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By Mike Johnson on 2009-09-20 22:52:00
Welcome to's live coverage of the 2009 TNA No Surrender PPV from Orlando, Florida.  With TNA's new creative team in place, it should be interesting to see the direction the company takes from here on in.  Here we go.

Taz and Mike Tenay are your announcers, their first TNA PPV together.  They welcomed us to the PPV and immediately discussed how each Knockouts tandem made it to the finals of the Tag Team championship tournament.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Tournament Final: The Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Taylor Wilde

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky are The Beautiful People.  Mike Tenay said Angelina Love was gone due to "business issues" and broke out the "best in her future endeavors" line.  They treated it like it was perfect timing for Rayne to reunite with the BP on Impact this last Thursday.

Earl Hebner came out and threw Slick Johnson out of officiating the match since he was obviously biased.  I liked that twist.

Sarita and Velvet started with Sky kicking out of several near pinfall attempts.  Rayne broke up the last one.  Wilde and Sarita nailed a double elbow.  Sarita flipped Wilde backwards onto Sky for a two count.  Sarita and Wilde tagged in and out, working over Rayne.  Rayne avoided a kick and slammed Sarita to the mat, head first by grabbing her hair.  The BP crossed Sarita's arms and slammed her back.  Sky began working over Sarita, flipping her to the mat by her hair.

Sky used an inverted curb stomp on Sarita's face.  Rayne tagged in and hit a swinging neckbreaker on Sarita.  Sarita finally came back with a float-over DDT.  Wilde made the hot tag and dropkicking Sky.  Sarita dropkicked Rayne, allowing Wilde to hit a German suplex and score the pin.

Your winner and first TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions, Sarita & Taylor Wilde!

Decent opener but probably too short for a match designed to introduce new belts.  There were a few moments where they had some slight miscues and that hurt the bout. They were trying to push Wilde and Sarita as the female version of the Rock N' Roll Express.

Tenay and Taz ran down the lineup for the rest of the card. 

Lauren caught the new champs backstage.  Wilde said that she knew they would win the belts.  Sarita cut a promo saying she's had hundreds of tag team matches and that no one worked better with her more than Taylor.  She then cut a quick promo in Spanish about being champs. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed The World Elite and Eric Young.  Young was in a suit, even though he was scheduled to wrestle next.  They did a gimmick where Young wouldn't respond to Borash until Kiyoshi "translated."  Young said that Hernandez knows what it's like to be an outsider and they cared about him.  He promised Hernandez would join them tonight.  Homicide said if Hernandez didn't join them, it would be his blood on his hands.  Young said he wasn't dressed to wrestle because he wanted to prove to Hernandez he was there for him.  He said if Hernandez raised his hands to him, he would take it to prove himself to Hernandez.

Hernandez vs. Eric Young

Young came out alone wearing his suit.  An angry Hernandez came to the ring and forearmed Young.  He clotheslined him, then shoulderblocked Young, who took a bump over the ropes to the floor.  Hernandez tossed him back in the ring, then nailed a headbutt to the chest.  He picked up Young and nailed the Border Toss, then pinned him.  Total squash.  Hernandez walked out, looking furious.

This was perfect for what it was designed to do - make Hernandez look like a pissed off monster while getting over Young's new character.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Matt Morgan.  Borash said it would be every man for himself tonight in the TNA championship bout.  Morgan said tonight, the mystery was over and there were no more fun, games or head games.  He promised unadulterated violence.  Morgan said that with all due respect to Sting and AJ Styles, this was about him and Kurt Angle.  He said they were both bred to compete and tonight, it was what the world was waiting to see - Morgan vs. Angle.  He said that he can feel the burn in his hand from the torch he is going to rip out of Kurt Angle's hand.  He promised the future is now.  Good promo.

TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

Some fans tried to start an "X-Division" chant early.  Daniels opened up with dropkicks and chops early but they had no effect.   Joe drilled him, then began working him over with punches in the corner.  Daniels was put on the top for an attempted muscle buster but fought Joe off, then hit a rana off the top.  Joe went to the floor, where Daniels hit a dive through the ropes on him.

Back in the ring, Daniels took Joe down and dropped a kneedrop across the back of the head.  He attempted to get a pin but Joe kicked up at two.  Daniels nailed Joe with several punches but was shoved off.  Daniels returned and knocked Joe out of the corner.  He came off the middle rope but was caught in mid-air with an uranage.  Joe drills him with several knees for a two count.

They were comparing Samoa Joe to Bobby Lashley as a hybrid athlete since Joe has a MMA background as well.  Joe locked in a nerve hold.  Daniels battles to his feet and rebounds off the ropes but is caught with a powerslam for a two count.  Fans began the back and forth chanting.  Daniels returned to his feet and they traded chops and strikes.  Daniels nailed Joe with a leg lariat off the ropes.  He bulldogged Joe out of the corner, then hit an Alabama Jam off the top.  Joe rolled out of the ring.   Daniels hit an Arabian Press off the ropes onto Joe.

Daniels had a hard time getting Joe back into the ring, but it turned out to be Joe playing dead.  He slammed Daniels into the ringpost and the ring steps.   Daniels climbed up to the ring apron and Joe charged him and clipped Daniels' left knee from behind.  Back in the ring, Joe grabbed Daniels and dropped him down knee-first.  Taz called it a kneebuster and the announcers agreed they had never seen such a thing before.  Daniels, who had one of his knees taped, began grabbing at the knee.  Joe locked a leglock on Daniels' knee, but Daniels made it to the ropes.

