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By Mike Johnson on 2008-03-09 22:45:21

Welcome to's live coverage of the TNA Destination X PPV in Norfolk, Virginia.

The PPV opened with the usual great video package. 

They showed footage from earlier tonight with The Angle Alliance arriving at the building.  Kurt Angle was told by Jeremy Borash that Jim Cornette had all the footage from his cage match with Christian Cage.  Angle hoped he would reverse the decision.  Tomko said that for once he agreed with Angle, but questioned getting to the building so early.  Angle said they needed to work on strategy.  Styles questioned why Karen Angle wasn't there with them and Kurt told him to stop worrying about her because they were in for the fight of their lives.

Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed everyone to the show.  The building looked full and like a major event.

LAX vs. Motor City Machineguns vs. Rock N' Rave Infection

The winners of the bout will be the top contenders to the TNA Tag Team championships.  Lance Hoyt was channeling Slash from Guns N' Roses. 

Homicide and Chris Sabin started off.  Sabin armdragged Homicide and shoulderblocked him down for a one count.  Homicide caught him with a belly to belly overhead suplex.  Sabin rolled through a sunset flip attempted and dropkicked Homicide.  The Machineguns worked over Homicide with a series of synchronized moves.  

Hoyt and Hernandez faced off.  Hernandez fought off a suplex attempt and reversed it, holding Hoyt up for a long time before dropping him down.  Hoyt cut him off, but Homicide held the ropes down when Hoyt rebounded, sending him to the floor.

LAX and the Machineguns went back and forth.  Hernandez hit a huge dive to the floor on Rave and Hoyt.  It settled down into Homicide and Rave in the ring.  He tagged out to the Machineguns, who drilled Rave with kicks.  Rave gets his boots up to cut them off during a charge, but Shelley nails him with a snapmare, bulldog combination.

Shelley drilled Rave with uppercuts but was tripped by Hoyt.  Rave nailed a DDT.  Homicide blind tagged in and hit a T-Bone suplex on Shelley.  LAX worked over Shelley, culminating with an over the shoulder backbreaker by Hernandez for a two count.

Hoyt tagged in and nailed Shelley with a fall away slam.  Homicide was upset about being forced out of the ring.  Rave and Hoyt worked over Shelley.  Shelley finally kicked Rave into Hoyt, then nailed a jawbreaker.  Shelley tried to make the tag but Hoyt knocked Sabin off the apron.

Hernandez tagged in instead and nailed Rave with the Crackerjack.  He cleaned house on Hoyt and Rave.  Rave tried to dive off the middle turnbuckle but was caught and nailed with a sitout powerbomb.  Shelley nailed Sliced Bread #2 on Hernandez.  Sabin DDT's Hoyt.  Homicide nailed him with the gringo stunner, then hit a tope con hilo out of the ring to everyone else.  Hernandez hit the Border Toss on Rave and scored the pin.

Your winners and top contenders, LAX!

This was probably Hoy and Rave's best showing to date and a really fun opening bout.  Everyone did what they do best and the crowd made it feel like something special.  Hopefully this won't be a recurrence of Bound for Glory where LAX had a good showing and were forgotten.

They showed Joel and Jonny Fairplay from Survivor in the first row.  Foreshadowing is your friend.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash was at Jim Cornette's office.  They aired the alternative footage of the Christian Cage-Kurt Angle Steel Cage match from Impact this past Thursday.  They were pushing a fan poll on whether Cornette should overturn the decision, which seems to be the direction they are going for.  That certainly makes more sense because if they are going to handicap a team, for dramatic sake, it should be the babyface team.

TNA X-Division champ Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams 

The storyline here is that Scott Steiner has given Petey Rhaka Khan to be in his corner.  TNA made sure to focus on So Cal Val as Jay made his way the ring and the announcers were teasing Lethal may be distracted by his upcoming date with her.  Brian Hebner, formerly of WWE fame, made his TNA debut here.

Williams elbowed his way out from a waistlock and shoulderblocked Lethal down.  Lethal nailed a hiptoss and went for an armbar.  Williams used the ropes to set up a Lucha style armdrag and attempted and enziguiri.  Lethal rolled Williams for a two but it was reversed.  Lethal tried for the Lethal Combination but Williams escaped and went for the Canadian Destroyer, but didn't get it.  They faced off.  Good stuff early.

Lethal caught him with an elbow and a clothesline for a two count.  Lethal went to the ropes and nailed a double axehandle for another near fall.  Lethal went up and over to avoid a charge in the corner and nailed a hurancanrana.  Williams went outside and Lethal came off the top with a double axehandle to the floor.  

As Williams got back into the ring, Khan stepped in front of Lethal to distract him.  When Lethal returned to the ring, Williams cut him off and took control.  Williams nailed a spinning neckbreaker for a two count.  Lethal began fighting back but Williams slingshot himself into the ring and drove Lethal's chest into his knees as he landed.

