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By Mike Johnson on 2007-05-13 23:02:00

Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Sacrifice.  

This will be the final PPV where TNA uses the NWA letters and championships, so it will be interesting to see if they make an announcement or ignore it as the National Wrestling Alliance run their own storyline, which is my gut feeling.

For those wondering, the pre-game show was simply a taped replay of the "Road to Sacrifice" special from SpikeTV last night.

The PPV opened with a video feature on TNA's athletes and the Sacrifices they make to be the best in the industry.  It was a good piece.  Mike Tenay  welcomed everyone to the PPV before they blew up a ton of pyro.  Tenay then went right into a preview of the X-Division championship bout.

TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Dutt and Lethal teased dissension due to Sabin stirring the put but they then both turned their attention to him. Lethal tried for a quick rollup, but Dutt broke the pin.  They argued again.  Sabin charged them so they tossed him over the top to the floor.  Dutt and Lethal had a great back and forth exchange.  Dutt rolled up Lethal, then pulled him into a Camel Clutch.  Sabin broke it up with a dropkick to Lethal's face.  Sabin tried to forge an alliance with Dutt, but Dutt instead dropkicked him in the face.  Dutt nailed Sabin with headscissors.  Sabin drilled Lethal into the corner.  Crowd began dueling chants for Lethal and Sabin.  Sabin tried to keep Dutt outside the ring while working over Lethal.  

Lethal made a comeback and began jabbing Sabin with rights.  Sabin took Lethal down and teased a springboard move but Dutt tripped him and sent him from the apron to the floor.  Lethal came off the top with the double sledgehammer.  Dutt hit a Asai Moonsault to the floor on both.  Sabin tried to nail a hurrancarana on Dutt who avoids it.  Sabin tossed Lethal to the floor and worked over Dutt.  He suplexed Dutt, who kicked out.  

The cameras showed the debut of "Stomper" who was identified as TNA's new mascot.  It was a brown and yellow, kangaroo.  And, what, they couldn't find WCW's Wildcat Willie?

Sabin started stomping Dutt.  Sabin continued to slap and work over Dutt.  Dutt kicked Sabin in the face and nailed head scissors off the ropes.  Lethal returned and pressed Dutt, then tried for a faceplant, not really nailing it.  Dutt attacked Lethal from behind then hit a killer clothesline on Futt, who took a 360 degree bump.  Match is good so far.

All three made their way to their feet.  Sabin nails the Hesitation Dropkick on Dutt who kicked out.  Sabin elbowed Lethal and covered him.  He began peppering Lethal with punches but Lethal drilled him with a pair of kicks to the head.  Lethal hit a full nelson suplex on Dutt then hit the flying elbowe off the top on Sabin.  Dutt broke up the pinfall at the last second.

Dutt was backdropped onto the apron.  Lethal hit a backbreaker/faceplant combo on Sabin and covered him.  Dutt hit a 450 splash on both to break it up and covered each of them but they kicked up.  The place chanted, "This is awesome."  This is turning into a fun opener!  

Lethal got in Dutt's face, asking him what his problem was.  Sabin caused them to butt heads and rolled up Dutt for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion Chris Sabin!

After Sabin left, Dutt and Lethal began arguing and fighting with each other.  Kevin Nash came into the ring and separated them, but Dutt kicked Nash in the leg and walked out, screaming that they knew that was coming.  

Good opener, but they needed to go a little longer to be something really great.  Still, from bell to bell, this was all fun stuff and a nice way to kick off the PPV.  I don't get the idea of introducing a mascot (which I expect online fans will make fun of, but it is a nice idea for younger fans) in a throwaway 10 second camera shot, but if that's the worst complaint about the match, you know it was good stuff.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Robert Roode and Traci Brooks, who was still in a neckbrace.  Borash asked Roode where Eric Young was.  Roode said he was home, because he's owned by Roode and that's where he was told to be.  Roode says that Jarrett may be a former World champion and the King of the Mountain, but tonight he's going to make Robert Roode a superstar when he loses.  He says that everyone knows he owns Eric Young, but tonight, he will own Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside said Kevin Nash has something to say.  Nash said that he's not going to chase Sonjay Dutt around but Thursday on Impact, Dutt's ass is his.  They promoted the lineup tonight and called all of the belts "TNA World championships."  They then showed footage from "earlier today" where Basham and Damaja attacked Voodoo Kin Mafia during a meet and greet with the fans.  BG James was knocked unconscious when his head hit the concrete.  West noted that he was taken to the hospital and has a concussion.

