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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-12-13 22:45:11
The announcers talk about the issues between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton and we have a video package.

Kofi is getting ready in the match and Ted and Cody stop by. They tell Kofi that they are not going to attack him because they are going to let Randy do it in the ring. Kofi says that Ted and Cody aren’t going to be psyched out by two side kicks. Ted and Cody say that Kofi has never been in a one-on-one match like this against someone like Randy. Ted says that Kofi is probably terrified. Kofi wonders why he is the one who is terrified when Randy sends his carrier pigeons instead of doing it himself.

Kofi walks in the back and he enters Randy Orton’s dressing room. Kofi says that he is looking forward to beating him down tonight.

Match Number Six: Rubber Match: Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton

Orton with a side head lock and take down. Kofi tries for a head scissors but Orton maintains the side head lock for a moment until Kofi is able to get the head scissors applied. Orton escapes and Kofi with a hammer lock but Orton reverses. They lock up and Orton misses a punch but he sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and kicks Kofi until the referee tells him to stop.

Kofi punches Orton but Orton with an Irish whip but he charges into boots from Kofi. Orton with a power slam for a near fall. Orton with a reverse chin lock. Kofi punches Orton and the referee pulls Kofi out of the corner. Kofi leaps into the corner and he punches Orton but Orton tries for a power bomb but Kofi counters with a sunset flip. Kofi with a side Russian leg sweep and he sets for the Boom Leg Drop but Orton goes to the floor. Orton avoids a baseball slide and Kofi goes up top for a cross body but Orton with a drop kick to Kofi and both men are down.

Orton rolls in and stops the count before returning to the floor. Orton drops Kofi onto the ringside barrier and then he brings Kofi back into the ringside area. Orton stomps on Kofi’s lower abdomen. Orton drops Kofi on the top rope as he continues to work on the ribs and then Orton follows that with a leaping knee drop for a near fall. Orton methodically waits for Kofi to get back to his feet and he punches Kofi again. Orton with a kick to the midsection followed by a European uppercut. Kofi gets back to his feet and then Kofi with the SOS to Orton and both men are down.

Kofi gets a near fall. Kofi clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor and then Kofi with a suicide dive. They return to the ring and Kofi goes up top and he hits a cross body for a near fall. Kofi with chops to Orton followed by a discus chop and clothesline. Orton with an Irish whip but Kofi leaps from the turnbuckles for a clothesline and gets a near fall. Orton with a back breaker and then he waits for Kofi to get back to his feet. Orton tries for the RKO but Kofi with a drop kick and Kofi runs laps around Orton for the Boom Boom Leg Drop. Kofi tunes up the steel band and he hits Trouble in Paradise but Orton gets his hand on the ropes.

Orton falls to the floor and Kofi pulls Orton back into the ring. Orton with the IEDDT as he was playing a snake-like possum. Orton sees Kofi down and he thinks about a field goal kick. Kofi blocks it with his elbow. Orton with a divorce court to the injured arm. Orton does his RKO push ups as he waits for Kofi to get up. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise and Orton does not miss with the RKO and gets the three count.
Winner: Randy Orton

(This was an okay match and maintained the last few weeks of the feud, but did not live up to the build that should have happened after the Madison Square Garden situation. There was some good action in the match, especially with Kofi blocking the field goal kick and Orton focusing on the arm. The pre-match situation with Rhodes and DiBiase was not good on both parts. They beat up Kofi before a Raw match but won’t do it at a pay per view when the stakes are higher? Then Kofi turns his back on Cody and Ted and they do nothing?)

Batista is in Teddy Long’s office and he tells Teddy that it was his fault that he lost and Teddy will make it right. Batista has a chair and he tells Teddy that he better make it right. He tells Teddy that the next time, he will not miss with the chair.

Match Number Seven: Unified Tag Title Match: Chris Jericho and Big Show versus Degeneration X in a Table, Ladders, and Chairs Match

Show pushes Hunter while Michaels punches Jericho. Michaels and Jericho lock up while Show and Hunter punch each other and Show with a head butt that sends Hunter to the floor. Show with an Irish whip that sends Hunter into the ringside barrier. Back in the ring, Michaels with a swinging neck breaker. Show misses a charge at Hunter and Show goes into the crowd. Jericho with a snap mare to Michaels. Hunter gets a table and sets it up against the ringside barrier. Michaels with a kick when Jericho charges at him. Show punches Hunter as they fight to a ladder and table. Michaels kicks Jericho to the apron and then he sends Jericho to the floor. Michaels chops Jericho while Hunter and Show fight in the crowd.

Jericho sends Michaels into the ring post and then Jericho moves a table and he tries to suplex Michaels through the table. Michaels tries to send Jericho through the table but Michaels with a chop and then he sends Jericho back into the ring. Michaels with the flying forearm and kip up. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Michaels escapes and then he hits a reverse atomic drop and chop. Michaels with a slam and then he goes up top for the elbow drop but Jericho gets his knees up and Michaels goes to the floor. Jericho brings the ladder to the ring as we see Hunter send Show into the Titantron. Jericho runs with a chair but Hunter with a kick. Hunter tries for a pedigree on the stage but Jericho with a back body drop. Michaels stops by for a second and he gets punched before Michaels goes to the back. Show holds Hunter and Michaels returns with a chair and we have a rehash of the Tanaka/Awesome chair fights. Michaels hits Show and Jericho with the chair and then Show stops Michaels.

