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By Mike Johnson on 2009-02-15 22:25:00
Welcome to's live coverage of the 2009 No Way Out PPV from Seattle, Washington.  The PPV opened with a video feature on Michaels vs. JBL, Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton and the two Elimination Chamber matches.

Elimination Chamber: WWE champion Edge vs. Big Show vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jeff Hardy

Wow, they are starting off the PPV with this?  I guess that means the Raw Elimination Chamber will close the show, which is odd booking given the match quality difference on paper for the two Chamber bouts.  The word going around was that there would be a title change tonight, so we'll see which Chamber it takes place in.

They do the big entrances for everyone.

Jeff Hardy went right after Edge to start the bout.    He nailed several clotheslines.  Edge reversed a whip into the ropes and nailed a big boot the face.  He went for a quick cover but Hardy kicked up.  Edge draped Hardy over the ropes and charged, snapping him throat-first across them for another two count.  Edge worked over Hardy in the corner while Big Show glared from his pod and smiled, playing up their storyline from the last few weeks of TV.

Hardy comes back with a twisting head scissors, then a Cruncher legdrop.  Edge came back to attempt the Impaler but Hardy turned it into the Twist of Fate.  Hardy went for the Swanton but missed as Edge rolled out of the way.  Edge went for a spear but Hardy caught him with an inside cradle and pinned him.

Edge is eliminated, so we'll have a new WWE champion.  Stay tuned.

After the countdown, Vladimir Kozlov is next out.  He throttles Hardy in the corner with punches and kicks.  Hardy kicked him in the mush.  Hardy attempted to fire back but Kozlov nailed a battering ram.  Kozlov dragged Hardy out of the ring onto the steel base and rammed Hardy into the cage several times.  Kozlov slammed Hardy into the ring and covered him but Hardy kicked out.

Kozlov kicked up Hardy and draped him across the top turnbuckle, then began headbutting him in the kidneys.  He measured Hardy and kicked him in the gut.  Kozlov nailed a Fall Away Slam.  He covered Hardy, who kicked out.  He nailed a backbreaker, then cinched in a bearhug on the mat to wear down Jeff.  Hardy tried to battle back but Kozlov slammed him down.  He grabbed Jeff for an Oklahoma Stampede but Hardy escaped, shoving him into the corner.  Hardy used the ropes for leverage, nailing a dropkick to the face of Kozlov, who was in a sitting position in the corner.  Near fall for Hardy.

Hardy tried to whip Kozlov, who reversed it.  Hardy used that momentum to hit the Whisper in the Wind.

Next in is Big Show, who goes right after Hardy and lays him out with a boot and a Beel.  Kozlov grabs Hardy and begins wearing him down with headbutts.  He and Big Show take turns working over Hardy.  Hardy continued to try and fight back but was mauled by the two monsters.

Kozlov turned on Show, nailing him with the Battering Ram out of nowhere.  Show went down but got to his feet.  They scuffled in the ring and battled in the corner.  Show missed a charge in the corner as the countdown began for the next competitor.

It's Triple H.  He hit the ring and began working over Show.  He nailed the knee lift on Kozlov and Show.  Show missed a charge in the corner and HHH grabbed him for the spinebuster.  HHH clotheslined Hardy.    HHH tossed Kozlov over the top to the steel base outside. 

Triple H teased a Pedigree outside but Show nailed HHH.  The announcers noted that might have been the smartest idea.  Show began beating HHH in the corner.  Kozlov continued to work over Hardy in the opposite corner with knees.  Show nailed a sideslam for a two count.  The heels continued to maul over the babyfaces as Undertaker psyched himself up and the fans chanted his name.

Show pressed and slammed HHH from an overhead position.  Show headbutt HHH, who fell out of the ring to the steel base.  Show followed, then rammed HHH into the Cage.  Show then splashed HHH into the chain.  Hardy tried to save HHH but was caught.  Show put HHH and Hardy together and charged them but they ducked.  He hit the cage and went down.

Back in the ring, HHH and Hardy hit a double suplex on Kozlov.  Hardy then hit the Whisper in the Wind on HHH.

Last in  is The Undertaker.  He goes right after Show and Kozlov   He nailed Kozlov with a nasty looking snake eyes.  Undertaker then turned his attention to HHH and Hardy.  He grabbed them both for a chokeslam and kicked Kozlov with a big boot.  He went for the chokeslam but Show kicked him.  Taker came back with a clothesline on Show.  Taker walked the ropes but Show tried to interfere.  Taker came off the ropes and drilled Show with a DDT the base.

Taker sat up and went right back to the business, nailing HHH off the ropes.  Kozlov caught Taker and began working him over in the corner with punches.  Taker catches Kozlov with the Last Ride out of the corner and scores the pin. 

Kozlov has been eliminated, his first "loss" in the company.

Show immediately went after Taker, then tossed both HHH and Hardy out of the ring.  Show tried to toss Hardy off the top rope into the cage but he grabbed the cage and scaled it to the top of one of the pods.  Show crotched him and began beating Hardy atop of one of them.  Undertaker followed Show and superplexed him off the top rope into the ring.  Hardy came off the pod with the swanton and scored the pin.

Big Show is eliminated.

Triple H was tossed over the top to the outside.  Taker grabbed Hardy for Old School but HHH knocked Taker down.  Hardy used Undertaker as a perch to dive out of the ring onto HHH.  Taker grabbed Hardy for a tombstone and nailed it. 

Hardy was pinned and eliminated.

It's down to Triple H and Undertaker.  They square off and charge.  Undertaker gets the best of the first exchange.  Taker beat HHH, who went down in the corner.    Taker measured HHH and went for a charging big boot in the corner.   HHH escaped and Taker got his legs caught on the ropes before falling to the outside.  Taker is slammed headfirst into the cage.

Triple H went to the top but was caught by Taker and chokeslammed for a two count.  HHH came back with the spinebuster for a two count.  They battle to the outside.  Triple H teases a Pedigree but is catapulted into the chain.  Taker grabs HHH for the tombstone, pulls them over the ropes and nails it inside the ring.  Triple H gets his foot on the rope at the last second.

Triple H battles back and scores the Pedigree but Taker gets his shoulder up.  They made their way to their feet and battled back and forth   HHH worked him over with punches in the corner.  Taker went for the Last Ride.  Triple H escaped, hit the Pedigree and pinned Taker.

Your winner and new WWE champion (his 13th reign), Triple H!

This had to be the longest opening match in the history of WWE PPV.  A great way to start the show.   Undertaker glared at HHH as he left.  HHH posed with the belt.

Backstage, Edge was asked Vickie Guerrero to start the match over.  She told him it was his fault because he lost.  She then backed down and said she didn't mean it.  Edge dropped to the couch heartbroken and shaking his head.  The vignette teased that we haven't seen the last of Edge tonight - there is still another Chamber to go and his character is the king of backdooring his way into title shots, so my guess is one of those babyfaces gets taken out before the match.

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