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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-12-13 22:45:11
Welcome to’s coverage of WWE’s inaugural TLC pay per view featuring matches that utilize tables, ladders, and chairs in different combinations.

We will be updating this page throughout the night so make sure to check back throughout the pay per view.

Thanks to the Eagles/Giants game, I will be filling in for your usual WWE pay per view correspondent, Buck Woodward who I am sure will be conversing throughout the night with Dave Scherer who is hoping for a different outcome. Also missing from potential contribution tonight is Raw Post Audio’s resident curmudgeon Mike ‘Son of Thatcher’ Epsenhart who will be back tomorrow night for the Slammy Award episode of Raw with Mike Johnson. Tonight’s post show coverage will be provided by Mike Johnson, at a minimum.

Tonight’s pay per view comes from San Antonio, Texas.

We begin with a video package showing the carnage that tables, ladders, and chair has caused over the years in the WWE.

Your announcers are Matt Striker, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole.

Match Number One: ECW Title Match: Christian versus Shelton Benjamin in a Ladder Match

They both look at the belt hanging above the ring as the match starts. They lock up and Benjamin backs Christian into the corner. They lock up again and Benjamin with a side head lock. Christian with a drop kick. Benjamin with a forearm off the turnbuckles after an Irish whip and then Benjamin with a kick and punch. Christian keeps Benjamin from going to the floor to get a ladder. Benjamin misses a dragon whip but Benjamin does not miss with a neck breaker. Benjamin goes to the floor to get a ladder, but Christian stops him and sends Benjamin into the barrier.

Christian takes a ladder but it is closed before he can bring it into the ring. Benjamin sends Christian into the ringside barrier. Christian is in the ring and he hits a double jump cross body to stop Benjamin from getting the ladder into the ring. Christian has the ladder in the ring and he sets it up under the ECW title belt. He climbs the ladder but Benjamin pulls him off. Christian punches Benjamin and Irish whips him. Benjamin lands on his feet on a monkey flip and Shelton climbs the ladder but Christian pulls him off again. Christian sends Benjamin to the floor again and he takes the ladder down but before he can throw the ladder onto Benjamin, Shelton trips Christian and the ladder falls on Christian, causing Christian to bleed.

They tend to Christian and the referee keeps Benjamin from going after Christian while he is being cared for. Benjamin climbs the ladder and Christian pulls him down as they fight on the floor. Christian sends Benjamin into the crowd and then Christian gets another ladder. They fight on the same ladder and Benjamin knocks Christian down. Benjamin with a cannonball onto Christian and both men are down.

Benjamin punches Christian and Christian falls into the ringside barrier. Benjamin rearranges the announce table and then Benjamin puts the ladder on the apron and the announce table. Christian tries to send Benjamin into the ladder but Benjamin slides under. Benjamin tries to catapult Christian into the ladder, but Christian pushes him away and Benjamin falls into another ladder.

They return to the ring and Christian sets a ladder in the corner and then he kicks Benjamin and punches him. Benjamin with an Irish whip that sends Christian face first into the ladder in the corner. Benjamin puts Christian between the ladder and turnbuckles and punches Christian. Benjamin tries for the Stinger Splash but Christian throws the ladder at Benjamin and Shelton is down. Christian sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and Benjamin pushes Christian off the ladder. Benjamin with the dragon whip.

Benjamin sends Christian head first into a ladder against the ropes. Shelton climbs the ladder but Christian brings him back to the mat with an inverted DDT. Christian has his hand on the ladder but he sees Benjamin on the turnbuckles and he tries to run the ladder into Benjamin. Benjamin climbs the ladder and he almost has it but Christian pushes Benjamin off but Benjamin holds on to the ladder and balances on the top rope. Benjamin with a clothesline from the ladder and Christian falls to the floor.

Benjamin picks up the large ladder and sets it up. Benjamin is within reach but Christian grabs Shelton and they fight on top of each other. Benjamin with a power slam from the top third of the ladder and both men are down again. Christian knocks over the ladder and sets one up in the corner. Benjamin with the Stinger Splash to Christian, who did not see Benjamin coming.

Benjamin is up top and he has the title belt. Christian pulls the ladder away but Benjamin has the title belt. Benjamin is not trying to pull the belt off the hook and Christian is able to get another ladder set up. Christian has the belt this time while there is no ladder to sit on. Benjamin grabs Christian and power bombs Christian into the ladder propped on the turnbuckles.

They each climb the larger ladder but Christian is closer to the belt. Benjamin punches Christian and then he thinks about a sunset flip power bomb but Benjamin takes too long to take Benjamin over and Christian with a rana. They fight to the apron and Benjamin tries for a German suplex onto the ladder between the apron and announce table. Christian with the pendulum kick and then Christian goes up top (because you already have your opponent incapacitated) and hits a splash onto the ladder and the ladder is bent into a ‘v’ shape.

Christian struggles to get to the ladder and he climbs it while Benjamin is down on the floor and Christian gets the title belt to win the match.
Winner: Christian

(Good opening match with a lot of moves that I have not seen before mixed in with the usual Shelton Benjamin in a ladder match spectacular action. A good start for the pay per view)

After the match, the medical staff checks on Benjamin while Christian celebrates in the ring. He takes a look at his opponent before leaving the ring.

