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By Buck Woodward on 2009-08-23 22:45:00

DirectTV decided to drop my feed for a moment, so Mike Johnson tags in: 

Josh Matthews interviewed former World champion CM Punk backstage.  He asked Punk for his thoughts going into the TLC bout.  Punk said he wanted to talk about that but instead a friend gave him a copy of a screenplay called "The Jeff Hardy Story" and in it, the story is about Hardy overcoming his demons and defeating Punk tonight.  Punk said that it's a great feel good story but it's not reality.  He said just like Los Angeles, it's a fake world.  Punk went on about people idolizing the hip cool stars instead of trying to better themselves, even though it doesn't matter how bad reality is, because it's "cool."   Punk said he's been accused of being preachy, but he's just telling the truth and Hollywood doesn't want to show his truth, because its real.  Punk said he was going to re-write the end of the screenplay and that will be the new World champion, CM Punk.

And DirecTV has decided it's viewers need to see the next match, so I am back. Damn you, DirecTV! 

The Great Khali vs. Kane.

As Kane made his entrance, they reviewed the history leading to this match.  Runjin Singh accompanied Khali to the ring.  Khali muscled Kane into a corner at the start, but Kane came back with punches.  Kane went to the floor and pulled Khali throat first across the top rope.  Kane got back in the ring and Khali clotheslined him, but missed a legdrop.  Kane dropkicked the seated Khali, then hit three elbowdrops.  Kane called for the chokeslam.  Khali broke Kane's grip and went for his own chokeslam, but Kane broke free.  Khali hit a clothesline and an elbowdrop for two.  Kane threw forearms at Kane's head for a one count.  Khali rammed Kane in a corner, then hit a clothesline.  

Khali hit a chop on Kane in a corner, but Kane came back with a kick.  Kane went to the top rope and hit a clothesline for a two count.  Kane put Khali in a chinlock.  For a second, DirecTV lost the feed again.  But, unfortunately, it came back.  Khali got out of the chinlock, hit a big boot, and then a chop to the head for a two count.  Khali grabbed Kane in the Vice Grip, but Kane made the ropes.  Khali broke the hold, and Kane grabbed Singh at ringside and pulled him into the ring.  Kane let him go, and then dropkicked Khali in the leg as he was making sure his brother got out of the ring.  Kane hit a DDT for a three count at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Kane.

They showed Vince McMahon's star on the Walk Of Fame. They then showed Maria Menounos of the Today Show in the crowd, then Robert Patrick from Terminator 2, and Slash from Velvet Revolver. 

The history leading to DX vs. Legacy was shown. 

Triple H & Shawn Michaels vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.

DX entered on a tank that shot fireworks out of the cannon. They did the classic DX mic work as well, with Triple H adding that since Rhodes & DiBiase wanted a "war" they were going to get one.  HHH started off with DiBiase, locking up and then HHH decking him with a right hand.  HHH grabbed a headlock, but DiBiase worked him over with punches in a corner until the referee broke them up.  Triple H then hit a barrage of punches and a clothesline when DiBiase went for an Irish whip.  Triple H hit a vertical suplex, then did a crotch chop before a kneedrop for a two count.  DiBiase kicked away a backdrop and tagged in Rhodes, who got hit by a jumping knee by Triple H.  Cody got to his feet and slapped HBK on the apron.  Rhodes said he wanted Michaels, and the fans chanted for HHH to make the tag, which he did. 

