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By Mike Johnson on 2007-12-16 22:47:08

Welcome to's live coverage of the 2007 WWE Armaggedon PPV from Pittsburgh, PA at the Mellon Arena.  Thanks for logging in with us tonight for live coverage. Elite subscribers can also stay tuned for our post-game audio show.

The opening video package was built around the WWE and WWE World championship matches.

WWE United States champion MVP vs. Rey Mysterio

MVP came to the ring looking all business.  Mysterio came out wearing a cool outer mask with a half-skull/half mask.  He took time embracing several kids wearing Rey masks as he came down the aisle.

When the bell rang, MVP went shot in for a single leg takedown but Mysterio avoided it, then evaded a second.  Mysterio drilled him with several kicks and a hurancanrana.  He rolled MVP over for a Lucha style cradle but MVP kicked up at one.  Mysterio bounced off the ropes to set up a Mexican armdrag.  MVP landed outside the ring but the referee stopped Rey from diving.  When the ref instructed MVP to return, Rey charged and leaped over the referee into a twisting dive to the floor.

Back in the ring, Rey avoided an MVP big boot in the corner but was caught with a powerbomb into the turnbuckles.  MVP got a two count off the move.  Mysterio started selling his neckand throat from the powerbomb whiplash.  MVP went right after the neck, wrenching it to work over Mysterio.

Mysterio battled back to his feet, but was nailed in the back of the neck to be taken back down.  MVP drilled him in the head with a kick, shades of Randy Orton, for a two count.  MVP locked on a Camel Clutch style move, locking one of Mysterio's arm in a half nelson.  Mysterio fought back with elbows, but was nailed with a knee to the jaw.  MVP scores another two count.

MVP's focus went right back to Mysterio's neck, locking an armbar on him while focusing the torque on the neck and shoulder.  MVP pressed and dropped Rey, but Mysterio landed on his feet and nailed a hurancanrana.  They recovered to their feet.  Mysterio hit a springboard off the ropes into a high cross bodyblock for a two count.

Rey went to the top but was shoved off to the apron.  Mysterio returned with the West Coast Pop, slipping as he came off the ropes.  Mysterio grabbed his left knee, which landed under MVP.  He used an Arabian Press for a two count.  MVP cut him off with a clothesline and dragged him to the top turnbuckle.  They battled atop of it.  MVP nailed Rey, sending him to the apron.  Rey continued to battle his way back and nailed a top rope hurancanrana for a two count.  The announcers put over that he was able to do the move with a "bad knee."

Rey rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a boot to the face.  Rey kicked up at two.  Mysterio nearly got a three count after reversing an inverted DDT into a Scorpion death Drop while flipping over MVP.  

Mysterio set up MVP for the 610 but MVP ducked and retreated to the floor.  Mysterio ran down the apron and hit a hurancanrana on the floor.  They teased a count out with Rey getting back in at 6.  MVP got back on the apron at nine but then waved off the match and let himself be counted out.

Your winner, by countout, Rey Mysterio!

Rey jumped MVP on the floor and nailed him with the 619 after the bout.  MVP escaped up the apron with his championship belt.

The opener was decent, although you never got the feeling they moved past second gear.  The finish may come off a little stronger if it appeared MVP was in deep jeopardy, which I never really felt got across.  The in-ring work was good.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussed the HHH vs. Jeff Hardy bout.

Todd Grisham interviewed Hardy.  He asked Hardy if this was the biggest match of his career.  Hardy said he's had a lot of big matches but this was the closest he's ever gotten to a shot at the WWE title and to get there, he has to defeat a 11 time former champion.  Hardy said he was at the crossroads of his career and that he didn't fear Triple H or anyone else.  He said he can not, will not and never will believe in "Never."  Good promo.

Kane & ECW champion CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V & Mark Henry (with Matt Striker)

Punk and Henry started off.  Henry shoved him down.  Punk came back with several kicks to the thighs.  He tried to single leg takedown Henry but was beat down.  Punk nailed a drop toehold in the corner and began nailing him with punches.  Kane tagged in and they worked over Henry briefly.   Punk tagged back and nailed a dropkick but was caught with a clothesline.

V tagged in.  He kicked Punk in the gut, then chopped him in the corner.  Punk fired back with chops and punches.  He charged at V but was nailed down to the mat.  V tossed him to the floor, where Matt Striker kicked him while he was on the ground.  V hiptossed Punk over the ropes back into the ring.  V pressed and dropped Punk.   

Henry tagged in and stepped over Punk's prone body.  He choked Punk.  Punk backed into a corner but was smothered with a boot to the face.  Henry beat Punk down and charged him in the corner.  Punk avoided the charge and tagged Kane.

Kane went right after Henry with a running clothesline in the corner.  He nailed a second, then a big boot to the face.  Henry didn't go down, but finally did when Kane nailed a flying clothesline off the top.  Kane called for a chokeslam, then nailed V in the corner.  That allowed Henry to run Kane into the corner, where he was double teamed.

V caught Kane with a sitdown powerbomb, but Punk broke up the pin with a dropkick to V's back.  V clotheslined Kane down as Punk tried to rally him in the corner.  V splashed Kane's back and smothered him with his weight and he peppered him with punches.  Henry tagged back in.  V nailed a running splash in the corner.  Henry locked on a bearhug as Kane staggered out of the corner.  Kane battled to escape and was nearly able to tag Punk but Henry dragged him back to the opposite corner.

