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By Buck Woodward on 2007-04-29 22:44:00

They plugged Judgment Day, which takes place in three weeks. 

Vince McMahon (who never lost his do rag tonight) and Shane McMahon were shown in the back, and they sent Umaga to the showers.  Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Sandman and Tommy Dreamer were standing in the back.  Vince said he was an "Extreme" Champion.  The McMahons mocked RVD and Sabu's poses, and Vince grabbed Sandman's beer and drank it.  Shane and Vince chanted "E-C-Dub" as they walked away.  Sandman moved like he was going to go after them, but Dreamer held him back and just glared at the departing McMahons.  

The history leading to Batista vs. Undertaker was shown. 

World Champion The Undertaker vs.  Batista in a Last Man Standing match.

JBL and Cole had the call for this match, obviously.  The only way for the match to end is when a wrestler is down for a ten count.  Batista has his right thigh bandaged, Undertaker has his right elbow taped up.  Batista ran right into a big boot by Undertaker at the bell, and the champion followed with some elbowdrops.  Taker whipped Batista across the ring, but ran into a Batista elbow.  Undertaker ducked a chokeslam, but Batista elbowed out of it.  Taker hit a weak flying clothesline.  Taker hit two headbutts, then went for the Old School ropewalk and hit the forearm to the back.  Undertaker hit two more headbutts, but Batista reversed a whip and hit a powerslam, almost losing the handle.  Batista actually told the referee to count him, and we're only three minutes in.  Taker was up at six, and Batista knocked Undertaker to the floor.  Batista went to ram Taker into the ringsteps, but Taker blocked it and rammed Batista into the steps.  Undertaker hit some kicks and punches on the outside, including a kick to Batista's bad leg.  Taker rammed Batista into the steps again, then kicked the bad leg twice.  Batista fired back with punches, but Taker kicked his bad leg again.  

Undertaker placed Batista on the ring apron and kicked him in the head, then delivered the ring apron legdrop.  Undertaker went to whip Batista into the ring steps, but Batista reversed it and sent Taker knees first into the steps.  Batista rolled Undertaker back into the ring.  Batista started climbing the ropes, but Undertaker hit him with two punches.  Undertaker set up for a superplex, but Batista threw some punches.  Taker responded with headbutts, then took Batista down with the superplex.  The referee counted, with Taker up at eight and Batista right behind him.  Batista was favoring the leg greatly.  They traded punches, and Batista ducked a shot and hit a clothesline.  Taker got up at eight, and Batista hit another clothesline.  Batista slammed Undertaker, then hit a legdrop... with his bad leg.  Taker grabbed Batista by the trunks and pulled him through the ropes and to the floor.  Undertaker pulled the top off of the Smackdown announce table and removed the monitors.  Undertaker went for Batista, but Batista whipped him into the security wall. Batista went to slam Undertaker on the table, but Taker blocked it and gave Batista a backbreaker on the floor.  

Undertaker grabbed a section of ring steps and hit Batista in the head with them.  Batista was busted open, but got up before the ten count.  Undertaker hit a series of punches, then put Batista on the announce table.  Undertaker stood on the security wall, then legdropped Batista through the Smackdown announce table.  Batista used the security wall to pull himself up at the nine count.  Undertaker tossed Batista back in the ring and hit a pair of avalanches in the corner.  Underaker hit Snake-Eyes, then went for a boot to the face, but Batista got a burst of adrenaline and hit him with a spear as he bounced off the ropes.  Taker got up at seven, but Batista put him down with a spinebuster.  Undertaker started to get up, and Batista gave him two spinebusters in a row.  Undertaker got up at nine, and Batista went for the Batista Bomb, but Taker drove him into the corner.  Batista went for a punch, but Undertaker ducked it and chokeslammed him.  Both men were down.  Taker got up at seven, Batista barely got up at nine.  Undertaker stood on the second rope and hit some punches, but Batista pulled him off the ropes and powerbombed him.  Batista was up at four, Undertaker barely got up at nine.  

Batista went to ringside and grabbed a steel chair.  Batista hit a chair shot to the head, then pulled Taker up off the mat and set up for a powerbomb on the chair.  Undertaker blocked it and backdropped Batista, who hit his bad leg on the chair.  Batista got to his feet, but Undertaker grabbed him and hit the tombstone.  Batista managed to get up at nine, then slumped on the ropes.  Taker kicked Batista to the floor, then punched him up the rampway.  They made it to the entrance stage and Undertaker teased throwing him off.  Batista fought back with punches, then set up for a powerbomb on the stage.  Undertaker punched Batista's bad leg to escape, then kicked it.  Taker hit a boot to the face, then a punch.  Undertaker lifted Batista, but Batista floated over him.  Batista speared Undertaker, and they both went off the stage.  They went through a platform, and two sets of steel scaffolding that made up part of the set fell down.  There was also that really silly pyro blast that goes off when guys get knocked "into production equipment".  The referee counted both men out at the twenty one minute mark.  

Result: Draw. 

Undertaker slowly got up and rolled out of the wreckage.  Batista did the same on the far side of the stage.  Undertaker got his belt and walked off as they showed replays of the spear off the stage. 

A commercial for The Condemned was shown.

They showed the results of a text message poll to pick a winner in tonight's final match.  Cena got 50%, Michaels 34%, Orton 10% and Edge 6%. 

The events leading to the Fatal Four Way match was shown.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels.