Michaels and Rhodes locked up, and Michaels grabbed a headlock.  HBK hit a shoulderblock, then Cody leapfrogged him.  Cody went for a second, which Michaels avoided, then Cody ducked a punch by Michaels and hit a slap.  They brawled, with Cody getting the better of it.  Michaels reversed a whip and hit a Thesz Press and a series of punches.  Michaels then hit a slap, and teased a superkick, but Rhodes exited the ring.  HHH tossed him back in, and Michaels went for it again, but Cody rolled out the other side of the ring and regrouped with DiBiase on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Michaels hit Cody with a drop toe hold and put him in a headlock.  Cody used a back suplex to escape and tagged DiBiase, who missed an elbowdrop.  Michaels rammed DiBiase in a corner and hit a chop, but DiBiase took Michaels down and hit some right hands.  Rhodes tagged in and stomped Michaels, then slammed him.  Cody hit a kneedrop on Michaels for a two count, then tagged in DiBiase, who hit an elbowdrop for a two count.  Michaels came back with a neckbreaker on DiBiase and tagged HHH.  HHH came in and hit DiBiase with right hands.  Cody kicked HHH from the apron, but HHH pulled Cody into the ring and decked him.  This allowed DiBiase to catapult HHH in a corner, but HHH came back with a clothesline.  

HHH gave both members of Legacy a spinebuster.  HHH went for the Pedigree on DiBiase, but Rhodes broke it up.  Michaels sent Rhodes to the floor. Triple H backdropped Michaels out of the ring and into Rhodes. DiBiase kicked Triple H low, as the referee was looking at Michaels and Rhodes on the floor.  DiBiase tagged Rhodes, who stomped HHH.  Legacy kept tagging in and out, stomping HHH in their corner.  DiBiase covered HHH for a two count, then stood over him and delivered right hands.  DiBiase put HHH in a chinlock, but Triple H fought up and hit a back suplex.  Rhodes tagged in and gave HHH a DDT before he could make a tag.  Rhodes went for a jackknife cover and got another two count.  Rhodes then applied a front facelock. Triple H backdropped out of it, but DiBiase tagged in and knocked Michaels off the apron to prevent a tag. 

DiBiase worked over Triple H in a corner, but Triple H returned fire.  They went back and forth with punches, then DiBiase hit a back elbow.  Triple H sidestepped a charging DiBiase and flung him over the top rope and to the floor.  Rhodes threw DiBiase back into the ring.  Rhodes tagged in, but Michaels got the hot tag.  Michaels hit Rhodes with punches, then a reverse atomic drop and a chop.  Michaels repeated the seqeunce, then hit a flying forearm.  Michaels kipped up, but DiBiase hit him from behind with a clothesline.  Triple H pulled DiBiase to the floor and flung him into the crowd.  In the ring, Rhodes went for a top rope elbow, but Michaels moved out of the way.  Michaels went to the top rope, but Rhodes crotched him.  They fought on the ropes, with Rhodes going for a superplex.  Michaels blocked it and knocked Rhodes to the mat.  Michaels went for the top rope elbow, but Rhodes got his knees up in Michaels' midsection and got a two count. 

Rhodes went for a tag, but DiBiase was still out in the crowd where Triple H had tossed him.  Michaels grabbed Rhodes and put him in a figure four leglock.  DiBiase got back in the ring and broke it up. Triple H grabbed DiBiase for a Pedigree, but Rhodes broke it up.  Rhodes gave Triple H a head driver.  Michaels went for a superkick, but Cody caught it.  Cody spun Michaels into DiBiase, and Michaels punched DiBiase.  Cody hit Michaels with Crossroads, but Triple H broke it up.  The referee was getting DiBiase out of the ring, and Triple H gave Cody a Pedigree.  As Triple H was getting out of the ring, DiBiase gave Michaels Dream Street.  Triple H tackled DiBiase out of the ring.  Triple H and DiBiase brawled out of the ring and over one of the ringside tables.  In the ring, Rhodes and Michaels slowly got up, leaning on each other as they got their feet back under themselves.  Just as they were standing, Michaels fired off a superkick for the pin at the twenty minute mark. 

Winners: Shawn Michaels & Triple H. 

They showed a commercial for the Wrestlemania special on NBC. 

ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal.

Regal was accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov.  The bell rang before Regal had taken off his ring robe.  Regal turned to take it off, and Christian grabbed Regal and hit the Killswitch for the pin. 

Winner: Christian.

Ezekiel and Kozlov attacked Christian and took turns slamming him down, and then Regal put Christian in the Regal Stretch.   Regal and his henchmen stood over the downed Christian, then walked off. 

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