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By Mike Johnson on 2007-05-13 23:02:00

James Storm vs. Chris Harris video feature.

Leticia interviewed Chris Harris backstage asking him what's going through his mind. He pointed to an America's Most Wanted t-shirt. He asked Storm if he remembered the heart and soul that went into the team. He said that if Storm wanted to end the team, that would have been fine but Storm tried to end Harris' career. He said that day after day he had to wake up wondeirng if he'd have his sight and his career back. Harris promised that Storm was going to get his payback and his nightmare was going to become Storm's.

James Storm (with Jackie Moore) vs. Chris Harris - Texas Death Match

No Gail Kim at ringside. They started brawling on the ramp. It's already better then the Lockdown match. Harris strangled Storm with handcuffs. They tumbled over the rail and into the crowd. They brawled up the bleachers and around the building. Harris teased throwing Storm off the back of the bleachers. They continued to brawl. Storm tried to escape, falling down the stairs in the process. Storm was whipped into the wall of the Impact Zone. Harris returned to the ring, drank a beer to mock Storm, then dove off the top into the crowd on Storm and several Security members. So far, so good!

Harris covered Storm on the floor outside and got the three count. Storm has 10 seconds to answer the bell or the match is over. He gets up at the 8 count.

Storm returns to the ringside area where Harris grabs him and tosses him back into the ring. Harris goes to the top but Storm flings a chair into his face. Harris ends up upside down hanging outside the ring. Storm drills him with a chair outside the ring while he's hanging. Harris is bleeding. Storm pulled a table out from under the ring and sets it up in the ring as Harris struggles to his feet.

Storm puts Harris on the top rop and teases a Frankensteiner but Harris holds on. They go back and forth. Harris tries to go for a Sharpshooter but finally stomps him. Storm ends up under the table and Harris catapults him up into the bottom of the table. Storm is bleeding a ton, with the story being that the metal under the table caught him. Really innovative spot. Harris tried to suplex Storm into the table but Storm escaped and kicked him low. He grabbed Harris in the Whirlybird, dropping him into the table.

Storm covered Harris and got the three count. Harris got up at the nine count. Crowd popped for it.

Storm attacks Harris and takes him out. He grabs another table from under the ring. You could see the blood splattering all over the table and floor as Storm was outside the ring. He sets the table up outside at ringside. Storm tries to powerbomb him out of the ring but Harris avoids it. Harris ends up outside on the apron and shoulderblocks Storm, but is caught and DDT'd.

Storm goes back outside and tosses in weapons including a trash can and some lids. He got back on the apron, where Harris speared him through the ropes with both crashing through the table at ringside. Harris caught his feet in the ropes and is lucky he didn't land on his head. It was a great spot. Harris covered Storm but Jackie Moore broke up the pin.

Harris waited for Storm to return to the ring with a chair. He went to use it but storm ducked and superkicked the chair into Harris' face. Harris got his shoulder up at the last moment. Great stuff. Storm began destroying Harris with a trash can lid. Harris grabbed a lid of his own and they began beating the hell out of each other. Harris nailed Storm with the Catatonic on a trash can, but Storm kicked out at two.

Jackie Moore tried to interfere but Gail Kim hit ringside, handcuffed her and dragged her out.  James Storm grabbed a beer bottle to smash over Chris Harris' head but before he could use it, Harris smashed one of his own over Storm's head.  Harris made the cover.  Storm was unable to answer the bell.

Your winner, Chris Harris!

This was easily the best thing thus far on the show - brutal, bloody, violent, and fun.  Everything that was wrong about this feud was easily redeemed tonight.  Everyone involved here did a great job and this was exactly what a heated grudge match should be.

They went right backstage where a bloodied Christopher Daniels is talking to Sting.  There's no audio.  Sting tells Daniels that he doesn't get it.  Daniels said that he received and interpreted the message from Sting perfectly.  He walks off.  Sting looks confused for a moment, then goes into a promo on Kurt Angle.  He says that Angle is a real tough guy going after him from behind.  He then warns Christian Cage to not worry about causing problems because Angle is doing a great job all by himself.  He promises that later on, it will be showtime.

Mike Tenay and Don West recap the big moments in the Texas Death Match.  That was a great idea, as it gets over the performers and the importance of the moment.  The only downside was that TNA went to the backstage segment so quick that they likely missed a special moment in the ring as you could loudly hear the fans chanting "Thank you" to Harris and Storm during the backstage segment.


Jerry Lynn vs. Senshi vs. Alex Shelley vs. Tiger Mask

[Note: Match recap courtesy due to technical difficulties.  Thanks guys!]