They went to a video feature on Robert Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett.

Robert Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett

Roode attacked Jarrett on the ramp as Jarrett's pyro went off.  They brawled around ringside.  He picked up Jarrett and dropped him throat-first across the railing.  The crowd chanted for Jarrett.  Roode went for a piledriver, but Jarrett backdropped him.  Jarrett tossed him into the railing at ringside, then slams Roode's head into the commentator's table.  He tosses Roode into the ring and they ring the bell.

Jarrett takes Roode down with a drop toehold and then drills Roode's throat across the ropes.  He does the Fargo Strut and drills Roode.  Traci Brooks distracted him, but Roode nailed him from behind.  Jarrett was knocked over the ramp and then whipped into the ring steps.  Back in the ring, Roode strangled Jarrett over the ring ropes.  Jarrett comes back with a series of rights and backslide for a near fall.  Roode cuts off Jarrett and takes control.  Jarrett slams Roode for a near fall.

Roode locks on a sleeper in the middle of the ring, but Jarrett is able to reverse and cinch on one of his own.  Roode used a single leg takedown to escape and put Jarrett into a figure four leglock.  The crowd chanted, "Let's go Jarrett."  Jarrett finally got to the ropes but not before Roode used Broosk for extra leverage.  Roode and Jarrett battle back and forth, both connecting with a right hand at the same time, and then a double clothesline.  The story is that Roode is trying to mimic Jarrett by using his own signature moves against him. 

Jarrett backdropped Roode then kicked him low.  Roode used a thumb to the eye, then goes to the top.  Jarrett slams him off the top and goes for his own figure four leglock.  Brooks distracted the referee as Roode was tapping.  Jarrett took a swipe at her but she jumped off the apron.  Roode used the opportunity to snap Jarrett over the ropes, then ripped off a turnbuckle.  He tries to send Jarrett into it but Jeff blocked.  Roode then blocked an attempt by Jarrett to use the exposed corner, but Roode took his leg out.  He slams Jarrett's leg into the ringpost and tosses a chair into the ring.  Roode and the referee fought over the chair, which ended up snapping into Roode's face.  Jarrett hit the Stroke but Brooks dragged the referee out of the ring.  The referee threw her out.

As Jarrett and the ref were distracted, Roode used handcuffs as a weapon, punching Jarrett in the face.  He covered Jarrett, who kicked out.  Roode grabbed Jarrett's guitar.  He went to use it but the referee pulled it away.  Roode shoved the referee, who shoved him back.  Jarrett went for the Stroke but Roode blocked it.  Roode avoided the figure four and slammed Jarrett backwards into the exposed buckle.  Roode caught Jarrett with the fisherman's suplex (which Don West called the Perfectplex) and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Robert Roode!

Roode took the mic and said that he shocked the world.  He said that two weeks ago, he left Eric Young with a guitar around his neck and tonight it's Jarrett's turn.  He went to hit Jarrett with it but Jarrett nailed him and locked in the figure four.  Brooks hit the ring and was going to nail Jarrett from behind with the guitar but Eric Young hit the ring, took her down and locked her in the figure four as well.  Young checked on Jarrett.

A really good match with Jarrett being in the perfect role for him at this point, working with guys who need a veteran to help bring them to the next level.  The story of Roode using all of Jarrett's usual strategies against him was a nice touch.  I liked that they despite all the silly heel cliche things that went down, in the end, it was a clean finish after Roode countered Jarrett's signature moves.  I thought Young rescuing Jarrett at the end was a nice idea too.

So far, TNA is 2-2 in my opinion.

Leticia was backstage with NWA champion Christian Cage (and he had the NWA title with him).  Leticia said they were celebrating but wanted to know why.  Cage said that Steiner and Tomko would win the tag titles, AJ Styles was going to beat Samoa Joe and he was going to retain the belt.  Steiner said that Tomko wasn't here yet and if he doesn't show, he was holding Cage responsible.  Cage said Tomko always arrives late and he'll be there.  Styles said that his battles with Samoa Joe have been ugly in the past and they will be ugly tonight.  He said he isn't scared of Joe because he's got the rest of the group to back him up.  Cage and Steiner acted like they couldn't have cared less.  I hate seeing Styles acting like a clueless goof.  Cage promised he was going to make Kurt Angle and Sting destroy each other tonight.

