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By Mike Johnson on 2009-02-15 22:25:00
Backstage, Randy Orton cut a promo, telling Shane McMahon to listen.  He asked how Vince McMahon is, propped up in bed at home with Shane's mother Linda being right by their side.  Orton said they are praying their only son will avenge them but it's not going to happen.  Orton said that for the first time, Vince McMahon will be completely helpless, watching as Orton takes out Shane piece by piece as he begs for his life.  Orton said Vince will turn away hoping the carnage will stop but promised he won't stop until he has destroyed the entire McMahon family.  He said when he's done with Shane, he and Vince can both watch Randy Orton take his rightful place in the Wrestlemania main event.  He promised to make his legacy at the expense of the McMahon family.

Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon - No Holds Barred

I feel bad for Orton having to follow that opener.

Shane McMahon is wearing the same jersey he used to wear during the Attitude era.  He caught Orton with several rights early.  He got the better of Orton with punches early.  Orton caught him and beat Shane down in the corner.  As he reared back for another, Shane nailed a punch to the gut.   Shane continued to tag Orton with punches, sending Orton out of the ropes to the floor.

McMahon hit a sliding kick out of the ring.  He went under the ring for a table and a trash can.  Orton got control of Shane and tossed him back into the ring.  Orton nailed a back suplex.  He kicked Shane out of the ring.  McMahon got a kendo stick and began beating Orton with it.  Orton finally escaped, rolling out of the ring.  McMahon followed.  He took out Orton and cleaned off one of the announce tables.  McMahon drilled Orton with a TV monitor, busting him open hardway.

Shane McMahon went to the top rope but Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase attacked him.  Cody went to nail Shane with a chair but he moved and DiBiase took the shot.  Shane nailed a DDT on Cody.  Shane set up Cody for the Coast to Coast, complete with trash can.   He nailed it, then went to the top for a flying elbow onto a table.  Orton, who had been prone on the table this entire time, moved, so Shane ate the table.

Orton instructed DiBiase to take Rhodes to the back to make sure he was all right.  Orton dragged Shane into the ring and nailed a DDT for a two count.  He continued to cover Shane but McMahon kept kicking out.  As Shane battled to his feet, Orton set up a table in the ring.  Orton placed McMahon on the top rope and superplexed him through the table.  Orton covered Shane, who got his shoulder off the mat.

Orton continued to try and pin Shane, but McMahon kept getting his shoulder up.  Orton set up for the punt kick but Shane tackled him.  Shane grabbed a chair and nailed Orton with it across his back.  He nailed Orton's foot with the chair and Orton began screaming.  Shane nailed him again and again in the leg as Orton screamed and begged for him to stop.

Shane then nailed Orton across the face with the chair.   Shane then measured Orton for a punt kick of his own but as he charged, Orton nailed the RKO and scored the pin clean.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

They aired a Wrestlemania video feature.

ECW champion Jack Swagger vs. Finlay

They lock up and Finlay backs the champion into the corner.  Finlay rolls him into a single leg Boston Crab.  You can hear slight "We want Christian" chants.  Finlay slammed Swagger's knee down into the mat.  He continued to work over Swagger's leg, kicking the inside of his knee. 

Finlay draped Swagger's leg over the middle rope and kicked him in the hamstring.  Finlay missed a charge in the corner.  Swagger cinched in a hammerlock after several kicks to the gut.    Swagger picked up Finlay and dropped him down into an over the shoulder powerslam.  Swagger locked on a cross arm breaker. 

Swagger continued to control Finlay on the mat.  He rolled Finlay onto his stomach, cinched in another hammerlock and rained down with knees to his arm and back.  Finlay got back to his feet but Swagger continued to work over his arm.  Finlay broke free and took Swagger down for a two count.  Swagger grabbed Finlay and charged him into the corner.

The match started to fall apart a little as Swagger charged for something in the corner and then stopped.  The announcers said he was trying to pick his spots.  He did it again and it turned into a sunset flip spot of sorts but Swagger's shoulders weren't down at first which led to time standing still.  Swagger then charged Finlay again in the corner, which the crowd groaned at.  Finlay was on the ropes.  Hornswoggle popped up.  That allowed Swagger to be distracted. 

Finlay knocked him off the ropes and hit several clotheslines.  He went for a Fireman's Carry but Swagger escaped and sent Finlay into the ropes.  He knocked Hornswoggle off the ropes to the floor.  Striker said the ring was no place for a child to be.  Finlay's distraction allowed for Swagger to hit his gutwrench power bomb and score the pin.

Your winner and still ECW champion, Jack Swagger!

The Raw announce team said that Shane McMahon has been in and out of consciousness since the match with Randy Orton and has been taken to a medical facility.  They were sure to point out that Stephanie McMahon has gone with him, which would technically leave Vickie Guerrero in charge right?  Remember the Edge vignette earlier? Hmmm.  I still say Edge in the second Chamber.

JBL vs. Shawn Michaels - All or Nothing

They showed Michaels' wife Rebecca at ringside in the crowd by herself.  Michaels came to her before he got into the ring.  She was crying as they had a long look between them and she nodded at him to go do it.

JBL backed him into the corner and began browbeating Michaels, telling him "one mistake is all I need."  They locked up in the corner and neither would break.  JBL mouthed off so Michaels jumped him and rained down with the punches.  JBL ran from the ring.  JBL smiled as if he knew he got under Shawn's skin.  Michaels followed him to the floor.  JBL grabbed a chair and handed it to Shawn, trying to trick him into getting himself disqualified.  Michaels dropped it and punched JBL.

They returned to the ring.  Michaels went for a backslide but only got a two count.  JBL cut off Michaels with a clothesline.  He dropped an elbow for a two count.   Michaels came back to cinch in a figure four.  JBL grabbed the ropes and Michaels nearly didn't break on a five.  Michaels went for a Crippler Crossface but JBL turned it into a pin attempt for a two count.  Michaels whipped JBL, who reversed it.  Michaels hit the buckles and did the Ray Stevens flip bump to the floor.

JBL grabbed Michaels and rammed him back-first into the apron.  He dragged Michaels back into the ring and began working over Michaels' back and chest.  He began dropping elbow and elbow.  Michaels kicked out at two.  They kept showing concerned shots of Rebecca in the crowd.

JBL began working over Michaels with punches and kicks in the corner.  He cinched in a bearhug in the center of the ring.  Michaels escaped and came back with a swinging neckbreaker.  Both men struggled to their feet.  Michaels hit an inverted atomic drop and chopped JBL.    JBL reversed a whip and Michaels hit the buckles, then fell into the ring.  JBL put Michaels atop the rope for a superplex but Michaels fought him off.  Michaels went for the Picture Perfect elbow off the top but JBL rolled out of the way.

JBL hit the Clothesline From Hell but Michaels kicked out.  JBL began saying something to Rebecca, then nailed another Clothesline from Hell.  He kicked Michaels out of the ring to the floor.  Michaels pulled himself back in at the last second before nearly getting counted out. 

JBL cut off Michaels and immediately tossed him over the top rope to the floor.  JBL pulled Michaels in front of Rebecca and began screaming at her.  She slapped him.  This sparked a second wind in Michaels and he attacked JBL.  He nailed a Thesz Press on JBL then slammed him.  Michaels went back up for the elbow and nailed it. 

Michaels teased Sweet Chin Music.  He drilled JBL with it and scored the clean pin.

Your winner, Shawn Michaels.

So, the storyline is Michaels is now free of JBL's employ and has made enough money to save his family from their financial ruin.  Michaels and his wife kissed at ringside before he took her backstage, hand in hand. 

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