz into Daniels, who backdropped him into a ladder.   Kendrick tried to pull himself up the ladder but was shoved off by Daniels.  Daniels began ascending but Kaz grabbed him and powerbombed him into the ladder bridged over the turnbuckles.

Kaz and Kendrick raced up the ladder.  Kendrick bulldogged him off the ladder.  Kendrick returned to the ladder but Red cut him off.  Red charged Kendrick but was backdropped to the floor.  Kaz and Kendrick go back and forth until Kendrick nailed a STO.  Kaz slingshot into the ring and nailed him with a Ace Crusher as he came in.  Kendrick nailed Sliced Bread #2 on Daniels.  Daniels began to ascend the ladder while Red set up a second ladder.  They began battling as they climbed their respective ladders.  Daniels nailed an Uranage off the ladder.

Daniels and Kendrick made their way towards the top of the ladder.  Kaz springboarded onto the ladder.  He took out Kendrick and battled with Daniels, finally hitting a scary as hell suplex.  Kaz dispatched Kendrick again and grabbed the clipboard to earn his title shot.

Your winner, Kaz!

Taz and Mike Tenay  discussed tonight's TNA title bout between AJ Styles and Abyss.

Ric Flair's music began to play and Flair was wheeled out in a wheelchair by Desmond Wolfe's valet Chelsea.  Flair said he wasn't a happy camper and told the fans not to Woo for him.  He said he was the greatest World champion of all time and now look at him.  He said he has taken beating after beating but was never immobilized in a chair.  He said it came to TNA for action but right now he's not getting a lot of action.  Flair said he blamed Hulk Hogan and Abyss and tonight, he's going to make sure they get what they deserve.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan told Abyss to stop asking if he was doing a good enough job and if he was ready.  Hogan said he has never seen someone take to wrestling like a duck to water like Abyss.  Hogan said that the gold ring around his finger will lead to gold around his waist.  Hogan told him not to be scared of the power of the Abyss-ites.  Eric Bischoff showed up.  Hogan and Abyss laughed at his new haircut.  Hogan told him he pushed Mick Foley too far and needed to leave all the personal issues with Foley and Jeff Jarrett aside because he's supposed to be leading TNA with Hogan.  Bischoff told him he was right and by the end of the week, he'd have those situations all tied up.  He left and Hogan quipped that Bischoff now has a Hulk Hogan haircut.

TNA Knockouts champion Tara vs. Daffney

Tara attacked Daffney as soon as she made her way to the ring.  Tara ducked a clothesline and nailed one of her own.  She slammed Daffney and nailed a standing moonsault press for a two count.  Tara was caught and stomped in the corner by Daffney, who scored a two count.  Daffney stepped on Tara's face and worked her over in the corner.  Tara came back with a Tarantula in the ropes.  Daffney flipped Tara back into the ring, then snapped her over by the hair.  She covered Tara for a two count, then cinched in a rear chinlock before locking in a stump puller variation.  Tara finally escaped and nailed elbows and kicks.

Daffney missed a forearm in the corner but cut off Tara and tossed her to the floor.  She slammed Tara into the guard rail then tossed her back in.  She grabbed the Knockouts title belt and tried to nail Tara with it but Tara ducked and hit the Widow's Peak for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockout champ Tara!

Tara celebrated with the fans, only to realize that Daffney had stolen her tarantula.

Christy Hemme said Brutus Magnus vs. Rob Terry would be next.  Magnus said he'll be known only as Magnus going forward.  He said Terry was brought in to watch him back but he got too big for himself and wanted a title.  Magnus said that he was going to have to destroy the monster he created.

TNA Global champ Rob Terry vs. Magnus.

Terry came out looking intense and went right after Magnus, clotheslining him out of the ring.  Magnus returned to the ring and caught him with a thumb to the eye.    Magnus went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and slammed down.  Terry whipped Magnus into the ropes but put his head down.  Terry came back with a spinkick and spinebuster for the pin,

Your winner, Rob Terry!

Christy Hemme interviewed the Motor City Machineguns.  Chris Sabin asked what was wrong with Generation Me for trying to compete with them in the UX on an man's level when they are children.  Shelley said that some people have said they have a bit of an attitude lately, but wouldn't you have one if you worked hard to be the best tag team in the world because of events out of their control.  He said they have been in UX since way before Generation Me bought their "Hardy Boy starter kits."

Ultimate X: The Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me for top contendership of the TNA Tag Team championships

The Guns went right for the structure at the bell.  Gen Me cut them off.  They nailed double kicks to Shelley.  They nailed double sandwich dropkicks on Sabin.  They set up Sabin for a Dream Sequence but Shelley tripped max allowing Sabin to escape and nail a big kick to the chest.  Shelley locked up both members of Gen Me with submissions in an attempt to let Sabin get up the structure.  He was cut off.  Sabin hit a springboard off the corner into a crossbody on the floor onto Max, who was on Shelley's shoulders.  Jeremy tried to make his way across the cables but Sabin pulled him down.

Jeremy used a Lucha basing maneuver out of the corner to jump on the cables.  Max held Shelley back but Sabin kicked him away.  Shelley and Sabin pulled Jeremy down and drilled him with stereo kicks.  Max came off with a missile dropkick on both Guns.  Jeremy hit a twisting dive over the top rope onto both Guns on the floor.  Max made his way across the cables.  He pulled himself up to avoid Sabin diving at him but was pulled down by Shelley.  Jeremy caught Sabin with an insane Facebuster, then hit a standing moonsault to the floor on Shelley/

Jeremy began shimmying across the cables while Max watched.  Sabin used Max as a base, leaping off and speaking Jeremy off the cables.   Max went to the top rope.  Sabin went after him but was brushed off.  The Guns pulled Max down but Gen Me went into some awesome highspots to take the Guns out.  The crowd changted this is awesome and they were right.  All four made their way to the center of the cables and battled with kicks, being knocked off one by one.  Gen Me killed The Guns with powerbombs and kick.  They set up Shelley for a double team maneuver but Sabin broke it up and jeremy ended up suplexed into Max, who was locked in the tree of woe.

The Guns nailed a double team powerbomb/sliced bread #2 on Max.  Jeremy and Sabin made their way across the cables.  Sabin killed Jeremy, who took a back bump into the ring.  Sabin grabbed the X and the Guns are victorious.

Your winners, the Motor City Machineguns!

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