V and Henry continued to work over Kane.   Kane finally fired back with punches on V, but was taken out with a clothesline.  Henry tagged back in and was drilled with a DDT.  Kane made the tag to Punk who went right after Henry and V with punches and kicks.  He nailed V with a pair of knees in the corner, but was shoved off while going for the bulldog.  Punk dropkicked V, who went down to one knee.  Henry went after Punk but Kane attacked him and they went to the floor.

Punk went for a springboard clothesline, but Striker jumped on the apron.  Punk nailed him.  Punk dove into the ring but V caught him on his shoulders and hit a Samoan Drop, scoring the clean pin.

Your winners, Big Daddy V & Mark Henry!

The announcers put over the power of Big Daddy V.  Good tag match.  They told a solid, logical story all the way through.  I thought Henry grabbing the bear hug right after V nailed Kane with a running splash in the corner was a nice touch.  Punk showed a lot of fire and gets sympathy for losing in the manner he did, while Kane remains a monster and the heels get over.  Solid stuff, especially considering who was in the ring.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero, in a wheelchair, greeted Edge.  She had set up a celebration for Edge's World title victory.  She said once he wins the belt, all of her pain and suffering will subside.  Edge promised to make her feel as good as he feels.  He said her love gives him the strength of three men.  He asked for a kiss for good luck and kissed her hand.  They played it up like two young lovers.  Vickie looked on adoringly as Edge exited.

Ken Kennedy vs. Shawn Michaels

Kennedy took the mic when he entered the ring.  He said to Shawn Michaels (still backstage) that it doesn't matter if he likes Michaels, taunts Michaels, hates Michaels or respects Michaels, because all that matters is that he beats Michaels and promises that Michaels will be beaten by Mister Kennedy....Kennedy.

Big pop for Shawn Michaels' entrance.  The crowd chanted "HBK" at the bell as the two faced off.  Kennedy dared Michaels to come face him.  He went right to work on Michaels with punches to the face and kicks to the gut.  He whipped Michaels into the ropes and nailed him with a reverse elbow.   He picked up Michaels for a slam, then elbowed him.  The early portion was all about Kennedy's aggressiveness.

Kennedy nailed a backbreaker for another two count.  He continued to work over Michaels in the corner.  Michaels finally came back with a chop.  He whipped Kennedy, who reversed it and Michaels took a flip bump over the turnbuckles.  Kennedy went to put Michaels on his shoulders, but Michaels dropped down and chop blocked Kennedy's knee from behind.

Michaels whipped Kennedy into the ropes and went for a suplex but his back hurt.  Michaels nailed several elbows and extended the arm into a DDT similar to the one Shane Douglas used in ECW on Gary Wolfe.  Kennedy rolled on the apron screaming.  Michaels went right to work on the arm, locking on an armbar, then a hammerlock, dropping knees on the lower back at the same time.  

Michaels continued working on the arm as Kennedy got to his feet.  Kennedy finally broke free and speared Michaels through the ropes with both falling to the floor.  They battled on the floor.  Kennedy teased running Michaels' back into the apron, but Michaels instead shoved him into the ring barrier.  He stomped Kennedy's hand on the ring steps for good measure.

When Kennedy returned to the ring, Michaels continued to work over the hand and wrist.  Kennedy fired back with punches.  Michaels and Kennedy battled on the apron outside the ring.  Kennedy shoved Michaels backwards into the steel ringpost with Michaels falling to the floor.  Jim Ross pushed that Michaels was out of the ring for four years after back surgery.  For some reason, I had flashbacks to Ross talking about Ric Flair's plane crash and back problems in the 1980s here.  Not that I'm complaining, since the commentary so far is really good.

Kennedy worked over Michaels, including a knee to the face in the corner.  Kennedy continued to sell the hand as if it might be broken.  Kennedy slammed Michaels down with a backbreaker over the knee for another two count.  He nailed another, then pulled Michaels backwards over his knee to try and force a submission.

Michaels tried to get the crowd behind him as he fought to get out of the hold.  Michaels finally rolled out but was nailed with a series of elbows for a two count.  Kennedy tried to come off the ropes but Michaels moved.  Kennedy landed on his feet but Michaels avoided him.  Kennedy finally nailed another elbow.  

Kennedy cinched in a rear chinlock, placing his knee between Michaels' shoulder blades for additional leverage.  Michaels fought his way back but Kennedy continued to battle back.  Michaels finally nailed an elbow and backdropped Kennedy to the floor.  Michaels nailed a flying forearm and kipped up to his feet.

Michaels nailed an atomic drop, then went to the top rope for the Picture Perfect elbow off the top.  He nails it and Michaels signals for Sweet Chin Music while hurting from the damage to his back.  Kennedy duckes the kick and rolls up Michaels for a two count.  Kennedy picks up Michaels for his rolling finisher but Michaels turns it into a sunset flip for a two count.

Kennedy slingshots Michaels into the corner and Michaels hits his head on the ringpost.  Kennedy hits his rolling back splash finisher but Michaels kicks up at the last second.  Kennedy stalked over Michaels talking trash.  Kennedy went for a STO but Michaels held onto the ropes to escape.  Michaels drilled him with Sweet Chin Music and scored the clean pin.

Your winner, Shawn Michaels!

Another good match.  They told a good story and I thought both did a good job getting over the fact that they had been worn down and hurt over the course of the match - Michaels' back and Kennedy's hand.  It probably wasn't the spectacular match of Kennedy's career but was a very good showing for both and Kennedy can use his injured hand as the excuse for the loss 

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