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By Buck Woodward on 2009-10-04 22:50:05

Josh Mathews interviewed R-Truth, and they showed clips of the brawls between the two.  Yes, they announced the match on Saturday, but they did put together a video package for them.  Truth said it was time for "the moment of truth" and that he had been disrespected by Drew McIntyre once too often.  Some in the crowd were giving his promo the "What?" treatment.  

R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre.

R-Truth did his full entrance, then McIntyre came out.  Drew grabbed a headlock at the bell, and took Truth to the mat.  Truth broke out and hit a dropkick, then split under a McIntyre shot and hit a sidekick.  Truth worked over McIntyre in the corner, but Drew fought back.  The referee separated them, and McIntyre hit a kick and then pounded Truth with fists.  Drew hit a clothesline for a two count, then applied a half-nelson with a chinlock.  Some fans chanted "boring" at the action.  Truth fought up and they collided on simultaneous bodypress attempts.  They got to their feet and Truth hit an ax kick for a two count.  Truth missed another kick attempt and McIntyre went for the double underhook DDT, but Truth pulled his legs out and rolled him up for a two count.  Truth went to stand on the middle rope and punch McIntyre, but Drew got under him and slammed Truth to the mat.  McIntyre hit Truth with a double underhook DDT for the pin at the five minute mark. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Backstage, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes went up to Randy Orton and said they would celebrate tonight after their wins.  Orton tried to put over the danger of Hell In A Cell.  Rhodes & DiBiase said they were prepared for the Cell, knew they could beat DX, and Rhodes accused Orton of "sounding like his old man".  Orton said Legacy should listen to him.  DiBiase said Orton shouldn't underestimate them.  Legacy walked off, and Orton stared at them. 

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger.

The Miz came out first, with a mic, and talked about how he was going to win the U.S. Title, but unfortunately he had to do it in New Jersey.  Jack Swagger came out second, then the champion.  Kofi fought off both challengers at the bell.  Kofi jumped on Swagger in a corner and then went back to Miz.  Swagger nailed Kofi with a clothesline to the back of the head.  Miz and Swagger stomped Kofi, and they hit him with a double back elbow.  They pounded down Kofi, then hit a double suplex.  Miz went for the cover, but Swagger pulled him off.  

Miz and Swagger went back to work on Kofi, who kicked away a double backdrop attempt and tried to roll up Miz, but got beat down by Miz and Swagger again.  Miz and Swagger whipped Kofi hard into the corner, and Miz told Swagger to whip him into Kofi for a clothesline.  Instead, Miz kicked Swagger in the gut, whipped him into the ropes and hit a clothesline.  Miz then clotheslined Kofi, hit hit Swagger with a top rope axhandle.  Miz gave Kofi a neckbreaker for a two count.  Miz went back and forth, kicking Swagger and Kofi.  Kofi reversed a whip, but Miz backdropped Kofi to the apron.  Kofi hit a shot, then went to the top rope.  Miz met him there and they battled.  Swagger got behind Miz for an Electric Chair, and Kofi dove off with a bodypress on Miz.  They all went to the mat, and Kofi got two counts on both men. 

Kofi and Swagger fought in a corner, then Swagger threw Kofi into Miz and followed with a belly to belly suplex.  Miz broke up the cover.  Swagger hit Miz with a shoulderblock and tied him to the Tree Of Woe.  Swagger did some pushups and trash talked Miz.  Swagger went to throw Kofi into Miz, but Kofi reversed it and Miz sat up, avoiding Swagger as he went into the corner.  Kofi gave Miz a back superplex.  Swagger went to break up the cover, with a reverse splash off the ropes, but Kofi moved and Swagger hit Miz.  Kofi rolled up Swagger for two, then went for his legdrop, but Miz broke it up.  Swagger got up and went to German suplex Miz, but Miz held the ropes to block it and Kofi hit Swagger with the Trouble In Paradise kick.  Miz hit Kofi with the Skull Crushing Finale, but Kofi kicked up at two.  Miz and Kofi went into a small package with Kofi on top, then Swagger went to break it up and rolled Miz on top by accident, but Kofi kicked out.  Swagger gave Miz the gutwrench powerbomb, and Kofi hit Swagger with the Trouble In Paradise kick and got the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

A video package on the main event was shown.  The Hell In A Cell was lowered again. 

DX vs. Legacy in a Hell In A Cell match.