Rhino vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels wore a Sting mask to the ring.  Yeah, let's program him against Sting after he gets killed by FOUR babyfaces on Impact!  Rhino and Daniels went into a feeling out process early.  Rhino shoulderblocked him down.  Rhino clotheslined Daniels.  Rhino backdropped him.  Daniels kneed Rhino but was tossed over the ropes.  Daniels landed on the apron and jumped at Rhino.  Rhino caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex.  He teased the Gore but Daniels escaped to the floor.  Rhino clotheslined him on the floor.  He went for a dive over the ropes but Daniels escaped it.  Rhino got right back up and hiptossed Daniels.  He went to Gore Daniels, who sidestepped and sent him shoulder-first into the ringpost.  Daniels used a sliding kick to send Rhino into the railing.

Daniels begin kicking Rhino's shoulder with kick after kick.  Rhino reversed an Irish Whip but Daniels kicked him in the shoulder.  Daniels continued to work over the shoulder, who finally fought his way back to his feet.  Rhino drilled Daniels with a backbreaker over the knees.  He hit a shoulderblock off a rebound on Daniels, but the story was that his left arm was too hurt to get the usual force behind it.  

Daniels came off the ropes but was caught with a powerslam.  Mike Tenay and Don West did a great job getting over the damage to the arm and telling the story of the match.  Daniels hit the STO on Rhino.  Rhino evaded a charge in the corner and hit a spinebuster on Daniels.  Daniels drilled Rhino to hit an STO and locked in a cross armbreaker.  Rhino finally got his foot on the ropes.  Daniels went right back after the shoulder.  He hit a leg lariat then went for the Best Moonsault Ever.  Rhino moved so Daniels landed on his feet. 

Rhino gets a two count with a shoulderblock.  Daniels went to the floor and grabbed a baseball bat.  Rhino tried to grab him, so Daniels drilled him with the bat and pinned him.

Your winner, Christopher Daniels!

Match was OK.  I liked the story of the shoulder but it really didn't play into the finish.  It made sense for Daniels to get the win as they need to rebuild him after that terrible Impact beatdown.  

Rhino took the mic and told Daniels that this wasn't going to be how his night ends and that he didn't come here to be a loser.  He chased Daniels to the back.  They brawled back into the Arena with Daniels' face not bloodied from a steel chair.  Rhino drilled him with a chair.  Rhino tossed two chairs into the ring, then rolled Daniels in.  He set up the chairs to face each other and set Daniels for the Rhinodriver off the ropes.  Security hit the ring and restrained Rhino as Daniels struggled to backstage, looking at the blood spilled on the way.

Video feature on VKM vs. Christy Hemme feud.

Backstage, Kip James said he was going to fight Basham and Damaja alone because BG James was injured.  James said that it's been fun until now but hospital visits aren't in the cards.  He said that the two jabronis didn't do it alone because they aren't that smart.  He said he was bringing a knife to a gun fight since he was outmanned, but he was going down fighting.  Where's VKM's pal Lance Hoyt?  James promised that Hemme tonight was going to get hers.  It was actually a good promo.

Kip James vs. Damaja & Basham

James kicked Bahsam in the face, then splashed him in the corner.  He went for the Famouser but Basham slid away.  Damaja caught him with a clothesline.  James went to the floor to catch his breath.  Crowd is quiet so far.  He shoulderblocked Damaja down but was caught with an elbow.  Damaja and Basham drilled James with a double-team elbow.  They nail James with a flapjack.  They continued to work over James.  James tricked them into butting heads and there was no reaction.  James hit a backdrop suplex on Damaja.  James began unloading on them.  He backdropped Basham.  Damaja hits the "Brain Damage" sitdown headbutt.  Basham came off the top with a headbutt and scored the pin.

Your winners, Damaja and Basham!

They went to keep beating down James but he fought them off.  He went to grab Hemme but was blindsided and beaten down.  Lance Hoyt hit the ring with Tenay saying, "I guess his plane made it."

Crowd didn't seem to buy this as anything important live.  It was what it was.

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