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By Buck Woodward on 2009-07-26 22:50:18

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Welcome to's coverage of WWE Night Of Champions.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often.

The PPV opened with a great video package putting over the importance of a championship, followed by segments on the World and WWE Title matches.

Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & ??? vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler called this match.  DiBiase & Rhodes entered first, then Jericho.  The announcers noted that Jericho could select someone from any brand to defend the tag belts.  Jericho took the mic, and then said we would have a reminder of what happened to his former partner.  They showed a video package on Edge's injury and surgery, including his promo vowing to come back.  Back live, Jericho cut a promo on Edge, calling him injury prone and selfish.  Jericho said he now had a partner who is worthy to stand next to him.  Jericho then introduced his new partner, Big Show.  Big Show, wearing new ring gear, came out holding the tag belts. 

Big Show shoved Cody in a corner at the bell, but Rhodes avoided a chop.  Show backed him into the opposite corner though, and landed the chop.  Show flung Cody across the ring with a Beel throw, and Cody rolled to the floor.  Cody got on the apron and yanked Show throat first across the top rope, then tagged DiBiase.  Show easily downed DiBiase with a shoulderblock, then chopped him and tagged in Jericho.  Show whipped Jericho into an avalanche on DiBiase.  Jericho hit a back elbow, rammed DiBiase into Show's boot, then tagged him back in.  Show and Jericho worked over DiBiase, including Show slamming Jericho onto a downed DiBiase, which looked awkward.  Cody tagged in, but was elbowed by Show from the apron, allowing Jericho to roll him up for a two count.  DiBiase pulled down the ropes as Jericho went to bounce off, and Jericho went over the top and to the floor. 

Cody went out of the ring and rammed Jericho into the apron.  DiBiase and Rhodes hit Jericho with a legsweep/clothesline combo.  Rhodes worked over Jericho with a cravate, but Jericho came back with a sunset flip.  Cody looked like he wanted to tag before going over, but instead fell through the ropes in another awkward spot.  Jericho battled back, with some fans chanting for him, but DiBiase and Rhodes kept him in their corner and away from tagging Big Show.  Jericho and Rhodes exchanged forearms, and Rhodes hit a top rope moonsault on a standing Jericho for a two count.  Jericho came right back with an enzugiri, but Cody tagged DiBiase, who cut off Jericho from tagging Show.  Jericho rolled DiBiase into a small package for two, but DiBiase kicked out and hit a clothesline.  Jericho kicked away a backdrop, but DiBiase hit a powerslam.  DiBiase rolled Jericho with an armdrag and kicked Jericho in the face.  Jericho avoided a splash in the corner and went for the Walls Of Jericho, but DiBiase blocked it.  DiBiase went for Dream Street, but Jericho blocked it and applied the Walls.  Cody teased running in, getting Big Show to come into the ring and distract the referee.  This allowed Cody to break up the pin.  Jericho finally made a tag, and Big Show came in and teased chokeslamming both opponents, but Priceless pounded Big Show to break his grip. Jericho got Cody out of the ring and Show speared DiBiase, but Cody broke up the cover.  Cody dropkicked Show from behind, and DiBiase clipped his knee from the front.  However, Jericho ran in and gave DiBiase a Codebreaker, while Show swatted Cody from the ring.  Show put DiBiase in the Colossal Clutch for the submission at the ten minute mark. 

Winners: Big Show and Chris Jericho. 

CM Punk started to be interviewed backstage by Josh Mathews, but when he heard the crowd supporting Jeff Hardy, he took the mic and walked into the arena.  Punk stood in the crowd and said he didn't blame the fans for the way they support Jeff Hardy.  He blamed the single-parents, who give their kids whatever they want, because their marriages failed.  Punk said they weren't good parents, they were enablers.  Punk said parents letting their kids look up to Jeff Hardy shows they don't really care at all.  Punk said it "starts with a Jeff Hardy T-Shirt, then they're smoking cigarettes", drinking beer, using illicit street drugs, etc.  It was a great promo, but I wonder if a lot of it went over the heads of the fans. 

ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian.