Senshi and Lynn started out. They exchanged holds and takedowns before Senshi missed a foot stomp coming out of a sunset flip. Senshi locked in a cross armbar but Shelley blind tagged himself in and worked over Lynn’s arm. Lynn reserved things around and started to work Shelley’s arm before tagging out to Tiger Mask. Shelley tagged straight out, meaning we have Senshi vs Tiger Mask in there.

After some jockeying for position, Tiger Mask hit a dropkick. Lynn tagged back in and took TM down. Shelley tagged himself back in but Lynn then tagged TM back in. Shelley hit TM with a stunner of sorts but TM got right back into it with a standing moonsault for a two count. TM landed a kick to the head and hit a double underhook suplex from the top rope on Shelley. Senshi got tagged him and hit a springboard kick to TM. Shelley then kicked Senshi in the face before Senshi responded with a kick to the back of the head. We’re entering spotfest territory now.

Lynn hit a springboard dropkick to Shelley on the outside as Senshi chopped the hell out of TM. TM went for a tiger suplex but it was blocked. They did a cool looking three way sunset flip spot before Lynn hit TM with a TKO. Shelley kicked Lynn in the head but missed a follow up. Lynn went to the ropes but was hit by a somersaulting Senshi. Lynn went for a cradle piledriver from the top but TM blocked it. Shelley then superkicked Lynn. He hit a hurricanrana off the top but Lynn rolled through and got the pin on Shelley.

Winner: Jerry Lynn.

Shelley attacked Lynn. Lynn took him down with a Lou Thesz press until Chris Sabin hit the ring and they laid out Lynn. Bob Backlund made the save and took out both Sabin and Shelley.

Another really good match.  Short but they packed as much as they could into it.  I really don't think Shelley and Sabin, who are on the cusp of tag greatness, should be humbled by Bob Backlund, but that's my only criticism of an otherwise good segment.

Backstage, Leticia interviewed Tomko. He said that he was tired of being questioned about where he is because if he's not here, he's taking care of business elsewhere. He said that if he said he was going to be here he will be. Tomko said it's one thing to be questioned by Cage, but not by Steiner, who he says is an idiot.

NWA Tag Team champions Team 3D vs. LAX vs. Scott Steiner & Tomko

Scott Steiner and Homicide started. Steiner slammed him and manhandled him early. Brother Ray got involved and hit a back suplex on Steiner. Steiner came back with a suplex on his own. Homicide dropkicked them both at the same time. The crowd was big-time behind LAX. Homicide and Steiner doubled on Ray. Devon tags in and 3D works over Steiner. Tomko and Devon trade punches. Hernandez tagged in and slingshot himself in with a shoulderblock on Tomko. Devon hit Hernandez with a Lou Thesz Press.

Steiner and Tomko pulled Devon into the ringpost, crotching him. Hernandez slingshot Devon into a Homicide clothesline. Steiner dropped an elbow on Devon. Hernandez choked Devon over the ropes. Devon clotheslined Hernandez in the corner but was then kicked low. They battled on the ropes. Hernandez sends Devon crashing into the ring, then hits a splash off the ropes. Tomko breask up the pin, then pulled Hernandez to the ring to tag himself in. Devon drilled Tomko with a DDT.

Brother Ray finally got the hot tag and cleaned house on LAX. He armdragged Homicide and DDT'd Tomko. Everyone got involved. Steiner hit a belly to belly on Homicide. Hernandez hit an over the shoulder backbreaker on Steiner. 3D did the wazzup headbutt on Homicide. 3D called for the tables but when they went outside, Hernandez did a running dive onto Devon. Ray grabbed him and slammed him into the guard rail.

Tomko and Steiner went for the Doomsday Device but missed and Homicide hit a forward roll on Steiner for a two count. Homicide got tossed to the floor. Tomko and Steiner had words in the ring and Tomko waved him off. Ray rolled up Tomko for a two count. Team 3D nailed the death Drop on Tomko and scored the pin.

Your winners and still NWA Tag Team champions, Team 3D!

OK match. Everyone was trying but it never really flowed because there were so many people involved. Homicide and Hernandez were really working their asses off.

Steiner and Tomko had words and began brawling in the ring. Tomko got the better of him when Rick Steiner hit the ring and attacked Tomko. Looks like we'll finally get the Steiners vs. Team 3D in TNA.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was interviewed in "Sting's set." Angle said that Sting called him a gym teacher once when the truth is he goes to Wal-Mart before every show to get paint to look like Ronald McDonald. He told someone off camera to turn off the effects. He rapped on the metal behind him and said, "See Sting, that's a garage door. Nothing special." He told Sting he didn't need to fly from the ceiling like caped crusader or "howl like some biotch". He said Sting was a cartoon character while Angle was a wrestler and that's the difference between them. He said, "This gym teacher is about to scold you and that's real, it's damn real." Nice serious promo from Angle.

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