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By Buck Woodward on 2007-10-28 22:45:47

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Cyber Sunday.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

Cyber Sunday opened with a video playing up the "election style" aspect of the event and the various matches on the show, with a great deal of focus on the WWE and World Title matches. Michael Cole & JBL welcomed us to the show, live in Washington, D.C. 

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay in the fan's choice of a Stretcher Match, a Shillelagh On A Pole Match or a No Disqualification Match.

Finlay and Mysterio made their entrances, and the ring was set up for whatever stipulation was chosen.  Todd Grisham reviewed the match options and revealed the winning stipulation.  The results of the polling was:
Stretcher:  40%
Shillelagh On A Pole: 36%
No Disqualification: 24%

They locked up and Finlay shoved off Mysterio on a break in the corner.  Finlay pointed at the stretcher and slapped Mysterio, but Mysterio responded with kicks to the leg and punches. Finlay grabbed a single leg takedown and started smothering Rey on the mat.  Finlay threw Mysterio shoulder first into the ringpost, then hit a short arm clothesline.  Finlay slid Rey out of the ring and right onto the stretcher.  Finlay started to wheel it, but Mysterio rolled off and dropkicked Finlay's leg on the floor.  Finlay responded by ramming the stretcher into Rey's midsection.  Finlay lifted Rey in a suplex, then dropped Rey gut first across the stretcher.  Finlay put Rey on the stretcher, but Rey rolled off before he could cross the finish line. 

Finlay took Rey to ringside and rammed him into the ring apron.  Finlay took the stretcher back to ringside and Rey rolled into the ring.  Finlay hit an uppercut, and rammed Mysterio chest first into the ring apron from the floor.  Back in the ring, Finlay missed a clothesline and Rey hit a flying headscissors.  JBL had to tell Michael Cole it wasn't a hurricanrana.  Rey hit a dropkick and took Finlay to the floor.  Rey hit a kick to the head, and put Finlay on the stretcher.  Mysterio tried to roll the stretcher, but Finlay fell off. Finlay punched Rey and took it back into the ring.  Finlay realized the shillelagh was on the pole and thought about going for it, but Mysterio stopped him and hit a low dropkick.  Mysterio then went to climb the pole, but Finlay knocked him down.  Finlay went up and Rey joined him on the ropes.  Mysterio ended up sunset flipping Finlay off the top rope and powerbombing him to the mat. 

Rey climbed up and got the shillelagh, but Finlay crotched him on the top rope and grabbed the shillelagh.  Rey fell to the floor, and Finlay went outside and blasted him in the leg twice with the shillelagh.  Finlay went for the stretcher.  Mysterio went for a springboard, but Finlay moved, so Rey landed on the apron.  However, Finlay knocked Rey off the apron onto the stretcher.  Finlay started to wheel him, but Rey kicked Finlay while lying on the stretcher and rolled off.  Finlay rammed the stretcher into Rey twice, then rammed him back first into the ring apron and hit some forearms and kicks.  Finlay missed a ramming attempt with the stretcher and Rey rammed Finlay in the groin with it.  Mysterio hit a 619 using the bottom rope, knocking Finlay onto the stretcher.  Mysterio the hit a springboard senton onto Finlay on the stretcher. 

Rey went to wheel Finlay, but the stretcher got caught on a television camera cord.  They got untangled, and Finlay rolled off and rammed Rey into the metal part of the stretcher.  Finlay went for the shillelagh, but Mysterio grabbed Finlay into a flapjack onto the stretcher and rolled Finlay across the finish line for the win at the twelve minute mark. 

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

They showed still shots of Matt Hardy being stitched up last week.  We then saw footage taped "earlier today" where a bruised and bandaged Matt Hardy was in the locker room. MVP came in and said that he agrees with the medical professionals not allowing Matt Hardy to wrestle tonight.  MVP played up that he was concerned about his tag team partner, but he was "ready to go" tonight.  Matt said that Vickie Guerrero had decided that MVP would be defending the U.S. Title tonight, possibly against Mark Henry, Great Khali or Kane. MVP got worried, and said he has to go talk to Vickie Guerrero. 

JBL was already wearing a ref's shirt at ringside, playing up that there was still time to vote.  Then they talked about how we were now having a new poll, once to select MVP's opponent: Kane, Khali and Henry. 

We then had a segment on the Divas Halloween Costume Contest, with Maria (pussycat) and Victoria (sumo wrestler, with Kenny Dykstra as Mr. Fuji) asking for votes.  Ron Simmons came in on Victoria's segment and said "Damn". 

ECW Champion CM Punk vs. the fan's choice of John Morrison, Big Daddy V or The Miz.

Joey Styles and Tazz call their match of the night.  CM Punk made his entrance, then Todd Grisham reviewed the match options and revealed the winning stipulation.  The three challengers were shown standing together in the back.  The results of the polling was:
The Miz: 39%
John Morrison: 33%
Big Daddy V:  28%

They locked up at the bell, and Miz took Punk down with a waistlock, but Punk turned it right into a front facelock.  Miz reversed into a side headlock, but Punk got out with a top wristlock.  Punk took Miz down with a side mare.  Miz got out of the headlock, but Punk took him down with a side mare again.  Miz kept escaping, using a headscissors, but Punk would burst out and grab another side mare.  They started trading verbal barbs, then Punk hit some forearms and hit the old Tully Blanchard slingshot suplex for two.  Punk hit some knees to the chest, but Miz returned fire with a knee and a snap mare, then hit a legdrop.  Miz went to the top rope, but Punk hit some chops and set up for a superplex.  Miz tripped out of it and Punk fell to the mat. 

Crowd is not enjoying the match.  Miz worked over Punk in a corner and hit his jumping through the ropes clothesline. Miz scored a two count and applied a cravate.  Punk escaped and went for a cross bodyblock but landed on Miz' leg (he was on one knee) in a nasty looking spot.  Miz straddled Punk on the middle rope and got a two count, then applied a chinlock.  The fans chanted "Y2J".  Miz went to the top rope, but Punk jumped onto the second rope and hiptossed him off.  There was a chant for Punk now. Punk hit a pair of back elbows, then a kick to the gut.  Punk hit a series of kicks to the forehead, then Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner and a bulldog.  Punk hit a springboard clothesline for a two count.  Punk went for the GTS, but Miz floated over and rolled up Punk, grabbing the tights for a two count, but Punk reversed it and got a two of his own.  Miz hit a shot to the gut and went for the Reality Check, but Punk avoided it and grabbed the GTS, to a pop, for the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winner: CM Punk

Another Diva Costume contest segment.  Mickie James as an Indian Warrior Princess, Torrie Wilson as a Washington Redskin.  Probably not the best choice of custom for Torrie, even if they are in Washington!

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussed the WWE Championship match, and a video package on the Cyber Sunday match was shown.  Live in the arena, Todd Grisham and William Regal announced that the two men who were not selected to face Randy Orton would have a singles match right now.  The three challengers were shown standing together in the back.  The results were:
Shawn Michaels: 59%
Jeff Hardy: 31%
Ken Kennedy: 10%

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