The announcers talk about the Table, Ladders, and Chair Match for the Tag Titles later tonight. We have a video package from Monday’s handicap match when Big Show got involved.

Match Number Two: Intercontinental Title Match: John Morrison versus Drew McIntyre

They lock up and McIntyre backs Morrison into the turnbuckles and gives a clean break. Morrison works on the wrist but McIntyre with a forearm and he gets a near fall. McIntyre with an arm bar but Morrison with an arm drag and punch. Morrison with a European uppercut but McIntyre with an Irish whip. Morrison goes to the apron and he hits a shoulder followed by a head scissors. Morrison with a kick to the head for a near fall. McIntyre goes to the floor and Morrison is sent into the ring post and Morrison is down. McIntyre sends Morrison back into the ring and he gets a near fall. McIntyre sends Morrison into the turnbuckles and then he punches Morrison while the referee tries to keep McIntyre away from Morrison. McIntyre drapes Morrison over the apron and connects with a forearm. McIntyre with a short arm clothesline for a near fall.

Morrison returns to the arm bar and he ads a cross face. Morrison with forearms and kicks but McIntyre with a kick to stop Morrison. McIntyre with clotheslines in the corner and then he hits a suplex for a near fall. McIntyre returns to the arm bar. Morrison with a kick to McIntyre but McIntyre responds with a big boot and forearms across the chest and McIntyre gets a few near falls.

McIntyre returns to the arm bar as he works on Morrison’s back. Morrison punches McIntyre but McIntyre punches back. Morrison hits a DDT and both men are down. Morrison punches McIntyre and then he hits a clothesline and a leg lariat followed by a boot to the head for a near fall. Morrison goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. McIntyre with a kick to Morrison’s knee and Morrison limps a bit. McIntyre with a reverse wheelbarrow slam for a near fall. McIntyre slaps Morrison in the head but Morrison with a dropsault and McIntyre goes to the floor.

Morrison goes out to the floor after McIntyre but McIntyre punches Morrison. McIntyre misses a charge and goes into the ringside barrier. Morrison with a spin kick off the apron and both men are down. They get back into the ring and McIntyre misses a charge into the corner and hits the ring post with his shoulder. Morrison with the corkscrew split legged moonsault and McIntyre’s foot is under the rope so the referee stops the count. Morrison kicks McIntyre. McIntyre tries to send Morrison into the turnbuckles but Morrison stays on his feet. McIntyre hits Morrison in the eyes while the referee is distracted by John Morrison’s belt. McIntyre hits the double underhook DDT for the three count.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

(Good match and a solid follow up to the ladder match. Morrison was not hurt by losing because McIntyre used slightly nefarious means to win. It was a solid outing with a few awkward spots).

Vince McMahon congratulates Drew in the back for winning the Intercontinental Champion. Josh Mathews wants to talk to Vince but Vince suggests that Josh talk to Drew. Josh asks Drew if he is surprised that he won so quickly. Drew says that it was inevitable that he would win this quickly. Sheamus stops by and he admires Drew’s title belt. Sheamus says that it was pretty impressive, but Drew isn’t the only newcomer leaving TLC with gold.

Match Number Three: Women’s Title Match: Michelle McCool versus Mickie James

The bell rings and Michelle goes to the floor to avoid Mickie’s early aggression. They lock up and Mickie backs Michelle into the turnbuckles and then takes Michelle down but they maintain the collar and elbow tie up. They roll to the floor and Michelle is backed into the ringside barrier while Mickie is backed into the apron. They return to the ring while inches apart and stare each other down. They pull each other’s hair and then Mickie with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Mickie with a rollup and bridge for a near fall. Michelle with a forearm to the back and but Mickie tries for a crucifix take down but Michelle runs Mickie into the turnbuckles. Michelle with a knee to Mickie and a cover for a near fall. Michelle with a snap mare and knee to the back for a near fall.

Michelle with a chin lock and then she rubs Mickie’s face in the mat. Mickie with elbows to try to get out of the hold but Michelle works on the back. Michelle with a kick to the midsection. Michelle with knees to the back and then she insults Mickie but Mickie responds with forearms. Michelle with a back breaker for a near fall. Mickie with an inside cradle for a near fall. Michelle sends Mickie into the ring post and then Mickie goes to the floor. Michelle sends Mickie into the ringside barrier and then she returns to the ring for the referee to count. Michelle misses a charge into the ringside barrier when Mickie moves. Mickie with a head scissors and then a Thesz Press on the floor. Layla thinks about interfering before the competitors return to the ring.

Mickie with another Thesz Press. Michelle misses a clothesline but Mickie does not. Mickie hits another clothesline followed by a forearm. Michelle sends Mickie to the apron. Layla interferes and knocks Mickie off the turnbuckles. Mickie kicks Layla and Michelle knocks Layla off the apron. Mickie gets a near fall with a rollup. Michelle gets the three count after a big boot.
Winner: Michelle McCool

(This match was missing something because it was very choppy. Layla did nothing to help the match with her interference and actually took away from the match. Mickie and Michelle did not click in the ring tonight.)

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