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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-07-26 21:57:00

Maryse is in the ring and she introduce her husband The Miz.

Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV and he says it exclusive to Smackdown.  He says tonight, the Legend Killer is here.  Through Evolution, he has built a Legacy.  Miz introduces himself.

He says it is an honor and privilege to be in the ring with the Miz.  He asks himself how can he be so humble when everyone looks up to him.  MIz says everyone needs a hero.  He is everything the people are not.  He is a WWE Superstar, he is a movie star, he is married to the perfect woman, and he is Intercontinental Champion.  He wants everyone to be proud of him because the people cannot be proud of themselves.

Miz asks Maryse what it is like to be married to Miz.  She says her reality is better than everyone's dreams since she is married to him.

Randy Orton's music interrupts and the pants wearing streak is over at one show.

Miz says it is good to see Randy and he welcomes Randy to MizTV.

Randy says he was in the back and he heard Miz' opening monologue and since it sounded like Miz was talking about him, he came out.  Randy says Miz was wonderful on the mic and he showed that he is an expert at playing with himself.

Miz says Randy is like the Blair Witch Project.  He wants to know why Randy interrupted when he has a match in four weeks against Brock Lesnar.

Randy reminds Miz he made a good living killing legends.  He is going to Suplex City and it will be a long bumpy road.  It will only take one RKO to send Brock's ass to Viperville.

Miz says it is a shame that Randy accepted the match with Lesnar because SummerSlam will be his last.

Randy says SummerSlam won't be his last match, but it also doesn't have to be his first match back.  Why not have his first match back tonight?  Why not have that return take place against the Intercontinental Champion?  

Miz asks everyone if they want to see that match and after they appear interested in the match, he says no.  You don't just get a chance at the Intercontinental Title. 

Randy says the title does not have to be on the line, so why not something between friends.  

Miz says they are friends since he beat Randy for the WWE Title.  He says he is not falling for Randy's tricks.

Randy asks Miz if he is afraid of getting his ass whipped in front of Miz' wife. 

Maryse tell Randy how dare you talk about her husband like that  Her husband accept that challenge.

Match Number Three:  Randy Orton versus Miz (with Maryse) in a Non Title Match

The bell rings and Miz goes to the floor because he is not ready.  He talks to Maryse and returns to the ring.  MIz kicks and punches Orton and sends him to the floor.  Orton holds his shoudler and Miz punches Orton.  Miz kicks Orton in the shoulder.  Miz sends Orton shoulder first into the ringside barrier.  Miz sends Orton back into the ring and MIz with a boot to the shoulder.  Miz punches and kicks Orton in the corner.  

Orton goes to the floor and Miz follows.  Orton with a punch and European uppercut.  Orton is Irish whipped into the ring steps.  Miz sends Orton into the ringside barrier and then Orton is returned to the ring but Orton with an RKO and Orton does not cover MIz.  Orton looks around and he leans against the ropes as he waits for Miz to move.  Orton gets up and he does the RKO pushups and hits another RKO for the three count.

Winner:  Randy Orton

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for American Alpha and they will be on Smackdown next week.

Heath Slater comes into the ring and he kicks the man who was in the next match and he takes the mic.

Heath says he has been thinking a little bit.  There had to be a mistake.  How could Heath Slater not get drafted to Raw or Smackdown?  If Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan want to lead Smackdown into the New Era?  How about put Heath Slater in the main event and make that Six Pack Challenge into a Magnificent Seven Pack Challenge.

Slater starts a "Sign Heath Slater' chant and the people are chanting it.

Shane McMahon comes out and he reminds Heath this is Smackdown Live.  That means they are live right now.  He says there are better ways to get a job.  He can send a resume.

Heath says he is sure that Shane has the WWE Network so he can watch some Heath Slater matches for his resume.  Heath was the brain behind Nexus, the Corre, the One Mand Band, 3MB, and the Social Outcasts.  He is a three time tag team champion.  If he is given the chance, he will prove why he is the hottest free agent.

Rhyno comes from under the ring and Heath thinks the people are cheering for him.

Shane says he is looking at the hottest free agent.

Slater turns around and Rhyno GORES Slater.

AJ Styles says this sounds like the old era.  What do Shane and Daniel have against him?  Is he too good?  They don't draft the Club and then he has to face five other guys to qualify to face Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam.  AJ says he is the obvious pick.  Without the Club, he will beat up Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews, and Dolph Ziggler.  He will also beat up John Cena.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bray Wyatt says it is part of life.  Some things always stay the same.  He says he is Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds.  He is the beginning and the end.  It all revolves around him.  Tonight, five men will fall and soon, he will truly have the whole world in his hands.  Buffalo . . . I'm Here.

Match Number Four:  Bray Wyatt versus John Cena versus Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin versus Apollo Crews versus AJ Styles in a Number One Contender Match

Wyatt punches Cena while Crews and Styles battle.  Wyatt runs into a boot from Corbin as we go to commercial.

We are back and Wyatt holds Crews for Styles to kick him.  Styles with a Phenomenal knee drop.  Wyatt with a back senton while Cena, Corbin, and Ziggler are on the floor.  Styles comes off the ropes and Wyatt with a clothesline to Styles so the alliance is over.  Ziggler with a drop kick to Styles and then he hits a splash on Wyatt followed by a neck breaker and elbow drop.  Corbin pulls Ziggler to the floor and he punches Ziggler.  Styles with a sliding knee on the apron to Corbin.  Styles wtih a springboard 450 to Wyatt and he gets a near fall that is broken up by Cena.

Cena with an Irish whip but Styles floats over.  Styles with an Ushigoroshi on Cena and then Crews hits three German suplexes on Styles.  Corbin wtih an STO to Crews and he gets a near fall.  Corbin yells at the referee about his ability to count to three.  Corbin stomps on Crews.  Corbin with a back elbow for a near fall on Crews.  Corbin rakes at the face and he applies a quarter nelson and chin lock.  Crews with punches but Corbin with a forearm.  Corbin with a splash into the corner.  Corbin gets a near fall as we go to commercial.

We are back and Crews and Corbin with dueling Tower of Doom moves.  Crews and Corbin are in the ring and they exchange punches until Corbin hits Deep Six for a near fall.  Crews flips out of End of Days and Crews with the toss power bomb but Wyatt pulls out the referee.  Wyatt wtih the crab walk and Crews is in shock.  Wyatt with Sister Abigail but Wyatt took care of the referee.  Ziggler with Zig Zag and Ziggler has Wyatt pinned but the referee is down with a knee injury.  Ziggler sets for a super kick but Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on Ziggler..  Styles with a Pele Kick to Wyatt.  Cena with an Attitude Adjustment to Styles but the referee is not ready to make the cover so Styles kicks out.

Crews goes up and he hits a cross body but Cena rolls through and holds on.  He gets Crews on his shoudlers for Attitude Adjustment.  Cena does the same to Wyatt.  Cena tries to get Corbin up but Corbin with elbows.  Cena is able to get Corbin up and he finishes the Attitude Adjustment circuit.  Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm but Ziggler with a super kick to Styles for the three count.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

After the match, ZIggler celebrates his victory in the ring.

Dean Ambrose's music plays and he makes his way to the ring to confront his opponent in Brooklyn.

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring to raise both men's arms.

Not to be outdone, Shane McMahon Shane-O Shuffles his way to the ring and he congratulates Ziggler.

We go to credits.

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