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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-02-11 23:00:00

We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Renee Young.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are in the ring to start things off.

Stephanie welcomes everyone to Raw and she mentions Elimination Chamber on Sunday and the Women's Tag Title Match as well as Daniel Bryan's defense of the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber.  They also mention Ronda Rousey's match against Ruby Riott.  Hunter says if Ronda wins, she will go to Wrestlemania (point at sign) to face Becky Lynch.  Hunter says that was the plan until this happened, and we see the footage from last week's Raw.

Stephanie says they are going to do what is best for business.  Stephanie says that Becky saw her doctors so . . . 

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. Would you bet money that she will apologize?  If so, be sure to bet only with the UK's best betting sites to get the best value.

Becky says it is nice to be here.  It is nice to see Hunter and Stephanie doing so well.  The swelling on your face went down and Becky says she will hit Steph harder next time.

Hunter says it is time to put things behind them.  Hunter says he wants to apologize for what he said on Smackdown about manufacturing an injury.  Hunter says that the WWE doctors conferred with Becky's doctors and they agree that there is no structural damage in the knee and after some rehab, Becky will be medically cleared.  The suspension is lifted.  

Stephanie says the match at Wrestlemania is official.  Stephanie says the match will take place if . . . and only if, you can do just one little thing.  

Becky sys she knew there would be a catch. 

Stephanie says that Becky is a role model to girls everywhere and every act has its consequences.

Hunter says that all Becky has to do is apologize to Stephanie and to him.

Becky says she went to a doctor and that is what they wanted.

Stephanie tells Becky not to be stubborn . . . 

Becky tells Stephanie to shut her face and she says she does not trust Stephanie, Hunter, or Vince since they have been screwing people for decades.  Becky says they are trying to steal her opportunity.  Becky says she will fight anyone including Stephanie, Hunter, or Vince.  Becky tells them to take their apology and shove it up their ass.

Becky and Stephanie get in each other's face until Hunter tells them to calm down.  She tells Becky this is not the hill to die on.  Hunter tells Becky to put her stubbornness behind her.  Do you want to fight here or at Wrestlemania?  Do you want everything you worked for or do you want to throw it away?  Hunter says he is giving her a choice and she has until the end of the night.  Will you fight for your dream against Ronda Rousey, or will you choose to throw it all away?  The choice is yours.

Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way to the ring for their match.

Sasha says they have been through it all this year.  Bayley mentions all of the things Sasha has done.  Sasha says they are stronger than ever and they will achieve their dream.

Nia Jax says Sunday isn't about dreams coming true or chaos.  Nia says they are the same size as the other five teams combined.  It will be called the Samoan Slaughterhouse.

Match Number One:  Sasha Banks and Bayley versus Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka versus Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan in a Loser Starts the Elimination Chamber Match Match

Nia and Sasha start things off and Sasha with a slap.  Sasha tags Liv into the match.  Liv goes for a cross body and bounces off Nia. Bayley and Sasha get off the apron to avoid a tag.  Liv with a kick and Sarah tags in.  Sarah with forearms and a head butt, but Nia shakes it off.  NIa goes for a Samoan drop but Sarah gets to her feet.  Nia with a head butt and Tamina tags in.  Sarah sends Tamina into the turnbuckles and Liv tags in and gets a near fall.  Tamina with a punch to Liv followed by a slam for a near fall.

Tamina with a reverse chin lock.  Tamina sends Liv to the mat and Nia tags in.  Nia with a kick and she pushes Liv to the mat.  Nia pulls Liv away from her corner to prevent a tag.  Liv with forearms and a drop kick.  Liv with another drop kick.  Bayley tags in and Bayley with a cutter attempt in the ropes but Liv pushes Bayley away and she runs into Nia.  Ruby sends Sasha into the ringside barrier and then Sarah with a knee to Sasha as we go to commercial.

We are back and the medical staff is checking on Sasha while Liv has Bayley in a reverse chin lock.  Tamina tags in and head butts Bayley.  Bayley with a rollup for a near fall.  Bayley with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  Bayley with a hot shot to Tamina and Sarah is pulled to the floor by Sarah.  Liv and Sarah with a double drop kick to Tamina followed by a kick from Liv and a running knee from Sarah.  Liv tags in and Sarah slams Liv onto Tamina for a near fall.  Sarah tags in and Tamina with a back elbow.  Nia tags in and biels Sarah and hits a splash into the corner.  Nia with an elbow drop.  Nia with a Cobra Clutch.

Sarah with elbows and Nia pushes Sarah into the corner.  Nia misses a shoulder into the corner and hits the post.  Tamina tags in and knocks Liv off the apron.  Tamina with a Samoan drop to Sarah.  Tamina goes up top and goes for the splash but Sarah gets her knees up.  Liv tags in and Bayley tags in.  Bayley with clotheslines and a forearm.  Bayley runs Liv into the corner and then hits a running knee into the corner.  Bayley goes for the cutter in the ropes but Tamina tries to interfere and Bayley hits Liv and Tamina with cutters in the ropes.  Bayley with a drop kick through the corner on Liv.

Bayley with a drop kick through the corner on Nia and then Bayley clotheslines Ruby.  Bayley with a running knee lift and Bayley goes to the turnbuckles and hits the elbow drop but Sarah breaks up the cover.  Bayley with a Saito suplex to Sarah.  Liv with an inside cradle on Bayley for a near fall.  Liv with a kick but Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Tamina with a super kick to Bayley.  Tamina pulls Liv into the corner and Nia tags in and Nia with a Samoan drop on Bayley for the three count.

Winners:  NIa Jax and Tamina (Bayley and Sasha Banks must start the Elimination Chamber Match)

Elias is in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Elias is in the ring.

We cut to the back and Finn Balor asks Becky Lynch if everything is okay.  Finn tells Becky not to let pride get in the way.  Finn says he wants to slap Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley, but you need to wait for the right time.  Finn says that when the world is watching, he will win the Intercontinental Title.  Becky asks if it means she should apologize.  Finn tells Becky not to let pride get in the way.

Finn leaves and Becky comments on Finn's abs.

We are back with more Elias, but it is interrupted a Seth Rollins video package.

The third time is the charm because Elias gets to strum his guitar, but he is interrupted by the Lucha House Party and they make their way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias tells the Lucha House Party to stop.  Elias says he is the biggest musical act on the planet and he keeps getting interrupted.  Elias complains that his album did not get nominated for a Grammy.

Kalisto says the Lucha House Party love entertaining the WWE Universe.  Tonight, they decided to walk with Elias.  

Elias sings and says he has nothing left to give.  He says he loses his will to live when he comes to Grand Rapids.  He says he heard this was called Beer City and he needs beer goggles to find anyone pretty.  Elias says it is not the kid's fault, but it is their parent's.

Elias asks the Lucha House Party what they thought and they all give him a thumbs down.  

Elias asks Lucha House Party if they think they can do better than him.

Dorado says he is the dancer of the group.  Kalisto says he has this.

Elias gives Kalisto his guitar.

Elias asks Kalisto if he wants to do a duet after hearing Kalisto play.  Elias grabs another guitar and hits Kalisto in the back with it and runs away.

Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

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