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By Buck Woodward on 2008-06-01 21:40:27

Welcome to's coverage of WWE One Night Stand.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often.

The opening video for the PPV was a bit shorter this time around, focusing quickly on the top matches and whether tonight would be Undertaker's last night in WWE.  The stage set features a lot of motor vehicles and road construction equipment. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

The crowd was really behind Hardy (I know, shocking).  Hardy ran into an Umaga elbow at the bell, then Umaga threw him hard into a corner and kicked his head.  Umaga tossed him into another corner, but Hardy jumped onto the ropes and hit the Whisper In The Wind for a two count.  Hardy jumped off the second rope at Umaga, but Umaga caught it and hit a spinning side slam for a two count.  Umaga threw Jeff into the ropes, but Jeff put on the breaks.  Umaga charged and Jeff pulled down the top rope so Umaga would fall over the ropes to the outside.  Hardy gave Umaga a pescado and got a two count on the floor.  They battled outside, and Umaga threw Hardy hard into the retaining wall, then tossed him into the crowd and threw some chairs on him.  

Umaga dragged Jeff over near the entrance way and headbutted him down.  Jeff hit Umaga with a plastic traffic barrier, but it had no effect and Umaga kicked him down.  Umaga pounded Jeff up against an equipment case and went for the posterior butt, but Jeff moved and Umaga crashed into the case.  Jeff grabbed a fire extinguisher, and had some trouble with it, but eventually blasted Umaga in the face with it.  Umaga stumbled backstage, with Hardy following.  Umaga slammed Hardy into a wall, but missed with a chair shot.   Hardy climbed a flight of stairs, then slid down the banister into a bodypress on Umaga for a two count on the landing of the steps.  They went up the steps, and were fighting on the concourse of the arena, near a merchandise stand.  Umaga rammed Hardy into a trash can for a two count.  

They fought out of the building, and Umaga threw Hardy into a road case that was near some trucks.  Umaga rammed Jeff into a forklift and covered him on the ground for a two count.  Umaga rammed Jeff into the back of an eighteen wheeler, then went to ram him into the door of another one, but Jeff blocked it and rammed Umaga into it.  Jeff choked Umaga with a piece of packing material, and got a two count on the ground.  Umaga charged Jeff and ran into a truck.  Jeff started to climb a ladder to the top of a truck.  Umaga gave chase, but Jeff kicked him to the ground.  We couldn't see him land, as there were (conveniently) road cases blocking the view..  Jeff then dove off the top of the truck into a Swanton, presumably crashing into Umaga on the concrete, although we didn't see the impact.  The referee counted three at the ten minute mark, and the camera finally got around the cases so we could see that Jeff was on top of Umaga. 

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

The referee was checking on both men, laid out on the concrete, after the match ended. 

They switched from Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross to Mick Foley & Michael Cole.  They then showed a video package shot earlier where Foley explained the rules for a Stretcher Match, noting that to win you had to roll your opponent across a finish line to win.  Foley also demonstrated how the stretcher could be used as a weapon.  They are conducting a poll asking fans who will win the match. 

Shawn Merriman of the San Diego Chargers was shown in the crowd.  Of course, the Chargers are not the Superbowl Champions.  That would be the New York Giants. 

Tazz and Mike Adamle were introduced, with Adamle saying they were "bringing back the past" tonight, since Singapore Cane matches were once "a staple" of ECW.  They set up four poles, one in each corner, each with a cane on it. 

Big Show vs. CM Punk vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero, with Bam Neely, vs. John Morrison in a Singapore Cane match, with the winner receiving an ECW Title match against Kane at the Night Of Champions.

Bam Neely accompanied Chavo, but no Miz with John Morrison.  Big Show was smiling and laughing as he entered the ring.  Show started swatting people around at the bell.  Show headbutted Morrison, Dreamer and Punk, then slammed Chavo.  Show slammed Morrison on top of Chavo, then elbowdropped both of them.  Show slammed Dreamer, but missed an elbow on him.  Punk kicked Show while he was down, and Morrison hit a Shining Wizard on Show.  Dreamer gave Show a DDT, then Chavo gave Show a frog splash.  Everyone, except Show, clumbed up and got canes.  Everyone started caning Show.  Dreamer and Punk used the canes to clothesline Show over the top rope and to the floor.  Chavo and Morrison attacked Dreamer and Punk.  Chavo and Punk ended up fighting on the floor, while Morrison and Dreamer were fighting in the ring.  Chavo "accidentally" caned Shawn Merriman.  Punk knocked down Chavo, and Merriman asked for the cane.   Merriman caned Chavo hard across the head.  If it was Michael Strahan, he wouldn't have needed a cane to knock out Chavo. 

