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By Buck Woodward on 2009-10-04 22:50:05

Welcome to our coverage of WWE's Hell In A Cell PPV.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening, so check back often for results from the show.

The Hell In A Cell PPV opened, as you would expect, with a video package focusing on the three cell matches on the show.

The events leading to CM Punk vs. The Undertaker was shown, then the Hell In A Cell was lowered.  Then CM Punk entered, then Undertaker made his entrance.  Yep, Undertaker is opening a PPV.  Oh, and we're 15 minutes into the show, and a match hasn't started yet. 

World Champion CM Punk vs. The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match.

Undertaker tried to back Punk in a corner at the start, but Punk threw some right hands.  Undertaker begged him to throw more, and Punk ran out of the ring.  Punk went back into the ring as Taker went out after him, but Undertaker pulled him out and started throwing him into the steel mesh walls of the Cell.  Undertaker hit a body punch and headbutted Punk.  Punk tried to fight back, but Taker rammed him into a support beam on the Cell.  Punk got on the apron, but Undertaker kicked him off, into the Cell wall.  Punk crawled under the ring and out the other side, then dropkicked the ringsteps into Undertaker's knees as he was coming around after him.  

Punk stomped Undertaker's leg, and there were dueling chants for Undertaker and Punk.  Punk went to pull Taker's leg into the ringpost, but Undertaker kicked him away.  On the ring apron, Punk hit a jumping knee, then Punk went for a bulldog off the apron, but Taker threw him into the Cell wall.  Undertaker, selling the leg, hit the ring apron legdrop with the good leg.  Undertaker was slow getting back in the ring, and Punk kicked Taker back to the floor.  Punk then dove out of the ring and hit a tope, sending Undertaker backwards into the steel mesh.  In the ring, Punk traded shots with the Undertaker, then Undertaker went for Snake Eyes, but Punk floated over, only to be caught with a boot to the face.  Undertaker scored a two count with a legdrop.  Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Punk kicked his leg out.  Punk went for a GTS, but Taker slid out of it and scooped up Punk for a tombstone, but Punk floated out and kicked out Taker's bad leg. 

Punk went under the ring and grabbed a chair, nailing Undertaker in the head with it.  Punk scored a two count.  Punk hit a running knee in the corner, but Undertaker grabbed him as he stood on the second rope and powerbombed him with the Last Ride for a two count.  Undertaker went for the Old School rope walk, but Punk pulled him off and hit a knee to the gut for a two count.  Punk covered him again for another two.  Punk went for a running chairshot, but Undertaker kicked the chair into Punk's face.  Undertaker hit a chokeslam, stumbled on his bad leg, and called for the tombstone.  Undertaker hit it and scored the pin at the eleven minute mark. 

Winner and new World Champion: The Undertaker. 

Undertaker limped as he left the ring, but held up the World Title belt on the stage before leaving. 

An ad for Breaking Point, emphasizing the Raw vs. Smackdown theme, was shown. 

Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler took Morrison to the mat, and they traded hammerlocks, with Morrison cradling Ziggler for a two count.  They went to the mat again, with Morrison grabbing a headlock and Ziggler rolling it into a pin attempt for two.  Ziggler kicked Morrison in the gut and hit a right hand, then pulled him to the mat with a side mare.  Ziggler hit a shoulderblock, and then the two ran the ropes, with Morrison hitting a dropkick after a leapfrog for two.  Morrison slammed Ziggler and hit a handstand legdrop for a two count.  Morrison applied a chinlock, but Ziggler got to his feet and hit Morrison in the neck. Ziggler applied a rear chinlock.  

Ziggler switched to a side headlock, and kept Morrison on the mat.  Morrison shoved it off and slid under Ziggler, tripping him to the mat.  Morrison hit a springboard bodypress for a two count.  Morrison hit a dropkick, then went for Starship Pain, but Ziggler rolled out of the way.  Ziggler dropped an elbow for a two count, then hit a dropkick for another two.  Ziggler applied a chinlock, then went into a reverse cravate.  Morrison turned into it and punched Ziggler in the body to break free.  Morrison slid under Ziggler and hit an uppercut, but then ran into a Ziggler powerslam for two. 

