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By Buck Woodward on 2007-10-28 22:45:47

A commercial for Wrestlemania was shown, pointing out that tickets go on sale this Saturday. 

Another WWE Diva Halloween costume contest segment.  Brooke (jungle girl Jane, with a snake) and Jillian Hall (Britney Spears, complete with dropping baby dolls).  Jim Ross said this is the worst costume contest ever. 

A video package on the Triple H-Vince McMahon feud (and Umaga's involvement) was shown. 

Triple H vs. Umaga in the fan's choice of a Street Fight, a First Blood Match or a Steel Cage Match.

Todd Grisham explained the stipulations for the Triple H vs. Umaga match, then revealed the results before the entrances.  The results were:
Street Fight: 57%
Steel Cage: 26%
First Blood: 17%

Fans live in the arena booed the results.  I guess they were hoping for the cage (which is hung above the ring, and now won't be used).  Triple H then made his entrance, followed by Umaga (who entered alone).  Triple H charged down the aisle as Umaga made his entrance and they began brawling near the stage set.  Umaga started to get the better of it, headbutting Triple H and throwing him down.  Triple H teased a Pedigree and Umaga teased a Samoan drop, but neither man hit their move.  They fought behind a piece of the set (which is like a giant computer), then then busted through it back into the view of the fans as Triple H hit a shoulderblock on Umaga. They battled into the crowd on the floor, trading punches.  They fought back to ringside, with Triple H ducking a charging Umaga.  Umaga flipped over the security wall and back to ringside.  

They made their way back into the ring, and Umaga missed an avalanche in the corner.  Triple H hit a series of punches, then went under the ring and pulled out a trash can.  Triple H blasted Umaga with the can to knock him down for a two count.  Triple H went for another can shot, but Umaga grabbed Triple H and hit a Samoan Drop.  Umaga hit a headbutt to the gut, then put Triple H in a corner and continued to work over his midsection.  Triple H fell to the mat, and Umaga hit a second rope sitdown splash on him.  Umaga hit a traditional splash for a two count, then the two made their way to the floor again. 

Umaga rammed Triple H into the apron, then threw him shoulder first into the ringsteps.  Back in the ring, Umaga continued to work over Triple H's ribs, but Triple H battled back with punches.  Umaga applied a side bear hug.  Triple H punched out of it, but Umaga planted him with a belly to belly suplex.  Umaga hit some punches in the corner, and set up for the running posterior smash, which he hit.  Triple H kicked out at two.  Umaga covered again, and Triple H kicked out.  Umaga went to the floor and got a chair.  Umaga went to use it, but Triple H hit him with a low blow.  Triple H then crotched Umaga with the chair.  Triple H hit a DDT on the chair for a two count.  Triple H hit a facebuster on his knee, then set up for a Pedigree, but Umaga lifted him and rammed him in a corner.  Umaga then ran into a Triple H boot to the face.  Triple H charged Umaga and Umaga caught him and planted him with a sidewalk slam. 

Triple H rolled to the floor and went to look under the ring, but Umaga came out and kicked him in the head.  Umaga took the lids off of all the announce tables. Umaga picked up a chair and swung at Triple H, but Triple H ducked and Umaga hit the ringpost.  Triple H tackled Umaga and they fell over the Smackdown announce table.  They two brawled behind all the announce tables, sending the announcers everywhere.  Umaga laid Triple H on the ECW announce table.  Umaga then got up on the Smackdown announce table, ran across it, ran across the Raw announce table, and then dove, putting Triple H through the ECW table with a splash. 

For some reason, referees were telling Umaga to "calm down", while Triple H was crawling back into the ring.  Umaga went to the top rope and tried for a splash, but Triple H rolled out of the way and Umaga crashed to the mat.  Triple H crawled back to the floor, went under the ring and pulled out the sledgehammer, to a pop.  Umaga was getting to his feet.  Triple H went for the sledgehammer shot, but Umaga hit Triple H in the gut.  Umaga set up for the Samoan Spike, but Triple H ducked it, picked up the sledgehammer and hit Umaga in the head with it.  Triple H hit the Pedigree for the pin at the seventeen minute mark. 

Winner: Triple H.

The Divas were gathered together in the back, and Todd Grisham, revealed that Mickie James won with 21% of the vote.  Kelly Kelly was second with 17%.  The heel Divas booed, the face Divas cheered, and the Divas never actually appeared in the arena. 

They announced that over 13 million votes were cast for tonight's show. 

