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By Buck Woodward on 2009-07-26 22:50:18

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.  DiBiase and Rhodes cut a promo that it was more important that Randy Orton retained the WWE title, than it was that they didn't win the tag titles. 

They aired a video package on the events leading to the Intercontinental Title match. 

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler was accompanied by Maria, and sat at ringside.  They locked up, with neither getting an advantage.  Rey hit a dropkick, and both faced off again.  Rey then grabbed a quick rollup for two.  Ziggler grabbed a side headlock, then hit a pair of shoulderblocks for quick covers.  Dolph grabbed a rear chinlock, but Rey busted out and leapfrogged him.  Rey hit a headscissors takedown (sort of), then went for a rana, but Dolph blocked it, threw him in a corner, and took him down for a two count.  Dolph stomped him and whipped him hard into the corner.  Dolph put Rey back in a chinlock, kicking his legs up in the air to put more pressure on him.  Rey elbowed out of it, then gave Dolph a headscissors that sent him into the ringpost.  Rey hit a springboard senton, then a springboard bodypress, to score two counts.  Rey kicked Dolph, but Dolph came back with a side slam for a two count.  

Dolph went for a vertical suplex, but Rey floated over and ran Dolph out of the ring.  Rey jumped off the apron and hit a senton on the floor.  Rey went went to the top rope, but Dolph pulled him off into an Electric Chair.  Rey punched out of it, then Dolph went for a double underhook powerbomb, but Rey turned it into a rana, sending Dolph into 619 position.  Dolph got out of the way and threw Rey out of the ring.  Dolph tossed Rey back into the ring, then hit some forearm shots.  Dolph put Rey in a camel clutch, but Rey battled out of it.  Dolph came back with a powerslam for two, then dropped an elbowsmash for another two.  Dolph slapped Rey in the back of the head, and a fired up Rey hit some forearms.  Dolph grabbed a full nelson, and Rey struggled in the hold before stomping Dolph's leg to break out.  Ziggler grabbed the full nelson again, but Rey turned it into a victory roll and Dolph reversed it for two.  Dolph went for a sunset flip and Rey rolled through it and hit a dropkick.  Ziggler came back with a neckbreaker.  

Rey gave Ziggler a drop toe hold into the corner, then went to the top rope, but Ziggler gave him a drop kick as he came off for a two count.  Dolph charged Rey, and Rey kicked Ziggler's leg out from under him, sending him into the corner.  Rey put Ziggler on the top rope, and Rey went up to join him, but ended up being caught with a gut buster off the top by Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler went to slam Rey, but Rey floated over it and gave Ziggler an enzugiri.  Rey hit a 619 and a springboard splash for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. 

Winner: Rey Mysterio. 

The events leading to the main event were shown.

World Champion CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy.

Punk entered first, then Hardy, followed by the big fight introductions.  Punk kicked Hardy in the leg to start, then hit a second leg kick.  Punk said "What do you got?  What are you going to do to me?" then grabbed a side headlock.  Punk chain wrestled around Hardy, then shoved him away.  Punk applied a headlock again, then hit a shoulderblock when Hardy sent him into the ropes.  Hardy hit a leapfrog, but Punk grabbed him for a GTS.  Hardy floated out and hit a shoulderblock.  Hardy then put Punk in a corner with a series of shoulderblocks.  Punk came back with a sunset flip for two, then applied a rear chinlock.  Punk whipped Hardy into the ropes as he was battling out of the headlock, and Hardy went for a bodyblock, but Punk ducked and Hardy fell to the floor. 

Punk went for a tope, but Hardy moved and Punk crashed to the floor.  Hardy rolled Punk back into the ring for a two count.  Hardy hit a neckbreaker and went to the top rope.  Punk rolled out of the ring, and Hardy turned around and dove at Punk.  Punk moved and Hardy crashed into the security wall.  Punk encouraged the countout, but Hardy got back in at nine.  Punk covered Hardy for a one count, then kicked him in the back repeatedly.  Punk whipped Hardy hard into a corner, then went back to kicking him in the back.  Punk covered Hardy for a two count, then dropkicked him on the mat for another two.  Punk put Hardy in a bow and arrow, but Hardy broke out.  Punk kicked Hardy in the gut, then hit some forearms to the back. 

Punk put Hardy on the top rope for a superplex, but Hardy blocked it and hit a second rope gourdbuster.  Punk and Hardy slowly got up and traded shots, then Hardy hit a short arm clothesline and a pair of forearms.  Hardy hit a double legdrop between Punk's legs, then dropkicked his face for a two count.  Jeff went to the top rope, and Punk crotched him.  Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, but Hardy shoved off the bulldog attempt and hit the Whisper In The Wind for a two count.  Hardy hit a gourdbuster, then went up for the Swanton Bomb.  Punk sat up and Hardy crashed to the mat.  Punk picked up Hardy and hit a double underhook backbreaker.  Punk applied a Dragon Sleeper, but Hardy made the ropes.  

Punk delivered a series of kicks and slaps, but missed a spinning backfist and Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate.  Hardy went to the top rope for a Swanton, but Punk got his knees up.  Hardy kicked out at two.  Punk went for a springboard, but Hardy kicked him in the gut as he came off.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but Punk reversed it and hit a GTS.  Hardy kicked out at two, then Punk covered him twice more, but Hardy kept kicking out.  Punk got frustrated, grabbed the title belt, and walked away from the ring.  Hardy chased him up the aisle, grabbed Punk and tossed him back into the ring.  Hardy pounded Punk in a corner, then gave him a Twist Of Fate.  Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb and got the three count at the 15-minute mark. 

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