Show walks to the ring and he is followed by Jericho. Jericho enters the ring while he waits for Show to bring the ladder into the ring. Hunter and Shawn recover in time to stop the ladder from getting into the ring. Hunter punches Jericho as Michaels brings the ladder into the ring. Hunter punches Jericho in the corner. Hunter sets up the ladder but thinks that it would be better to run it into Jericho’s chest.

Michaels slams Jericho and then they hit a double suplex of the ladder onto Jericho. They then use the ladder to knock Show down. Hunter and Shawn set up the ladder and Show takes care of Hunter and then pulls Michaels off the ladder. Hunter punches Show but Show punches back. Jericho brings another ladder into the ring and he drops Michaels on the ladder. Jericho with a baseball slide into the ladder and the momentum sends Michaels into the ring post. Show takes the ladder out of the equation. Jericho bulldogs Hunter onto the ladder. Jericho punches Michaels off the apron as Show sets up the ladder in the corner. Jericho punches Hunter and Jericho with an Irish whip into the ladder. Show runs Hunter into the ladder and then they put Hunter in the ladder of woe. Michaels chops Show and Show Irish whips Shawn onto the ladder and Michaels does the Michaels flip. Show with a splash onto Hunter and Hunter crumbles to the mat.

Hunter reverses an Irish whip and Jericho flips off the ladder to the floor. Show misses a splash and then Hunter with punches. Hunter with a face buster and then he takes the ladder and hits Show in the head. Jericho falls victim to the ladder when Hunter throws it onto him. Hunter blocks a choke slam and counters with a DDT. Michaels with a vintage elbow drop to Show. Shawn tunes up the band and Jericho avoids Sweet Chin Music. Jericho hits the Codebreaker and Shawn goes to the floor. Hunter with a spinebuster to Jericho but Show with a spear to Hunter.

Show sets up the ladder and he climbs it gingerly but Hunter has a chair and he hits Show in the back. Show punches the chair into Hunter’s face and Hunter is down and crawls away. Show tries to climb again and Shawn and Hunter push Show off the ladder. Hunter and Shawn with a spike pedigree and Show falls to the floor.

Shawn sets up a ladder and he climbs but Jericho pushes Shawn off and he lands on Show. Jericho climbs the ladder and Hunter returns to the ring and he grabs Jericho’s leg. The belts sway above Jericho as he tries to keep Hunter at bay. Hunter with a power bomb to Jericho and both men are down.

Hunter climbs the ladder but Show returns to the ring and he choke slams Hunter from the ladder. Show breaks the ladder and throws it out of the ring. Show punches Hunter in the abdomen and follows it with a head butt. Show with a slam while Jericho brings a new ladder into the ring. Show hip tosses Michaels back into the ring. Jericho puts Hunter and Michaels into the middle of the ladder while Jericho uses the chair on the ladder. Show drops the ladder onto Shawn and Hunter and then he breaks it in half. Show picks up Michaels and he runs Michaels and Hunter through the table on the floor. Jericho gets on Show’s shoulders and then he tries to figure out how to get the belts. Shawn and Hunter return to the ring and Show gets super kicked and Jericho falls out of the ring and off the table. Shawn with another super kick and then they use the ladder edge to send Show over the top rope to the floor.

Hunter holds the side of the ladder and Michaels climbs it and he gets the title belts to win.
Winners: Degeneration X

Shawn and Hunter celebrate in the ring as we go to credits.

(I thought this match was okay but it did not feel like a main event. There were some interesting spots during the match but it felt like an X Division match where everyone had to get in their ‘signature’ moves with no regard for what they had done to their bodies during the match. I liked the spot with the super kick while Jericho was on Show’s shoulders, except for seeing Jericho bounce off the edge of the table. I had hoped to see that type of spot during the tag team Ultimate X match in TNA and it looked unique. The worst thing about Jericho losing is that he is no longer on Raw, and forcing the split of the tag team because Show is a member of the Raw brand [unless they have voted him off the island after turning on the team at Bragging Rights])

(- Overall, I would say that this was a good pay per view that started off a lot stronger than it finished. I thought the best match of the night was the ECW Title match.
- The surprise of seeing Sheamus win was good, but I hope they do something with it tomorrow night on Raw and don’t make this a 24 hour title reign. Maybe they can give someone else the title match at the Royal Rumble instead of the usual suspects so it adds star power to the Rumble match.
- I was a bit disappointed with the Orton/Kingston match but it was still a decent match but I think it hurt Kofi more by having him lose.
- I think Morrison has moved into the title picture for the Smackdown brand with his performance against Drew McIntyre. I thought the best thing for McIntyre was to have Vince McMahon suggest that Josh interview Drew after his win than to ask Vince any questions.
- They need to be consistent with the ‘he used a low blow so the match needs to continue’ rule. Use it for every match or don’t use it at all.)

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