They were about to announce the winner of the balloting for the special referee for the main event, when JBL interrupted, getting into the ring.  JBL said he was sure the fans had voted him in.  He was about to call himself the "wrestling god" when Mick Foley's music hit.  Foley came out, and he and JBL argued in the ring, off mic.  The results of the poll were then shown: 
Steve Austin: 79%
Mick Foley: 11%
JBL: 10%

An angry JBL started punching Mick Foley, and Foley returned fire.  JBL was knocked down as Steve Austin's music hit.  Austin hit the ring and gave Foley a stunner.  JBL gave Austin a clothesline and rammed him into a corner.  JBL hit some punches, and kicked Austin in the head.  JBL went for an Irish whip, but Austin reversed it.  Austin ran into a boot to the face by JBL.  JBL set up for a Clothesline From Hell, but Austin kicked JBL in the gut and hit a stunner.  Austin threw in a stomp to the head for good measure.  

World Champion Batista vs. The Undertaker with Steve Austin as special referee.

Jerry Lawler joined Michael Cole on commentary for the main event.   Batista charged Undertaker at the bell for a spear, but Undertaker sidestepped it and hit a boot to the face.  They locked up and jockeyed for position.  Batista ducked a punch and applied a side headlock.  Undertaker shoved it off and hit a boot to the face for a one count.  Taker kicked Batista in the head and threw Batista shoulder first into a corner.  Undertaker punched Batista's arm and wrapped it around the top rope. Batista fired off some punches and backed Taker into a corner for some shoulderblocks.  Batista rammed Taker into the turnbuckles and hit some punches and kicks.  Batista hit some body shots, but Taker hit a back elbow on Batista as he charged in for a two count. 

Undertaker applied a variation of a triangle choke on the mat, but Batista grabbed the ropes.  Undertaker broke the hold at four, rolled to the floor and hit Batista in the back of the head with a forearm, then kicked him in the head from the floor.  Undertaker got back into the ring and scored a two count.  Undertaker wrapped Batista's arm around the top rope, then headbutted it. Undertaker went for a jumping knee in the corner, but Batista moved out of the way and Taker smashed into the turnbuckles.  Batista kicked Undertaker through the ropes and to the floor.  Batista rammed Undertaker into the ring steps, and back first into the ring apron.  Back in the ring, Batista missed a clothesline and Undertaker hit the flying clothesline for a two count.  

Undertaker set up for Old School, but Batista crotched Undertaker on the top rope and set up for a superplex, but Undertaker knocked Batista back into the ring.  Undertaker missed a running kick in the corner, going all the way over the top rope and to the floor.  Batista took Undertaker back into the ring and worked over his back by dropping all his weight on it.  Taker grabbed Batista by the trunks and yanked him through the ropes and to the floor.  Undertaker put Batista on the apron and hit the legdrop.  Back in the ring, Undertaker scored a two count.  Undertaker put Batista in the corner and hit two avalanches.  Undertaker hit Snake Eyes, but Batista came right back with a running clothesline as Taker went for the boot to the face.  Batista scored a two count.  

Batista set up for a Batista Bomb, but Undertaker rammed him into a corner.  Batista reversed a whip, but Undertaker moved and Batista ran shoulder first into the ringpost.  Undertaker went for the Old School ropewalk.  Undertaker jumped off for the forearm, but Batista caught him and gave Undertaker a spinebuster.  Batista went for the cover, but Undertaker trapped him in a triangle choke.  Batista rolled the choke so Undertaker's shoulders were on the mat.  Austin began to count, so Undertaker had to release the hold.  Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Batista punched out of it.  Batista missed a clothesline and Undertaker nailed Batista with the chokeslam for a two count.  

Undertaker lifted Batista for a tombstone, but Batista floated over it and hit a spear for a two count.  Batista set up for the Batista Bomb, but Undertaker backdropped out of it.  Undertaker charged Batista, but Batista gave him a drop toe hold and Undertaker went face first into the middle turnbuckle.  Batista went for some punches in the corner, but Undertaker walked out of the corner with Batista and hit the Last Ride powerbomb.  Undertaker was slow to cover, and Batista got his shoulder up before the three count.  Undertaker called for the tombstone.  Undertaker lifted Batista for the tombstone, but Batista floated over and hit the spinebuster.  Undertaker kicked out before the three count. 

Undertaker sat up, and Batista's eyes bugged out.  Batista kicked Undertaker in the gut and hit the Batista Bomb.  Batista covered and Undertaker kicked out at 2.999999.  Batista looked stunned.  Batista screamed for Undertaker to get up.  Batista gave Undertaker a second Batista Bomb and got the three count at the seventeen minute mark. 

Winner: Batista. 

They showed replays of the finish, then we saw Undertaker slumped against the bottom rope, staring at Batista, who was holding the belt up on the rampway, to end the show. Elite Subscribers are able to listen to the exclusive post-PPV audio show.  You can become an Elite Subscriber by clicking here.

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