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By Buck Woodward on 2007-04-29 22:44:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Backlash.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often!

Backlash opened with a video package about Wrestlemania and the events that have followed leading to the three main events tonight.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show, then tossed it over to Joey Styles & Tazz, who then tossed it to Michael Cole & JBL.  I guess we won't have to worry about any announcers losing their voices tonight.

World Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler called this one.  Ross put over that Murdoch was trained by Harley Race and Cade was trained by Shawn Michaels.  I believe that's the first time that has ever been mentioned on WWE television.  Matt started off with Cade, with Cade backing Matt into a corner and breaking clean.  They locked up again, and Matt grabbed a headlock and took Cade to the mat. There was a chant for the Hardys.  Cade shoved Matt into the ropes and hit a back elbow, then decked Matt with a right hand.  Matt came back with punches and hiptossed Cade, then gave Murdoch one when he ran in.  Murdoch rolled to the floor, and Matt went back to the headlock.  Cade pulled Matt into his corner by the hair and tagged in Murdoch.  Murdoch missed a clothesline and Matt slammed him, then hit a fistdrop.  Jeff tagged in and hit a slingshot dropkick on his way in. The Hardys hit Murdoch with an elbowdrop/legdrop combo for a two count, then a double elbow and a senton/fistdrop combo. 

Jeff hit Murdoch with a Whisper In The Wind, which ended up more like a Blockbuster, but Cade broke up the cover.  Cade and Murdoch were sent to the floor, and Jeff used Matt as a springboard to jump over the top rope onto both opponents. Back in the ring, Matt gave Murdoch a second rope elbow to the back of the head for a two count.  Matt hit a clothesline in a corner, then went for a bulldog, but Murdoch shoved Matt into a corner and hit a clothesline to the back of the head.  Cade and Murdoch double teamed Matt in their corner, and Cade went for a powerbomb, but Hardy reversed it into a Russian legsweep.  Jeff tagged in and dropkicked Cade to the floor, then clotheslined Murdoch.  Jeff tried for a kick to the floor, but Cade caught it and yanked Jeff down hard to the floor.  Back in the ring, Cade hit Jeff with a spinebuster for a two count as Matt broke up the cover.

Cade slammed Jeff, then tagged in Murdoch and lifted him up for an elevated legdrop on Jeff.  Murdoch gave Jeff a neckbreaker.  Cade clotheslined Hardy for a two count. Jeff blocked a suplex attempt by Murdoch and rolled him into a small package for a two count.  Murdoch came back with a boot to the face, then dragged Jeff to his corner to work him over more.  Cade put Jeff in a chinlock, but Jeff got out with a jawbreaker.  Murdoch tagged in and gave Jeff a back suplex for a two count.  Murdoch hit some crossface blows, then tagged in Cade, who hit a knee to Jeff's back.  Murdoch tagged right back in and stomped Jeff.  Jeff kicked away a backdrop attempt by Murdoch.  Cade tagged in, but Jeff hit him with an enzugiri.  Murdoch tagged back in and knocked Matt off the apron and kept Jeff from making a tag.  Murdoch went for a jump off the second rope, but Jeff got his feet up.  Murdoch stopped himself, but missed an elbowdrop and Matt got the hot tag.  Matt knocked Cade out of the ring and bulldogged Murdoch for a two count.  Jeff went for a jump off of Matt on Murdoch in the corner, but Murdoch was moved by Cade and Jeff hit the corner hard (looked like he slipped, as he hit the middle turnbuckle).  Matt hit a Side Effect on Murdoch, but Cade jumped off the top rope with a double axhandle to break it up.  Murdoch hit a slow motion Canadian Destroyer for a two count on Matt.

Murdoch went for a fireman's carry, but Matt turned it into a Twist Of Fate. Cade pulled Matt to the floor from ringside, and while Matt fought Cade on the floor, Jeff hit Murdoch with a Swanton Bomb.  Matt slid back into the ring after outpunching Cade and covered Murdoch for the win at the sixteen minute mark.

Winners: Matt & Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, Shane McMahon was psyching up Umaga. Vince McMahon showed up, wearing a skullcap.  Vince said if they win the match tonight, they will put the ECW World Title on Shane McMahon.  Shane seemed to like the idea, but then came back and said that after what Bobby Lashley did to Vince, he thinks Vince should be the ECW World Champion. Shane and Vince were both giving each other dirty looks behind the others' back.

Women's Champion Melina vs. Mickie James.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call their second match of the night here.  Melina grabbed a hammerlock at the start, but Mickie reversed out of it and grabbed an armbar.  Melina reversed, but Mickie cartwheeled out of it and hit a monkeyflip.  Mickie took Melina to the mat with a side headlock, but Melina grabbed a headscissors to get out.  Mickie kipped up out of the headscissors.  Melina hit a kick to the gut and took Mickie down with a headlock, and not it was Mickie using a headscissors to break out.  Melina pulled out it it, then complained about being poked in the eye, which was a distraction for a sucker punch.  Melina hit some shots, but Mickie came back with shoulderblocks in a corner and a monkeyflip, followed by a series of right hands.  Melina came back with a shot to the throat, but Mickie kicked Melina as she charged at her.  Mickie went to the top rope, but Melina shoved her off and Mickie fell hard to the floor. 

Mickie made it back to the ring by the eight count and Melina threw Mickie by the hair for a two count.  Melina choked Mickie on the ropes, then kicked her to the mat for a two count.  Melina applied a full nelson with her legs, and rolled Mickie into a pinning position for a two count.  Melina then used the ropes for leverage, but got caught, so Melina had to break the hold.  Melina went for a suplex, but Mickie rolled her into a small package for a two count.  Melina stood on the middle rope and picked up Mickie by the throat for a choke.  Melina then drove Mickie to the mat with a vertical bodypress.  Melina pulled Mickie by the hair and got a two count.  Melina put Mickie in a crossface chickenwing, but Mickie broke out.  Mickie went for a kick, but Melina caught it and yanked her to the mat, into a split.  Mickie then swept Melina's leg and she fell into a split.  Both women, on the mat in splits, started punching it out.  Mickie got the better of the exchange, then hit a dropkick. Mickie hit a series of punches, tossed Melina by the hair, then hit a neckbreaker for a two count.

Melina kneed Mickie in the gut.  Mickie caught a charging Melina in a headscissors, but Melina threw it off, sending Mickie to the apron.  Mickie hit a forearm from the apron, then went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress for a two count. Melina eye gouged Mickie, then hit a reverse DDT for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Melina.

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