Dreamer and Christian bumped knuckles at the start in a show of respect.   They locked up and went into a corner, then slapped each other on the break.  Dreamer hit a shoulderblock for a two count, then armdragged Christian.  Christian kipped up and flipped Dreamer to the mat.  Christian slid under Dreamer's legs, then hit a spin kick for a two count.  Dreamer reversed a whip into the corner and charged Christian, and when Christian went for the pendulum kick, Dreamer caught it and hit a neckbreaker off the ropes.  Christian came back with a forearm and a reverse elbow off the ropes.  Dreamer shoulderblocked Christian from the apron and teased suplexing him to the floor.  Christian slid to the outside and tripped Dreamer, sending him face first into the ring apron.  Christian hit a baseball slide kick, then went for a springboard bodypress, but Dreamer moved out of the way.  Dreamer hit a rolling senton off the ring apron, then rolled Christian into the ring for a two count.   

Dreamer powerslammed Christian for a two count.  Dreamer got on the second rope, but Christian pulled Dreamer off, sending him crashing to the mat.  Christian snapmared Dreamer and kicked him in the neck.  Christian went for a Killswitch, but Dreamer blocked it and went for a back suplex.  Christian floated over that and applied a sleeper, but Dreamer fell backwards to the mat to break it.  Christian got back on Dreamer with the sleeper, but Dreamer threw them both over the top rope to break the hold.  They got back into the ring and Christian went to the top rope, but Dreamer hit him as he came off, then delivered a clothesline and a flapjack for a two count.  Dreamer put Christian in the Tree Of Woe, then hit a baseball slide kick.  Dreamer went for a DDT, but Christian blocked it, only to be caught with a spinebuster.  Dreamer went for a pumphandle slam, but Christian floated over it and hit a DDT for two.  Christian went to the middle rope and hit a dropkick.  Christian went to the top rope for another, but Dreamer caught it and applied the Texas Cloverleaf.  Christian rolled under it and traded punches with Dreamer.  Dreamer hit a catapult, but Christian came back with a sunset flip off the ropes.  They traded reversals for two counts.  Dreamer missed a charge in the corner and Christian hit the Pendulum kick, then a top rope dropkick.  Christian went for the Killswitch, but Dreamer reversed it for a DDT, but Christian reversed it again and hit the Killswitch for the win at the eight minute mark. 

Winner and new ECW Champion: Christian.

Dreamer and Christian shook hands and embraced.  Dreamer then raised Christian's hand. 

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Big Show and Chris Jericho.  Show said they aren't friends, this is about business.  Jericho bragged about what a great choice he made, then proclaimed they would be better than the British Bulldogs, Road Warriors and all the other great teams.  Show said they have held 40 championships between the two of them.  They said they would be the most dominant team ever.  Jericho mockingly thanked Edge for making it possible. 

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Primo vs. MVP vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz.

Primo replaces Big Show in this match.  Carlito bailed out of the ring at the bell to avoid Primo, while everyone else went at it.  Lot's of pinfall attempts early.  Kofi and Carlito did a nice sequence that ended with them colliding. Kofi gave Primo a rana, right into a Swagger powerbomb, in a cool spot.  Swagger started throwing people out of the ring at one point.  MVP gave Swagger a belly to belly suplex and brawled with him to the floor.  Swagger threw MVP into a security wall.  Miz and Kofi ended up being the only two in the ring at one point.  Carlito hit a top rope dive on MVP on the floor.  Swagger got in with Kofi, while Miz was kicked to the floor.  Kofi hit a top rope dropkick on Swagger, then hit a double legdrop.  Miz broke up the cover, then nailed Kofi with a clothesline.  Miz hit a corner clothesline on Swagger.  Primo and Miz fought on the top rope, then Kofi joined him.  Swagger powerbombed Primo and Kofi while they superplexed Miz.  Carlito ran in and tried to get covers on the downed wrestlers, but only got a two count.  MVP went to work on Carlito, then Miz yanked him into the middle turnbuckle.  Carlito flipped over Primo on a suplex attempt, then they collided going for bodypresses.  Kofi mounted Swagger in a corner but got powerslammed.  MVP backdropped Miz to the floor, then bodypressed Swagger over the top rope.

This left Carlito in the ring with Kofi.  Kofi and Carlito traded reversals on cradles, then Primo got in on it and we had three wrestlers traded reversals.  Carlito held Kofi and told Primo to hit him, but before he could, Swagger tripped Primo.  Primo and Carlito got double clotheslines by Swagger, who then knocked Miz off the apron.  MVP caught Swagger with a facebuster on the knee, then called for the Ballin' elbowdrop, which he hit.  MVP went for the Playmaker, but as he hit it, Miz gave MVP a full nelson slam.  The Colons tossed MVP out of the ring, then Carlito gave Primo a Backstabber. Kofi then hit Carlito with the Trouble In Paradise kick for the win at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

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