Everyone stared at each other at the start.  Michaels and Cena started talking.  Edge and Orton approached them, and there was more talking.  Michaels slugged Edge and Cena slugged Orton.  Edge and Orton were knocked out of the ring, and Michaels started chopping Cena.  Cena came back with a cradle suplex on Michaels for a two count, but Michaels gave him a neckbreaker.  Orton came in and clotheslined Michaels.  Edge attacked Cena.  Cena and Michaels were knocked out of the ring, and Edge and Orton had a staredown.  They began exchanging punches, and Orton hit a dropkick, knocking Edge to the floor.  Cena threw Edge back in.  Michaels pulled Orton out and they exchanged punches, then Cena clotheslined both of them on the floor.  Edge then hit Cena with a baseball slide kick.  All four men on the floor.  Edge whipped Orton into the ringsteps.  Edge slammed Cena, then Michaels slammed Edge.  Michaels went to the top rope and did a moonsault to the floor on all three opponents.

Michaels threw Edge back into the ring, then chopped him.  Edge fired back with a forearm and rammed Michaels into the top turnbuckle.  Edge and Michaels clotheslined each other, so both were down.  Cena came in via the top rope and gave Edge and Michaels simultaneous legdrops to the back of the head as they were getting up off the mat.  Orton ran in and clotheslined Cena.  Orton tossed out Michaels, then Edge.  Orton and Cena slugged it out, and Orton hit Cena with a side backbreaker.  Orton did the Garvin Stomp, then hit a knee drop for a two count.  Cena mounted a comeback, but missed a charge and went shoulder first into the ringpost.  Cena fell to the floor.  Michaels got in and started trading shots with Orton.  Michaels hit a flying forearm and kipped up, but Edge hit him with a heel kick.  Edge covered Michaels, but Orton pulled him off.  Edge pulled Orton off as he tried to cover him.  Edge then tried to convince Orton to work together. 

Orton and Edge whipped Michaels across the ring and stomped him.  Cena got on the apron, but Edge knocked him back to the floor, and Cena bounced off the announce table.  Orton pounded Michaels with punches.  Edge and Orton whipped Michaels into a corner, then gave him a double backdrop.  Orton and Edge applied a double team Boston Crab.  Ross wondered who wins if Michaels taps out.  Cena came in and hit a double Throwback on Edge and Orton to break up the move.  Cena gave Edge and Orton clotheslines and shoulderblocks, then gave a shoulderblock to Michaels.  Orton and Michaels rolled to the floor.  Cena gave Edge a back suplex.  Cena did the "You Can't See Me" and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop on Edge.  Michaels and Orton pulled Cena to the floor and threw him into the ringpost.  Michaels then threw Orton into the ring post.

Michaels threw Orton onto the Raw announce table.   Michaels teased that he was going to give him a piledriver, but Edge gave Michaels a chairshot to the back to break it up.  Orton gave Edge a thumbs up for the save, and Edge gave Orton a chairshot to the head.  Edge got in the ring with the chair and went after Cena, but Cena gave Edge a drop toe hold and applied the STFU.  Michaels was still out on the announce table, and Orton was out on the floor.  Edge struggled and finally made the ropes for a break.  Orton was slowly getting into the ring, and Cena tripped him and applied the STFU.  Michaels came in, and Cena released his hold and went for Michaels' leg, but Michaels rolled him into a small package for two.  Michaels hit a forearm on Cena and kipped up.  Michaels gave Cena a reverse backdrop.  Michaels gave one to Edge, then tossed him from the ring.  Michaels gave one to Orton, then tossed him from the ring.  Michaels slammed Cena, then hit a top rope elbow. 

Michaels set up to give Cena a superkick, but Edge ran back in.  Michaels dodged his charge, slammed Edge and gave him a top rope elbow.  Orton rolled in and Michaels slammed him.  Michaels headed for the top rope, but Cena stopped him and set up for a second rope FU.  Edge and Orton grabbed Cena by the legs and fell backwards, so Cena was given a double back suplex and Michaels was on the receiving end of a second rope Samoan Drop. 

Orton and Michaels rolled to the floor. Edge stumbled into an FU, but Edge countered, then Cena countered, then Edge countered, then Cena lifted Edge for the FU.  Michaels ran in, and Cena lifted Edge AND Michaels, stacked up, for an FU.  Michaels floated off and set up for a superkick, but Orton ran in and gave Michaels an RKO.  Cena, seeing Orton covering Michaels, dropped Edge and broke up Orton's cover on Michaels. Edge gave Cena a DDT, but Cena kicked out. 

Edge went for a spear on Cena, but Cena leapfrogged it, and Orton grabbed Edge for an RKO. 

But, Edge shoved off Orton into Cena, who lifted Orton for an FU. 

But, Orton floated over and went for the RKO on Cena.

But, Cena shoved off Orton, and Edge hit Orton with a spear. 

Cena grabbed Edge and gave him an FU.

Michaels superkicked Cena, who fell on top of Orton, and fell down.  The referee counted Cena's unconscious cover of Orton before Michaels could break it up and Cena gets the pin on Orton at the twenty minute mark.

Winner: John Cena.

They showed a lot of replays of the back and forth crazy finish.  Back live, Michaels and Cena were left in the ring.  Michaels and Cena exchanged words, while the announcers pointed out how Michaels had the match won but Cena lucked out with his cover of Orton.  Michaels walked out, and stared at Cena from the stage, while Cena held the belt up in the air in the ring to end the PPV. Elite Subscribers can enjoy the coverage on an ad-free site, and also enjoy our exclusive post-PPV audio show.  You can become an elite subscriber by clicking here.

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