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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-07-26 21:57:00

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan welcome everyone to Smackdown.  Daniel says that this show is not about them, it is about the superstars and the opportunities they can earn.  

We are in Buffalo, New York and your announcers are John Layfield, Mauro Ranallo, and David Otunga.

The wrestler are in the ring behind Daniel and Shane.

Shane says Smackdown is all about opportunity and seizing that opportunity.  The first Smackdown pay per view will be Backlash on September 11th.

Shane mentions that Smackdown is the home of the WWE Champion, they need to find an opponent for SummerSlam.  Shane brings out Dean Ambrose.

Dean says that sounds like a plan.  He says he is looking forward to a new challenge.  He says looking around this ring, everyone wants what he has.  He wants to know who is first.

Daniel says this is what he loves about Dean Ambrose.  He will fight anyone at any time.  That is good because they have a plan for his opponent at SummerSlam.  Tonight there will be a six pack challenge number one contender match.  Six people will have the opportunity to become the number one contender to face Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.  The first entrant is . . . 

John Cena.

Shane says the second entrant in the match is . . . 

Bray Wyatt.

Daniel says the third man in the match is . . . .

Dolph Ziggler.

Shane announces the fourth entrant and it is . . . .

Baron Corbin.

Daniel gets to introduce the fifth entrant and it is . . . 

AJ Styles.

Daniel points out that the sixth spot is open to everyone.  It will be the winner of a battle royal.  Shane says that match is next.

Match Number One:  Battle Royal to determine the sixth entrant in the Six Pack Challenge Number One Contender Match

The bell rings and half of the people go after Kane while the other half goes after Erick Rowan.  Simon Gotch is eliminated by Kane.  Kane punches Konnor while Breeze holds on to save himself and Fandango punches Jey.  Del Rio goees after Kalisto.  English with a double sledge to Rawley's back.  Konnor and Viktor work over Kane.  Kane sends Konnor and Viktor over the top rope to eliminate them.  Kane punches Kalisto while Rawley fpunches Fandango when he tries to eliminate Ryder.  Del Rio goes to the apron but returns back to the ring.  Kane with an uppercut to Kalisto.  

English goes to the apron but he rolls back in.  Jey punches Del Rio and then he puts Del Rio on the turnbuckles.  Del Rio with a cross arm breaker on Jey while hanging from the ropes.  Rawley sends Fandango into the turnbuckles.  Kalisto kicks Crews and Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri to Kane.  Del Rio tries to eliminate Kane.  Jey with super kicks to English and Ryder.  Fandango holds on to the ropes and Breeze with a super kick and Jey is eliminated by Breeze and Fandango as we go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Aiden English and Erick Rowan were eliminated during the break.  Mojo eliminated Rowan but we go back to live action and Rawley is eliminated by Del Rio.  Kalisto is sent to the apron and Del Rio clotheslines Ryder and he hits a lungblower on Crews.  Del Rio is eliminated after a rana from Kalisto and a double clothesline from Ryder and Crews.  Kane eliminates Breeze and Fandango.

We are down to the final four and it is Kalisto, Kane, Zack Ryder, and Apollo Crews.  Ryder with a missile drop kick and Crews with a standing moonsault to Kane.  Kalisto wtih a springboard splash onto Kane.  Ryder is the first to his feet and he snap mares Kalisto and drop kicks Kalisto in the back of the head.  Ryder tries to eliminate Crews but Apollo holds on to the ropes.  Crews tries to eliminate Ryder and Kalisto helps but Ryder fights his way back to the mat.  Ryder with a neck breaker to Kalisto and Kalisto is sent to the apron.  Crews clotheslines Ryder over the top rope.  Kalisto with a springboard seated splash to Crews followed by Salida Del Sol.  Ryder punches Crews and then Kalisto with a spike rana to Crews.  Kane throws Kalisto over the top rope and then he punches Ryder and Crews.

Kane with splashes to Ryder and Crews.  Kane misses a splash and Ryder hits the Broski Boot on Kane and then he hits a running knee on Crews.  Ryder waits for Kane to get up but Kane eliminates Ryder.  Kane grabs Crews by the throat but Crews flips and he ducks down as Kane charges at him and Kane is unable to stop so he goes over the top rope to get eliminated.

Winner:  Apollo Crews

After the match, Renee Young interviews Apollo Crews.  He says he is not going to celebrate until he wins the Six Way Match tonight and gets his match at SummerSlam.

Becky Lynch and Natalya walk in the back as we go to commercial.

We have a Shelton Benjamin video package because he is coming back to Smackdown soon.

Dolph Ziggler says he has been banging his head on the glass ceiling. Every night he does what he does best.  He tries to steal the show.  On the way, he got lost.  He drifted away from the kid from Cleveland who saw his first WWE show at age 5.  He lost his way, but tonight it starts all over again.  It is not in the GM or Commissioner's hand.  It is in his hands.  When the main event ends, it will be him taking his place at SummerSlam.

Match Number Two:  Becky Lynch versus Natalya

They lock up and Natalya with a side head lock take down.  Becky with a head scissors and Natalya escapes.  Becky with a side head lock take down and Natalya with a head scissors and Becky escapes.  Natalya with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Natalya handsprings over Becky with Becky with a drop kick and Natalya goes to the floor.  Natalya sends Becky to the mat and Natalya chokes Becky in the ropes and she slams Becky.  Natalya sends Becky to the mat again and she walks over Becky.  Natalya wtih a sleeper.  Becky with a near fall.  Natalya tries for an O'Connor Roll but Becky holds on to the ropes.  Becky with clotheslines and a drop kick.  Becky misses a splash into the corner.  Becky with an elbow and she goes to the turnbuckles but Natalya pulls Becky off the ropes as we go to commercial.

We are back and Natalya with an abdominal stretch but Becky escapes with a hip toss.  Becky with an elbow and forearms.  Becky with a European uppercut and forearm.  Natalya sends Becky into the turnbuckles.  Becky has a kick blocked but Becky with an enzuigiri and both women are down until Becky goes up top.  Becky with a leg drop for a near fall.  Becky goes for DisArmHer but Natalya takes Becky down.  Natalya with a German suplex and she gets a near fall.  Natalya sets for the discus clothesline but Becky blocks it and she rolls Natalya up and tries for the DisArmHer but Natalya escapes.  Natalya with a discus clothesline for a near fall.

Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Becky counters into DisArmHer and Natalya taps out.

Winner:  Becky Lynch

Renee asks Becky about her win and Becky says you should call her Becky Balboa.

Alexa Bliss interrupts and she says Smackdown is getting ready for a Lisstation from their newest star.  Becky might have been the first women drafted on Smackdown, but she is the personification of the Women's Division.

Naomi interrupts and she wants to know how could Alexa come out and run her mouth if she has not wrestled.  Naomi says she is going to shine.

Carmella interrupts and she says Tuesday night is about to get Fab-U-Lous.

Eva Marie makes her way out she gets a professional introduction that is full of adjectives about her.

We go to commercial with Miz and Maryse walking in the back.

We are back and Baron Corbin says he is not winning this match for mom or dad.  He is not winning this for anyone on the Smackdown Roster.  He is not winning this for anyone in Buffalo. He is winning this for himself.

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