Williams caught Lethal with a spinkick.  Williams locked in a side chinlock as the first dueling chant of the night began.  Williams snapped Lethal 's neck on the top rope, then dove out of the ring onto Lethal's shoulders, nailing a hurancanrana to the floor.  Williams brought him back into the ring and wore him down with a front facelock on the mat.  Still a good match.

Lethal fought his way to his feet and cut off Williams with a series of standing rights.  He pulled out a cartwheel into a dropkick to the chest.  Lethal went to suplex Williams but but kneed in the face.  Lethal finally nailed it and got a two count.

Williams came back with a dropkick to the back of the head while Lethal was draped over the ropes, then a side Russian legsweep.  Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Lethal fought him off.  Lethal went for the Lethal Combination but Williams escaped and reversed.  He went for the Destroyer but Lethal slipped out and nailed a full nelson suplex for a two count.  

Lethal missed a missile dropkick.  They reversed a series of pinfall attempts.  Williams applied the Sharpshooter.  Lethal tried to make his way out to the ropes but was pulled to the center.  Lethal got free and went for the Lethal Combination.  He finally nailed it and went to the top for the flying elbow.  Scott Steiner ran out and shoved Lethal off the top as the referee was distracted.  

Williams nailed a beautiful Canadian Destroyer, but So Cal Val grabbed the referee.  Williams was furious and sent Rocka after her.  Sonjay Dutt came out to protect Val.  Williams kept trying to make a pinfall but the referee was distracted by the outside issues.  Williams went to grab Lethal but was caught with a small package for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champ Jay Lethal!

Lots of really good wrestling here.  Normally I groan when I see run-ins, but here it worked because it allowed Val to save her man, provided a cameo for Sonjay, still led to a clean pin and allowed Williams to have a reason to demand a rematch.  A really fun, athletic match.  TNA is two for two so far.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the rest of the card.

Backstage Crystal interviewed the babyfaces in tonight's six man.  Samoa Joe said that you never know what Jim Cornette is going to do because he's undependable.  Joe said that no matter what they were going to do their job and he was going to take down Angle in the cage at Lockdown.  Cage said that there was no question who won the match at Impact because his hand was raised and that means it's a win.  Cage said that he doesn't care if Cornette overturns the ruling because he would be in the match no matter what after what AJ and Tomko did to him.  Nash said that everyone assumes with his history, he'll sit out the first five minutes but he may start the match (No!).  He said he made Joe a promise and would keep it tonight.

Eric Young & Kaz vs. Black Reign & Rellik

Eric Young hit the ground when his pyro hit.  That cracked me up.  The storyline here is Kaz is trying to convince Young that the heels are real people playing monsters, not real monsters.  Well, that's different.  

Rellik and Kaz started the match.  Kaz nailed a nice slingshot into the ring for a sideroll pin attempt.  Kaz went for a dragon screw legwhip but Rellik kicked him off.  Reign tagged in but was caught with a dropkick.  He went to tag in Young, who hesitated, then did so.  The place went nuts for Young tagging in, which is certainly a good sign that the character is getting over.

Young avoided a charge and kicked Reign low.  He goes for a pinfall but is kicked off.  Young runs from the ring.  Kaz tagged in and rolled up Reign with a jackrabbit at the same time he nailed a Northern Lights suplex on Rellik.  That was great.  

Reign nailed snake eyes in the corner on Kaz.  Rellik then nailed him with a big boot.  Rellik pounded on Kaz and bit his face.  Rellik applied a cobra clutch and snapped Kaz over.  Reign and Rellik worked over Kaz.   Kaz finally made a comeback with a dropkick after landing on his feet.  They were building him as someone who came come back just when you assume he's done.  Kaz wanted to make a tag but Young was too scared.

Rellik nailed a spinbuster to cut him off.  Kaz began drilling Reign with kicks.  Young finally makes the tag.  He psyched himself up but the second the villains faced off with him, Young ran backstage.  This left Kaz to continue to be worked over. Kaz kept looking for a tag but there was no one there.  Kaz caught them with a combination stunned and DDT.

Triumphant music began playing and Eric Young returned dressed like a super hero.  The announcers called him "Super Eric." He posed during his pyro and hit the ring with a missile dropkick.  He cleaned house but was double teamed.  He ducked and Rellik clotheslined his partner, then nailed Eric.

Young finally nailed a double death valley driver on both for the pin.

Your winner, Kaz and Super Eric Young!

Match was decent with Kaz looking fluid and good.  This was all about doing something silly with the company mascot, Eric, and it was good comedy, as opposed to stupid compedy.

Backstage, The Angle Alliance was in Jim Cornette's office.  Cornette said he needed some air and walked off down the hallway with the Alliance followed him.  He ran into Team 3D and Johnny Devine.  Brother Ray said that Cornette kept screwing the good guys like 3D and the Alliance.  He mocked Cornette for forcing them to make weight and for putting 3D in a situation where a "fish" makes stipulations.  He told Cornette that he was the one who should be drug tested.  Cornette said that he'd make the decisions on his own time without anyone else's help.


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