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By Mike Johnson on 2008-03-09 22:45:21

TNA Knockout champion Awesome Kong vs. ODB vs. Gail Kim

All three start the match.  The challengers try to work over Kong together but she's too powerful and sends them into each other.  Kong follows up with a double clothesline.  Kong avalanches Kim in the corner after ODB moves. 

ODB began nailing Kong and draped her over the ropes.  Kim hit a legdrop off the top to the outside of the ring, sending Kong to the floor.  Kim and ODB faced off.  Kim went for a sunset flip but ODB avoided.  Kim bridged out of an ODB pinfall attempt.

Kim nailed a necktie suplex and went to the top, but instead of attacking ODB, she dives onto Kong.  Kong catches her in mid-air.  As Kong holds Kim, ODB dives off the apron onto both. 

ODB tosses Kim into the ring for a near fall.  Kim tries to go up and over after being run into the corner but is caught.  Kim slips down into an attempted waistlock but ODB nailed her and applied a front facelock on the mat.  Kim went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught with a Fall Away Slam.  ODB played up to the crowd but Kim speared her.

Kim muscles ODB out of the ring just as Kong returns.  Kim charges her but is wiped out by Kong's power.  Kong misses a charge in the corner and Kim begins chopping away at her.  Kim goes for a crucifix but Kong wards it off.  She went for the backfist but Kim blocked it.  Kong took Kim down and tossed Kim into the ringpost shoulder-first.

ODB returned and confronted Kong.  She missed an enziguiri.  Kong picks up ODB and slammed her by the throat.  She went for the powerbomb but Kim used ODB's as a springboard to attack Kong.  ODB and Kim ping ponged Kong back and forth with punches. 

ODB and Kim both drank from ODB's flask (although Kim didn't like the taste) and nailed stereo missile dropkicks on Kong.  It was designed to get a big pop but the audience didn't know ODB as well as the Orlando fans did.  Kim went for the pin but ODB broke up the pin.  Kim went for another pin after Kong went to slap her and ODB tripped Kong up but ODB broke it up again.

Kong nailed a splash off the ropes but ODB dove atop of her to prevent a pinfall on Kim.  ODB and Kong exchanged strikes.  Kong nailed the Implant Buster, then went to the corner for the splash, but missed.  ODB began firing away with shots but Kong wouldn't go down.  ODB hit the middle rope benchpress for a two count.

Raiessa Saied tripped ODB, so ODB went after her.  Kong caught her with a powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockout champion, Awesome Kong!

Another really good match.  I don't think the interference was needed because the work here was so good, a loss wouldn't have hurt anyone involved - it was TNA overbooking here.  This wasn't at the level of the great Kong vs. Gail matches a few months ago, but still good work all the way through.

They went to a video they produced earlier today with Rhino on top of the Elevation X cutting a promo talking about falling and getting back up, asking James Storm if he can do it and whether he'll ever breath again.

Jim Cornette was inside the ring when they returned to the broadcast.  The crowd chanted Cornette's name and he said it was great to be back in the Scope.  Cornette said he had a few things to discuss tonight.  First was Team 3D.  He said if they make weight tonight, they won't have to any more but if they don't tonight, they are terminated.  He then turned his attention to the finish of the Cage vs. Angle match.  They showed a split screen with each team watching to see who got the advantage. 

Cornette finally agreed that Angle did hit the floor first in the cage match but Angle was trying to get Cornette to set a legal precedent and overturn 100 years of wrestling history.  He said it was too big of a decision for him to make, so he turned the decision over to the fans live in the building.  The fans voted against Angle.  It was actually a good promo  and I thought the idea of making the live crowd "part of the show" was a cool idea.

Fish Market Street Fight: Shark Boy & Curry Man vs. Team 3D

After the ring entrances, it was time for 3D's weigh-in.  Brother Ray said it wasn't right and asked the crowd if they really wanted to see them get fired.  Ray said they weren't fat, but all the women in Virginia were.  He promised they were going to make weight right now.  Devon made weight.  Ray played up that he was scared to death, even stepping gingerly on the scale and praying, but he made weight as well.  3D tried to celebrate with food, but they were rolled up and the fight was on.

Curry nailed Devon and sent him out of the ring.  Shark and Curry both backdropped Bubba, then dropkicked him.  Team 3D regrouped on the floor with Johnny Devine.  Ray hit his head on the steps as he was knocked out of the ring and you could see blood.

3D tried to leave but were attacked by the fish props.  Sharky hit Devon with a fish.  I don't think PETA is sponsoring this PPV, folks.  Curry nailed Ray low with one.  Yes the mighty hardcore Dudleys were beaten with fish.  This was WCW level goofiness, right down to Curry Man baiting a fishing rod with a Hoho to hook Brother Ray and reel him into the ring.  Curry nailed a pescado to Ray on the floor.

They battled to the fish market.  West began calling the fish by name.  Curry pulled a net over Ray and hit him with another fish.  He charged Ray, who backdropped Curry into the tray of fish.  That didn't look like it felt good.  Ray began throwing fish at Curry Man, then pelted the crowd with fish as well.  Ray even ribbed the announcers with them.

"The fish are flying at Destination X" - Mike Tenay.

Devon and Ray set up a table at ringside but Shark Boy tried to save Curry Man.  Johnny Devine caned him, then pulled a net over him.  Back in the ring, 3D did used a fish low on Curry Man.  They tried Curry to the tree of woe.  Devon used a fishing rod on Curry's knee.    The crowd loved all of this lunacy and chanted for tables.

Curry Man avoided a back senton by Ray.  Sharky came off the top with a double clothesline on 3D.  He nailed Ray with the Lou Thesz Press and beat him with punches.  Devon nailed an inverted suplex on Curry.  Shark Boy and Devine brawled on the floor.  3D went for the wazzup headbutt again but Shark Boy nailed Devon off the ropes.  Curry and Shark Boy nailed it on Bubba.

They worked over Bubba.  Ray kicked out of a stunner.  They nailed stereo faceplants on 3D for a two count.  They then nailed stereo twisting DDTs out of the corner for another two count.  Ray dumped Curry to the floor.  3D set up Sharky for the Doomsday Device and nailed it, but Shark Boy kicked up at two.

Devine tossed a trash can into the ring for Ray but Curry got it and began beating Ray with it.  Devine tried to toss powder but Curry ducked and Ray was blinded.  Curry and Shark Boy put Devine through a table at ringside.  Devon clotheslined them down.  They went for 3D but Curry reversed it and set up Devon for Bubba, who was blinded.  Devon was pinned by Shark Boy.

Your winners, Curry Man and Shark Boy!

Equal parts silly and solid, nothing wrong with this unless you were a fish lover. This was a spectacle match in every sense of the word. As a one time deal, this was fine.

Angle time.  As Team 3D left, they played up that the crowd was laughing at 3D.  They came across Joel from Survivor and Ray shoved him down.  He went after Ray but Atlas Security showed up and dragged Joe out.  I hope he doesn't get beat down as bad as I saw some idiot fans get killed in the old days of ECW.  I guess you know who Joe will be working with in TNA now.

Backstage, The Angle Alliance argued over who would be the first man out.  It ended up being Tomko, who walked out with Angle.  AJ questioned Jeremy Borash as to whether he had spoken to Karen Angle.  Borash said he hadn't, then admitted he had and she was going to drop a bombshell on Thursday.  Styles wanted to know what he meant.

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