Show started fighting Morrison at ringside, and The Miz ran out to help his partner.  Show swatted him away, then picked up the steps to hit Miz with.  Morrison hit Show in the legs with a cane, and Show fell forward, hitting his head on the steps.  In the ring, Punk powerslammed Chavo.  Morrison caned Punk.  Dreamer suplexed Morrison, using the cane.  Punk went for a GTS on Dreamer, but Dreamer blocked it and applied a Texas Cloverleaf.  Morrison caned Dreamer.  Show was bleeding on the floor.  Chavo and Morrison fought on the ropes, and Morrison got tossed to the mat.  Punk went for a superplex on Chavo, Morrison grabbed Punk from behind for a powerbomb, and they all crashed to the mat, falling into Dreamer.  

A very angry Show got up, and kicked Bam Neely down, then pulled out a cane (they had a trash can full of them at ringside).  He caned Miz, then blasted Morrison as he tried to dive on Show from the ring.  Show got in the ring and caned Punk, Chavo and Dreamer.  As Show would wear out a cane, he pulled out a new one.  Punk and Chavo were knocked out of the ring, and Dreamer got a cane of his own.  Dreamer swung, but Show caught the shot.  Show chokeslammed Dreamer.  Show wiped the blood across his face, then pulled Dreamer up in a corner.  Show caned Dreamer across the head, then stood on his chest with one foot for the pin at the eight minute mark.  

Winner: Big Show. 

Big Show had a very angry look on his face.  They cut to the back, where Kane was watching on a monitor, and smiling. 

Todd Grisham interviewed Vince McMahon about giving away $1 million on Raw, starting tomorrow.  Vince is calling it "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania".  Vince informed Todd that WWE employees are not eligible to win.  Enter Ron Simmons.  Damn!

John Cena vs. JBL in a First Blood match.

Cena seemed to get a pretty positive reaction coming out.  JBL had his fists taped up, and was wearing elbowpads.  Lawler explained he did that to avoid getting a cut there and bleeding.  JBL and Cena each ripped off a top turnbuckle pad.  They went face to face and slugged it out, with JBL getting the better of it.  Cena avoided a boot to the face and clotheslined JBL.  JBL went to the floor and Cena rammed him into the announce table.  Cena hit some right hands in the ring, but JBL threw him over the top rope and to the floor.  JBL hit an elbowdrop on the floor.  JBL hit a punch and Cena put his head under the ring for a moment.  He wasn't bleeding when he came out.  JBL rammed Cena into the ring apron, then they got back in the ring.  JBL went to ram Cena in a corner, but Cena blocked it and hit some punches.  The boos for Cena are starting to come out.  

JBL punched Cena to the apron, then nailed him with some punches and a boot to the face that sent Cena to the floor.  Now the Cena fans are doing a light Cena chant.  JBL punched Cena on the floor, then rubbed his face against the guardrail.  They slugged it out in the aisle, then JBL poked Cena in the face and kicked him in the head.  JBL grabbed a chair and propped Cena against a ringpost.  JBL swung, but Cena ducked the chairshot.  Cena hit some punches, but JBL grabbed a microphone and popped Cena in the head with it.  They got back in the ring, and JBL blasted Cena with the mic again.  JBL yelled for Cena to get up, saying "I want my torch back".  Cena battled up and hit a pair of shoulderblocks, then a back suplex into a powerbomb.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" and delivered the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  

Cena went for an FU, but JBL grabbed the top rope and pulled himself to the apron.  JBL grabbed Cena and yanked him throat first across the top rope.  JBL went down on the floor, and Cena rolled outside as well. JBL rammed Cena into the ringpost, and Cena covered up, but when the referee checked, he wasn't bleeding.  JBL grabbed the steps, the same ones that busted Big Show open in the previous match, and threw them at Cena, but Cena ducked.  JBL rammed Cena into the retaining wall, then pulled the padding off the top of the wall and rammed him into it again.  Slight chant for Cena.  JBL went for a DDT on the other half of the ringsteps, but Cena tripped JBL, sending him back first into the steps with a thud.  Cena grabbed the microphone and hit JBL in the head with it.  Cena rubbed JBL's head against the ringsteps, but no blood. 

JBL rolled into the ring, and Cena grabbed a chair.  JBL kicked Cena low to block the chairshot, then rammed Cena into one of the exposed turnbuckles.  No blood.  JBL called for the Clothesline From Hell, but Cena ducked it and bulldogged JBL into the chair.  No blood.  JBL crawled over to the towel he came to the ring with, and pulled a chain out from it.  Cena advanced on JBL, who hit Cena in the gut with it.  JBL measured Cena for another shot with it, but Cena ducked and gave JBL an FU.  JBL was out cold, and Cena was still grabbing his ribs from the chain shot.  Both men got to their feet, and JBL hit Cena with a boot to the face.  Cena fell backwards and got tied in the ropes.  JBL went under the ring and pulled out a bullwhip.  JBL cracked it and smiled, but got too close to Cena, who kicked JBL low.  Cena pulled out of the ropes, then tripped JBL and applied the STFU, using the chain around JBL's throat.  The referee called for the bell at the fifteen minute mark, as JBL was bleeding from the mouth (awfully fast, given how long he was in the move). 

Winner: John Cena.

They advertised the next PPV, Night Of Champions, which occurs 28 days from now.  That's a long break, given what WWE has been doing lately. 

Coverage continued on the next page. 

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