Ziggler hit a rolling necksnap, then stomped him and yelled "New Champion" before choking him against the bottom rope.  Ziggler kicked and punched Morrison, then rammed him head first into the mat by his hair.  Ziggler slammed Morrison and got another two count.  Ziggler hit a fireman's carry takedown and arrogantly yelled at Morrison to get up.  Ziggler hit a second takedown and got a two count.  Ziggler yelled at him to get up again.  Ziggler went for a slam, but Morrison floated around him and hit a DDT. 

They traded punches as they got up, with Morrison getting the better of it.  Morrison hit a clothesline and a leg lariat, then hit a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count.  Morrison went for a suplex, but Ziggler floated over and rolled him up for a two count, but the referee saw Ziggler grab the ropes for leverage.  As Ziggler argued, Morrison rolled him up for two.  Ziggler went for a sunset flip, Morrison rolled through and went for a knee, but Ziggler ducked it.  Ziggler hit a jawbreaker for a two count. Ziggler put Morrison on the middle rope for a superplex, but Morrison punched Ziggler to the mat. Morrison jumped off the top and Ziggler went to dropkick him, but Morrison grabbed the legs, landed on his feet, and gave Ziggler a catapult into the corner for a two count.  

Morrison went for the Flying Chuck kick, but Ziggler ducked it and hit a German suplex for a two count. Ziggler hit a Rocker Dropper for a two, and then yelled in frustration.  Ziggler charged Morrison and got kicked in the face.  Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Ziggler got up, grabbed Morrison and gave him a reverse slam to the mat for another two.  There was a slight "This is Awesome" chant.  Ziggler went for the Zig Zag, but Morrison grabbed the top rope and Ziggler crashed to the mat.  Morrison hit a running knee to the head, then Starship Pain for the pin at the sixteen minute mark. 

Winner: John Morrison.

Josh Mathews interviewed Batista and Rey Mysterio, with Batista insisting on introducing Mysterio.  Mathews talked to them about their 2005 tag team championship win, and trying to "recreate the magic" again.  Mysterio said Batista is like his "big brother" and he was there for him.  Mysterio talked about how Chris Jericho tried to take his mask and his pride, and tonight, he and Batista would take the tag titles from them.  Batista said they would be the next Unified tag team champions. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were shown in a skybox.  Michael Cole said the Turtles are 25.  So, how are they still teenagers?  A preview of their video game was shown (they're sponsoring the PPV, if you didn't know). 

A sign in the crowd says "Where's my ECW Title match?"

Divas Champion Mickie James vs. Alicia Fox.

They locked up and Mickie took Alicia to the mat, but Fox got back to her feet still in the lock up before breaking off.  They locked up again, and Fox grabbed an armwringer.  Mickie cartwheeled out of it and swept Fox's leg for a one count.  Mickie grabbed an arm wringer, and Fox went for a hiptoss, but Mickie blocked it and hit a monkey flip.  Mickie snapmared Fox and dropkicked her in the face for a two count.  Fox reversed a whip, but Mickie hit a kick to the gut and a neckbreaker.  Mickie went to the second rope, but Fox grabbed her leg and pulled her to the mat and scored a two count.  Fox applied a chinlock, then pulled her hair. 

Mickie hit a few shots to the gut, but Fox hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Fox posed before covering for a two, then applied a bodyscissors.  Fox hit some crossface shots and pulled her hair while keeping the hold on.  Mickie elbowed out of it.  Crowd is starting to chant "boring".  Mickie hit some forearms, then a clothesline.  Mickie hit a few more, then a rana out of the corner.  The crowd is just quiet now.  Mickie hit a Thesz press off the top rope, then went for a DDT, but Fox backed her in a corner.  Fox pulled out a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count.  Fox went for a ax kick, but Mickie avoided it and hit a nasty looking tornado DDT (nasty, as in Fox took it right on the top of her head) for the pin at the six minute mark.  They replayed the DDT a few times, and Fox left the ring on her own, so I guess she is okay.

Winner: Mickie James.

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