Joe powerbombed Daniels for a two count.  When Daniels kicked out, Joe used the momentum to turn him into a STF in the center of the ring.  Joe then turned it into a Boston Crab.  Daniels made it back to his feet.  Joe nailed him with several kicks to the legs.  Daniels caught him with a neckbreaker.  Both men fought to their feet.  Daniels caught him with a clothesline and a spinkick.  Daniels charged Joe and ducked a kick.  He went to the top and nailed a clothesline for a two count.

Daniels hit a codebreaker to Joe's face for a two count.  Daniels went for a back suplex but Joe was too heavy.  Joe caught Daniels hit a half-nelson Tazplex for a two count.  Daniels came back with a STO and the Best Moonsault Ever.  Daniels' knee hindered him and Joe nailed him with a kick.  Joe went for a muscle buster but Daniels escaped and tried for Angel's wings.  Daniels went for the Kokina Clutch but Joe locked in a Tazmission in the center of the ring.  Daniels fought for the ropes but finally tapped out.

Your winner and still X-Division champ, Samoa Joe!

Real good match.  This may have been the best Joe match in awhile and it was nice to see them given some time as he and Daniels have always worked well together.  They told a nice story around Joe going after Daniels' knee.  I liked the fact there was a clean finish as well.  I'm hoping we'll see more of these two.  It never gets old.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Mick Foley.  Foley was angry someone had smashed a picture of himself and Jeremy Borash.  Borash said he can get another copy.  Foley said that it was special and you can't just recreate it.  He said it would be like taking a few Mick Foley mannerisms and acting like you are a new hardcore legend.  That had to be a shot at Abyss.  Foley said he would be looking into the person responsible (who I am going to predict was Foley himself) after he announces Abyss vs. Kevin Nash later.

The storyline is that due to fan outcry after Impact, they added the Falls Count Anywhere.

Lauren interviewed D'Angelo Dinero backstage.  He tried to claim that as the Pope, TNA can't tell him what to do.  He got all worked up, so he said he needed to re-energize.  He took a sip of Stacker 2 energy drink (sponsor of the PPV) as Suicide snuck from behind and attacked him...

Suicide vs. D'Angelo Dinero - Falls Count Anywhere

The referee ran backstage.  They were brawling outside the Soundstage.  Dinero put Suicide on boxes used for production equipment, then hit an elbow off a higher position.  Suicide made a come back and small packaged him on the ground for a two count.  Suicide slammed his head into a vise outside.  Dinero put Suicide in a chair and drilled him with a series of rights.

Dinero went for a headbutt but Suicide nailed him and backdropped him into a dumpster.  He covered Dinero for a two count.  Suicide dumped the dumpster over.  They battled near a small crane.  Dinero found a golfcart backstage and began driving it backwards.  Suicide avoided it.  Dinero charged him with it, but Suicide grabbed him and dragged him off.  They continued to battle outside.  Dinero tried to climb a fence and got de-pantsed with a full moon for the audience.  Suicide pulled him down and covered him for a two.  Taz said it was like calling a Ric Flair match.

Suicide dragged him around and put him on a wheeled cart, then splashed him.  Suicide followed Dinero back into the Impact Zone.  As Suicide followed, Dinero nailed him with a water bottle.  He grabbed the timekeeper's bell and rang it over Suicide's head.   He went to slam Suicide's head into the ring but it was blocked and Dinero was tossed into the ring.

Suicide nailed a springboard dropkick for a two count.  Dinero went to the floor.  Suicide hit a slingshot dive to the floor.  Dinero made his way back to the ring as Suicide went for a table.  Dinero went for a kick through the ropes but the table messed up the continuity.  He then kicked the table and Suicide.  Dinero set up the table near the entrance ramp.   Dinero suplexed Suicide on the ramp for a two count.    He dragged Suicide over towards the table and attempted a suplex.  Suicide escaped and they battled to the stage.  Suicide nailed him for a two count on the stage.

They continued to slug it out on the stage in front of one of the entrance.  Dinero teased something but was nailed with a dropkick on the stage.  Suicide went backstage and returned with another table.  He set the table up.  The battled  and Suicide tried to nail a running Death Valley Driver on the table.  Dinero escaped but was caught and Suicide nailed it on the stage.  Suicide put Dinero facefirst on the table and scaled the entrance set, standing above the tunnel for an entranceway.  He went for a legdrop but Dinero rolled off the table.  Suicide crashed through and scored the pin.

Your winner, D'Angelo Dinero!

I wasn't a fan of this one at all.  Watching this, all I could think of was all those hardcore matches in WCW and WWE that meant nothing in the long-run and how guys were doing dangerous things. The stuff with the car was indeed dangerous and added nothing to the bout.  I didn't care for the leap off the entrance either, but at least you can say it was the finish.  These guys took a lot of brutal bumps and did a lot of dangerous stuff, so I certainly hope it's not ignored tomorrow by TNA. It has to mean something and fans have to buy that its done to hurt someone, not be a stunt show. They both worked really, really hard and I give them credit for it, but if they were going to do such a bout, I wish they had at least built to it instead of adding it with twenty minutes' notice to the fans. We'll know based on how TNA promotes the aftermath of this bout. Kudos to the wrestlers, but I felt they were put in a bad situation.

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