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By Mike Johnson on 2007-12-16 22:47:08

They aired the Royal Rumble commercial again.  Being from NYC, I got a kick out of the subway theme, although since the train was a 7 train, the next stop after 14th Street isn't Madison Square Garden...the 7 train doesn't go to either of those stations! But, I digress.

Lilian Garcia announced the next match would be for the WWE Women's championship.  Jillian Hall came out.  She plugged the itunes album.   She said she was going to sing one of her favorite songs off the album right now.  It was a terrible rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."   She was thankfully cut off by Mickie James' theme music.

WWE Women's champion Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

They locked up with Phoenix overpowering James early.  James went for the bulldog off the ropes but was shoved off.  James tried to whip Phoenix but was stopped and Beth nailed her arm.  James went for her headscissors out of the corner but was caught and powerbombed.  Phoenix got a two count.

Phoenix locked on a Dragon Sleeper (Tatsumi Fujinami, represent yo), then nailed the Oklahoma Stampede in the corner.  James came back with a rollup for a two count.  Phoenix locked on a chicken wing combination, but James battled back with several elbows to the face.  James avoided a reverse suplex, then hit her head scissors out of the corner.  

James nailed the Lou Thesz Press and peppered Beth with punches.  She nailed a second Thesz Press, then a dropkick to the face for another two count.   Mickie hit a missile dropkick for another two count.

Beth cut off James with a kick to the gut, then nailed a Fisherman's suplex for the clean pinfall.

Your winner and still WWE Women's champion, Beth Phoenix!

Match was short but fine for what it was.  Phoenix stands out doing all the power moves usually reserved for men and James' work was good here too.

Tazz reunited with old Smackdown announcing partner Michael Cole for the main event.

WWE World champion Batista vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge - No DQ

They aired a video feature on the main event.

Taker and Batista lock up.  Taker was shoved out of the ring, where he grabbed at Edge, who was outside.  Batista and Taker battled over who was going to get Edge.  Edge scrambled away.  Edge got offense in on Taker, then backed off.  Batista attacked Taker from behind, then nailed him with a kneelift.  He clotheslined Taker out of the ring.  Taker landed on his feet and grabbed Edge by the throat and slammed him to the floor.

Taker nailed Batista, then legdropped him as he was laid out across the apron with his head exposed.  Edge leaped on the chance to try and pin Batista, but only got a two count.  Edge began working over Batista, then shoulderblocked Taker off the apron.  Batista grabbed Edge with a slam, then clotheslined him in the corner.

He charged Edge in the corner but was caught with a drop toehold.  Edge teased a spear but was caught with a kick to the face, then an over the shoulder powerslam.  Batista scored a two count but Taker broke up the pin.  Taker went to hit Edge with a guillotine legdrop but Batista nailed Taker with a running clothesline on the apron, sending him to the floor.

Batista caught Edge with a spinebuster, then tried to set him for the Batista Bomb.  Edge lowblowed him and went for a pin, but Taker pulled the referee to the floor.  Taker peppered Edge in the face and chest with punches in the corner, then hit a running splash in the opposite corner.  Taker hit Edge with snake eyes, then a big boot to the face.  Edge kicked out.

Taker walked the ropes and drilled Edge.  He tried to lock a triangle choke on Batista.  Outside the ring, Edge rang the timekeeper's bell, so Taker broke the hold.  Taker went after the referee but Edge speared him for a two count.    Edge then speared Batista and scored a two count.Edge grabbed a chair and placed them under Batista's head for a Conchairto, but Batista kicked him in the face.

Taker and Batista both got to their feet and went after each other.  Taker nailed a superplex on Batista. Batista took down Edge, but it turned out to be an imposter.  Batista called for the Batista Bomb, but Taker grabbed him with a chokeslam.  Taker chokeslamed the fake Edge.   Batista caught him with a kick and tried for the Batista Bomb but Taker drove him into the corner. 

Taker nailed Snake Eyes, but was caught with a clothesline by Batista.  Batista received a two count.   Batista went for the over the shoulder powerbomb but Taker reversed it into a tombstone piledriver.  Edge nailed Taker from behind with a chair, then drilled Batista with one and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE World champion Edge!

They booked the hell out of this as I don't think they ever let up the momentum the entire time.  As it turned out, there were two fake Edges, not one.  Decent match.

Overall, a very good show, way better than I think anyone expected coming in.  If you want to see some good wrestling, you'll enjoy this, although you may not love some of the finishes.


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