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By Buck Woodward on 2009-08-23 22:45:00

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Summerslam opened with DX putting shadow puppets over the opening video package, making fun of Legacy's image, then "breaking" the film, followed by a DX highlight reel, which also "broke" after a few moments. DX reminded is that they were back, and we went live to the Staples Center.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Mysterio was wearing an outfit and mask in Los Angeles Lakers colors.  Ziggler was not accompanied by Maria for the match.  Ziggler attacked Rey at the bell with forearms, but Rey returned fire with punches.  Ziggler hit a scoop powerslam for a two count, then cradled Rey for another two.  Ziggler threw punches and kicks in a corner, but Rey reversed a whip into a corner.  Ziggler went to throw Rey in the buckles, but Rey landed on the top rope and hit a moonsault on a standing Ziggler.  Rey avoided a charging Ziggler, and Dolph fell to the floor.  Rey hit a rana off the apron on Dolph on the floor, taking down a camera man as well. 

Rey tossed Ziggler back in, but Dolph attacked as Rey was climbing the ropes.  They fought on the ropes, but Rey headbutted Ziggler off.  Rey went for a rana, Ziggler dropped Rey to the mat, then lifted him and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles for two.  Ziggler mounted Rey and hit some punches, then got a two count before moving to a chinlock.  Rey elbowed out of it, but Ziggler hit a side slam for a two count.  Ziggler dropped an elbow for another two, then went back to the chinlock.  Rey fought out, but Ziggler hit a clothesline for another two, then lifted Rey in a fireman's carry and hit a gutbuster for two. Ziggler applied a body scissors and chinlock, but Rey fought out of it.  Dolph hit a knee to the head, then whipped him into a corner.  Ziggler missed a avalanche and Rey hit a springboard senton.  Ziggler came right back with a kick to the gut and a sunset flip, but Rey rolled through it and hit a kick to the chest for a two count.

Rey went for a springboard bodypress, but Ziggler dropkicked him as he came off the ropes for a two count.  Ziggler stomped Rey, then worked him over in a corner.  Rey leapfrogged Ziggler and went for a sunset flip, but Ziggler blocked it and hooked Rey's legs for a two count.  Ziggler hit a clothesline for another two. Ziggler threw Rey into a corner, then went for a back suplex, but Rey flipped over and hit an enzugiri.  Rey went for a 619, but Ziggler ducked it and sweep Rey's legs out from under him.  Ziggler hit a Rocker Dropper legdrop for a two count.  Ziggler went for a side slam, but Rey turned it into a sunset flip for a two count.  Rey hit a DDT for another two.   Rey kicked ZIggler into the ropes and hit the 619.  Mysterio went for a springboard splash, but Ziggler dodged it and rolled Rey for a two count.  Ziggler screamed in frustration after Rey kicked out.

Ziggler rammed Rey into a corner and pounded him with punches.  There were some fans chanting for Ziggler.  Ziggler kicked Rey in the head as Rey went to climb the ropes.  Dolph got on the middle rope, pulled up Rey, and went for a gutbuster off the middle rope, but Rey reversed it into a rana for the pin at the 12 minute mark.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed MVP and Jack Swagger.  Swagger brought up that MVP was once in jail, and MVP cut a promo about how he paid for the decisions he made in life, and that he wasn't born with a silver spoon like Swagger was. 

MVP vs. Jack Swagger.

MVP went right at Swagger, who went for a backdrop, but MVP floated over into a sunset flip for two.  MVP dodged a charging Swagger and hit a clothesline and side slam.  Swagger rolled to the floor, and MVP hit a pescado.  MVP tossed Swagger back into the ring for a two count, then went MVP went to the second rope, Swagger swept his legs out from under him.  Swagger dropped MVP on the turnbuckles, then threw him into the ropes and drove a forearm into his back.  Swagger did it a second time, then choked MVP on the top rope.  Swagger went for a third, but MVP hit a back elbow.  Swagger grabbed MVP in an abdominal stretch. 

MVP struggled in the hold, then reversed out for a hiptoss, but couldn't get him over, and Swagger nailed a clothesline for a pair of two counts.  Swagger applied a camel clutch, but MVP stood up and dropped Swagger with an electric chair.  They were both slow to get up, and MVP hit a series of shots, decking Swagger.  MVP hit a kneelift, then went for the Ballin' elbowdrop, which he hit for a two count.  MVP went for the Playmaker, but Swagger blocked it and shoved MVP in a corner, then cradled him with a pull of the tights for a two count.  

Swagger rammed MVP into a corner, then went for a reverse splash off the ropes, but MVP got the knees up.  MVP hit a running kick to the head, then the Playmaker for the pin at the six minute mark. 

Winner: MVP.

Luke Perry was shown in the crowd.  No, he wasn't selling popcorn either. It was to show how WWE attracts celebrities.  This led to a video package on the recent Raw guest hosts.  Back live, Nancy O'Dell was in the crowd with a mic, and plugged and her upcoming Raw appearance.  She then interviewed Freddie Prinze Jr., who said he would "be back" at some point to settle things with Randy Orton.  Nancy joked that she wanted to see Prinze in spandex.  Prinze said Cena would take care of Orton tonight. 

Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho vs. Cryme Tyme.

Jericho and Show have new theme music, still a mix of their old music, but actually put together as a song, not just cuts between the two old themes.  Chris Jericho cut a promo about how he and Show are "above celebrities" and that they are the most famous people in the building tonight.  Jericho turned the mic over to Show, but before he could talk, Cryme Tyme's music hit. 

JTG and Jericho started off, with Jericho grabbing a headlock and hitting a shoulderblock.  JTG leapfrogged Jericho and hit a back elbow for a two count, then a blockbuster for another two count.  Jericho cradled JTG, and went right into a Walls Of Jericho attempt.  Jericho threw JTG into the corner with a catapult, but he landed on the middle rope and jumped off with a leg lariat on Jericho for a two count.  Jericho nailed JTG with a right hand after getting a break on the ropes and tagged in Big Show.  Show chopped JTG and put him in a headlock.  Show punched JTG in the gut, then chopped him in the corner.  Show charged JTG, running into a kick. 

Shad tagged in and hit Big Show with some clotheslines, but couldn't knock him down.  Show reversed a whip and went for an avalanche, but Shad dodged it.  Jericho ran in, and Shad gave him a press slam.  Show speared Shad, then stood on his head.  Show chopped Shad, then held him so Jericho could hit a series of forearms.  Jericho bounced off the ropes, but Shad caught him with a boot.  Jericho knocked JTG off the apron, then pushed Shad into his corner while the referee kept JTG out of the ring.  Big Show tagged in and put Shad in a full nelson.  Show threw Shad to the mat, then tagged in Jericho, who missed an elbowdrop.  Jericho stopped Shad from making a tag and put him in a sleeper. 

Shad got to his feet, and powerslammed Jericho.  Shad made the tag, and JTG hit Jericho with shoulderblocks and a facebuster.  JTG pulled Show throat first across the top rope as well, but Show didn't go down.  JTG hit Jericho with a Slingblade clothesline.  Big Show broke up the cover.  Shad ran in and clotheslinesd Show over the top rope, taking them both to the floor.  JTG rolled up Jericho for two, then Jericho grabbed his legs and hooked in the Walls Of Jericho.  JTG struggled in the hold, but made the ropes.  Big Show, from the floor, punched out JTG with one shot.  Chris Jericho got the pin at the eleven minute mark.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Big Show.

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