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By Buck Woodward on 2008-06-01 21:40:27

After a commercial for Night Of Champions, they came back and Orton was still being checked.  He eventually got up and started walking out under his own power, but not moving his left arm.  They replayed his fall to the floor a few more times, and again speculated that he had broken his collar bone.  As Orton walked out, some cheered him, and Orton actually turned around and heeled them, then got in the face of one fan by the aisle and argued with him.

The events leading to the main event were shown.  

The Undertaker vs. Edge in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. If Undertaker loses, he will leave WWE.

It was noted that there was no nameplate on the title belt, which was hung above the ring.  Michael Cole noted that Mick Foley ordered the first TLC match during his time as WWE commissioner, and how important that type of match has become in the career of Edge.  Undertaker decked Edge at the bell, then began working him over with punches in a corner.  Undertaker hit a series of headbutts, then whipped him hard into a corner and blasted him with a clothesline.  Undertaker choked Edge in a corner, then went for the Old School rope walk.  Undertaker hit the top rope forearm, then delivered a running boot to the head.  Taker went to the floor and grabbed one of the ladders.  As he approached the ring, Edge hit a baseball slide to knock the ladder into Undertaker. 

Edge slid out of the ring and set up two tables in a stack at ringside.  Undertaker rammed Edge with a ladder, then hit him with it again.  Undertaker rammed Edge into the ringsteps. Undertaker noticed the two tables Edge had stacked up, then stacked up two more next to them.  Undertaker approached Edge, who tripped Undertaker into the steps.  Edge slid a ladder into the ring and set it up.  Edge climbed the ladder, but Taker got in and pulled Edge off by the tights, sending him chest first into the ropes.  Undertaker placed the ladder in the corner so it was resting across the turnbuckles.  Undertaker lifted Edge for a slam, but Edge floated over and rammed Undertaker into the ladder.   Edge pulled out another ladder and set it up in the opposite corner.  Edge went for Taker, who reversed a whip and sent Edge face first into the ladder.  

Undertaker pulled a third ladder into the ring, set it up, and began to climb it.  Edge came up the other side.  Undertaker shoved Edge off the ladder into one of the ladders propped on the corner.  Edge stumbled out of the corner and bumped into the ladder Undertaker was on.  Undertaker fell off and hit the other ladder that had been propped on a corner.  Edge set up a ladder in a corner again, but Undertaker grabbed Edge and gave him Snake Eyes on the ladder.  Undertaker then kicked a ladder into Edge, who fell to the floor. Outside, Taker hit Edge in the back with a chair, then put him on the ring apron and kicked him in the head.  Undertaker went for a legdrop on the apron, but Edge grabbed a chair and rammed it into the leg of Undertaker as he went for the legdrop.  Edge followed that with another chairshot to the leg on the floor.

Edge bridged a ladder between the apron and the security wall.  Undertaker kicked Edge, and teased a powerbomb on the ladder, but Edge gave Taker a low blow.  Edge hit Undertaker with a chair shot, started to set up a table, then blasted him with another chair shot. Edge put Undertaker on a table at ringside, then stood on the Smackdown announce table and jumped off, putting Taker through the table. Edge set up a ladder in the ring and began to climb.  Undertaker got in and shoved Edge off, but Edge landed on his feet and charged into the Undertaker with a spear. Edge put Undertaker's leg in a ladder, then slammed it close on him.  Edge then went for a chair and hit the ladder, crushing Undertaker's leg in it.  

Edge pulled out an extra tall ladder and set it up.  The top step was only a few feet below the belt.  Edge hit Undertaker with a pair of chairshots to the head.  Edge set up for a one-man Conchairto, but Undertaker threw a punch from is back and hit Edge in the groin.  Undertaker got up, favoring his leg, and grabbed Edge on the ring apron.  Undertaker chokeslammed Edge off the apron onto the ladder that was bridged between the apron and ring.  Edge bounced off the ladder to the floor with a thud.  Undertaker began climbing the ladder in the ring, but the Edgeheads ran out to attack the Undertaker. 

The Edgeheads slid two ladders in the ring.  They stomped down Undertaker while setting up tables.  They put Undertaker on one table, then put another table over him. Hawkins went to the top rope but Undertaker battled up and knocked Ryder away.  Undertaker grabbed Hawkins by the throat and tossed him backwards off the top rope, through a table at ringside.  Undertaker grabbed Ryder, who was on the apron, and chokeslammed him through a table at ringside. Edge got back in the ring and knocked Undertaker out of the ring and into the security wall at ringside.  Edge once again set up the double decker table near a corner.  Edge looked for Undertaker, saw where he was, then decided to climb the ladder.  Undertaker got back in the ring, and powerbombed Edge from the second step (from the bottom) of the ladder through the stacked tables in the corner. 

Undertaker began to climb the ladder again, but Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero attacked.  They went for a Conchairto, but Undertaker ducked and they ended up hitting each other.  Undertaker grabbed a chair and blasted both Neely and Guerrero.  Undertaker then started to climb the ladder again.  Edge was getting up from the table wreckage. Undertaker was near the top of the ladder, but Edge tipped it over, and Taker fell off the ladder, out of the ring, and through the side-by-side double stacked tables at ringside.  Edge set up the tall ladder again, and began to slowly climb up.  Edge pulled the belt off the cable at the 24-minute mark. 

Winner and new World Champion: Edge. 

Edge crawled up the aisle and celebrated with La Familia.  Vickie Guerrero walked out (no wheelchair) and hugged Edge.  Pyro went off in celebration, while Undertaker was still lying unconscious in the table wreckage at ringside.  The announcers put over that we have seen the last of the Undertaker. La Familia walked off, and they turned off Edge's music.  Undertaker, his arm bleeding, struggled to sit up, and finally did so.  He got to his knees, then rose to his feet.  Undertaker stood up and began walking to the back.  The lights went out, except a spotlight on Undertaker as he limped down the aisle.  He stopped and turned to face the crowd, which was going nuts for him.  Undertaker then turned back around and walked off as the show ended.

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