Legacy attacked DX in the aisle as they were making their entrance. They battled all around ringside, outside the Cell.  Triple H threw DiBiase behind one of the announce tables, and DX double teamed Cody.  Triple H hit Cody with a video monitor.  Shawn Michaels cleared off the Smackdown table.  DX suplexed Cody onto the Smackdown table.  DiBiase got on the Raw table and jumped onto Triple H, then knocked down Michaels as well.  DiBiase threw HHH into the crowd, then suplexed him back over the barricade and onto the floor.  Michaels and Rhodes battled on the other side of the Cell, whipping Rhodes into the security wall.  

Triple H and DiBiase ended up deep in the crowd fighting.  Michaels and Rhodes fought in the crowd on the other side of the building.  Michaels backdropped Cody back to ringside.  Cody grabbed the chain used to lock the Cell shut and hit Michaels in the knee with it.  DiBiase and HHH were fighting on the stage now, and Rhodes ran up the aisle and nailed HHH with the chain.  Legacy gave Triple H a double DDT on the stage.  Rhodes and DiBiase picked HHH up and Rhodes gave him Crossroads on the stage.  

DiBiase and Rhodes went to ringside and attacked Michaels.  They stretched Michaels' leg across the doorway and slammed the Cell door on it twice.  Rhodes and DiBiase locked the Cell door shut, with them and Michaels inside.  Triple H was still down on the stage.  Michaels was thrown into the ring, and the bell rang after seven minutes of action. 

Rhodes and DiBiase stomped Michaels and then let him get up.  Michaels realized where Triple H was, and the fans chanted for HBK.  Legacy mauled Michaels, with DiBiase laying him out with a kick to the head.  Legacy went to work on Michaels' knee, slamming it into the mat and giving it shinbusters.  Michaels hit an enzugiri on Rhodes, and avoided a DiBiase elbow, but Legacy went right back on the attack.  Rhodes slammed Michaels leg into the ringpost, and gave him a catapult into the Cell wall.  Triple H got to ringside, but couldn't get into the Cell.  Michaels mounted a comeback by himself, hitting DiBiase with a superkick, but Rhodes took him back down.  Rhodes hit Michaels with a chairshot to the back.  Triple H tried to use a chair to break the lock on the chain, while DiBiase mocked him.  Rhodes and DiBiase took turns powerbombing Michaels into the cage.  Michaels crumbled to the floor, and Legacy yelled at Triple H "What are you going to do?"  Triple H walked up the aisle and left. 

Legacy pounded Michaels saying "Your partner has left you" and ramming him into the steel repeatedly.  At one point, DiBiase picked up Michaels and went back and forth between the ringpost and the corner of the cage, ramming Michaels' back into it.  They put Michaels back in the ring and continued to trash talk him.  Michaels mounted another comeback with two punches, but DiBiase laid him out with a clothesline.  DiBiase said "Let's finish this now" and Rhodes held up Michaels and put a chair in front of his face.  DiBiase dropkicked the chair into Michaels.  Legacy mocked the DX pose.  

Legacy pulled Shawn Michaels in a corner and Rhodes applied the ringpost figure four leglock and DiBiase put on the Million Dollar Dream, the same moves they used to win last month.  Triple H ran out with a bolt cutter.  Back in the ring, DiBiase gave Michaels Dreamstreet into a chair.  Not sure why they released the submission holds.  Triple H got into the ring and cleaned house on both members of Legacy, including a spinebuster on a chair on Cody.  Triple H went for a Pedigree on Rhodes, but DiBiase broke it up.  Michaels backdropped DiBiase from the ring.  A referee came out with a new chain to lock the door, but Triple H grabbed it and hit DiBiase with it.  

Triple H gave DiBiase a Pedigree on the floor. DX threw DiBiase out of the Cell, then locked the door shut.  The bolt cutters Triple H brought out were in the Cell with them.  In the ring, Triple H gave Cody a spinebuster, then they put a chair around Cody's neck.  Shawn Michaels gave Cody a top rope elbowdrop, closing the chair on his throat.  Triple H pulled out a sledgehammer.  DiBiase was up, but couldn't get in.  Triple H hit Rhodes with the sledgehammer at the same time Michaels superkicked him.  Michaels pinned Rhodes at the 26 minute mark (including the pre-match brawl).

Winners: DX

DiBiase rushed in as the cage was raised, and Michaels hit him with a superkick as well. DX posed to end the show. Subscribers can enjoy Hell In A Cell coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and hear the exclusive post-game show, in addition to access to hours of audio content every week.  You can become a become a Subscriber by clicking here.

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