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By Mike Johnson on 2010-03-21 20:16:01

Jeremy Borash interviewed Scott Hall and Sean Waltman,  Hall said he broke out the old gear because he's going to "wrassle" tonight.  Hall said Nash thinks he's better than him - prove it.  Hall promised that tomorrow on Spike, everyone will see the highest paid stars in TNA tomorrow.  He asked whether Nash trusted Young with his life. 

Scott Hall & Sean Waltman vs. Kevin Nash & Eric Young - Contracts for the Band vs. The Band must leave TNA

Hall did a survey before the match, asking who wanted to see he and Waltman with "big fat money contracts."  Most of the crowd booed so Hall said, "One more for the bad guys."  Young and Waltman started out, going back and forth.  Young nailed a Thesz Press.  He began slamming Waltman's head into the mat.  Hall nailed Young, who turned around and drilled Young.  Waltman cut off Young and tagged in Hall.

Hall worked over Young.  Youn g went for a high cross bodyblock but was hit with a Fall Away Slam for a two count.  Waltman tagged in and worked over Young with chops.  Young nailed a scary backdrop on Waltman.  Young ended up tossed to the floor, where Waltman hit a tope con hilo.  Waltman tried to bulldog Young on the floor but Young reversed it and ran Waltman crotch first into a ring post.  Hall laid out Young.  Back in the ring, Hall locked on a sleeper.  Young escaped and made the tag but the referee was arguing with Waltman and didn't see it.  Waltman began looking for something under the ring.  It turned out to be spraypaint.  Waltman sprayed it in his eyes.  Amazingly, no DQ.

Nash tagged in but just powerbombed his own partner.  He put Young in the corner and tagged him back in.  Hall nailed the Outsider Edge and scored the pin.

I don't think anyone was shocked by this one.

Your winners, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman!

Waltman went looking for the spraypaint under the ring and complained, "Why the f*** do you gotta hide it?"  They spraypainted a body outline of Young. 

So, the Wolfpac are back.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle.  Angle told Borash he had a problem with people holding mics in their hands and asked to do it solod.  He held up a photo of Ken Anderson and lit it on fire.  He looked at the camera and said, "Oh. it's real.  It's damn real." in a serious tone.

TNA X-Division champion Doug Williams vs. Shannon Moore.

Doug Williams rode Moore to the mat but Moore escaped.  Moore came back with a series of armdrags and a legdrop.  He covered Williams for a one count.  Williams sent Moore up and over in the corner but Moore hit a top rope leaping rana for a two count.  Moore's legs were cut off on the top rope.   Williams locked him in a cravate.  Williams hit a high knee for a two count.  Williams nailed Moore with a Gut Wrench suplex.  He went for the Chaos Theory but Moore held onto the ropes.  Williams drilled him with a running high knee and beat Moore in the corner.

Williams continued to bully and work over Moore, who fought back.  Moore was whipped into the ropes but came back with a bulldog.  He followed up with a leg lariat and several dropkicks.  Moore nailed a twisting moonsault.  Williams went the floor, where he was hit with a baseball sliding kick.  Moore hit a moonsault off the top to the floor.  Willliams grabbed something from under the ring - possibly a brick - and nailed Moore with it, pinning him.

Your winner and still X-Division champion Doug Williams!

Moore was busted open.  Williams said Moore didn't even deserve a title shot and he was an example of what Williams hates about the X-Division - trumped up acrobats pretending to be wrestlers.  Williams said what he is, is what the division should be - hold for hold wrestling moves and catch as catch can style.  He said acrobats should be in the circus with the clowns and said he was going to help Moore with his clown makeup.  He "grabbed" a purse from a fan at ringside, then used her lipstick to draw on Moore's face.  Some fans were chanting for RVD.

 TNA Tag Team champions Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money.

Hernandez and Roode went back and forth.  Hernandez shoulderblocked him down.  Roode rebounded off the ropes with a forearm.  Morgan began complaining to Hernandez and tagged himself in.  Morgan caught Roode with a sideslam but just dropped him instead of hitting it.  He began telling Hernandez that's how it should be done and tagged Hernandez back in, telling him to get the job done.  Hernandez did a long standing suplex on Storm.

Hernandez went to tag Morgan, who told him he would tag in when he wanted to.  He finally did.  Morgan slammed Storm into the turnbuckles.  Morgan began bragging but got a thumb in the eye.  Beer Money tried to work him over but Morgan hit a high cross bodyblock on both.  He continued browbeating Hernandez.  Hernandez tagged in and shoulderblocked Roode out of the ring.  Hernandez went for a dive but Morgan got in his way.  Storm attacked Hernandez from behind.  Roode returned to the ring and nailed him with a neckbreaker.

The crowd began chanting, "Morgan sucks."

Storm cinched in a rear chinlock.  Beer Money worked over Hernandez.  Hernandez went to the top but was crotched by Storm.  Beer Money nailed a double superplex into the ring.  Morgan continued to scream at Hernandez as Beer Money worked him over.  Hernandez caught Storm with a shoulderblock to the gut, then slingshot himself in the ring with another.  Hernandez crawled in for the tag and Morgan laid out Beer Money.

Morgan went for a chokeslam but was kneed in the gut by Roode.  Morgan responded with a clothesline.  Morgan tagged the obviously hurting Hernandez back in.  Hernandez hit his dive to the floor.  Morgan was pissed, saying Hernandez isn't going to win on the outside.  James Storm went to spit beer in Hernandez' face.  Hernandez ducked and Morgan was blinded.  Hernandez nailed a big powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Hernandez and Morgan!

Morgan killed his own partner with the Carbon Footprint after the bout and walked out with both Tag titles.

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