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By Mike Johnson on 2016-02-21 18:58:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of WWE Fast Lane 2016 from The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

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WWE Fastlane Kickoff Show

Jerry Lawler is back again for the panel, returning to join Renee Young, Booker T and Corey Graves.

The panel discussed matches they were looking forward to tonight.  Lawler said that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would be the biggest meltdown between brothers in WWE history.    They pushed the theme of Brother vs. Brother vs. Beast.

AJ Styles will be taking Twitter questions later.  I guarantee none of those questions mention Dixie Carter.

The panel discussed Alberto Del Rio challenging Kalisto for the WWE United States champion.  Lawler was playing heel and was pushing hard that Del Rio would win without a problem.  Booker T said it was Kalisto's destiny to win the belt.

I've been having a lot of buffering with my Roku so far and I was logged in well in advance to WWE's stream, so hopefully that is not a bad omen.

They went to a video feature on WWE Divas champion Charlotte vs. Brie Bella.  The panel talked about everything that has gone on in Brie's personal life (Nikki's neck surgery, Daniel Bryan's retirement) and whether that would come into play.  Renee said that Brie would be wearing Daniel Bryan's kickpads from Wrestlemania 30 for inspiration.  Lawler predicted she would lose, then ride off into the sunset by retiring to go have a bunch of kids with Bryan.  He then pointed out baby goats are called kids.

I logged off the stream and back on and that seemed to help the Roku stream.

They aired a video feature on Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose.

They brought Paul Heyman to the panel.  He said that this is no different from any other big fight day for Lesnar.  He relaxed, studied tapes and prepared.  There is no way Roman or Dean to take him out and its up to them to deal with him because Brock is the focus of the match.  He said that he hopes they go into the match with a team mentality because sooner or later, one will have to betray the other even if they could get by Brock.   He said Brock will then divide and conquer.  When asked who the biggest threat was, Heyman said it was Lesnar and asked why he wasn't there to hype Brock vs. HHH at Wrestlemania and said Brock would become the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion at that show.  He said Lesnar wasn't looking past tonight and was looking forward to taking them each out.  He specifically pointed out that he has respect for Roman Reigns.  Heel turn hint?

Jojo interviewed Dolph Ziggler about his bout against the WWE Intercontinental champion, Kevin Owens.  Ziggler said that the last two weeks, he's beaten Owens and on Monday, Owens stole one from Ziggler's book and stole one from him.  He said that he's going to go out there and be Dolph and win the IC title.  He promised to go do what he does best, steal the show.

The panel pushed that Ziggler was very much the hometown guy and was going to be gunning for the belt in front of his family and friends.  Lawler said that means a lot to Ziggler as he's an emotional guy but Kevin Owens is an opportunist.  Lawler predicted Owens would take advantage of an opportunity tonight to win.  Booker said Owens was trying to prove his worth and is a top notch talent.  Booker said Ziggler needs to stop worrying about stealing the show and instead stealing a match.

WWE United States champion Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio: Best of Three Falls

No Sin Cara with the champion.  No League of Nations with the challenger.

Literally, at the bell, my Roku freezes.  Wonderful!

Fall One

When the stream returns, Kalisto is going to the floor with ADR in hot pursuit.    He worked over the champion on the floor and tries to spark a "Si!" chant.  Kalisto is tossed back into the ring.  ADR works him over for several two count and nailed an suplex, which led to Kalisto rolling back out of the ring.  ADR pulled him up on the floor and tossed him into the barrier and the ring post.  It's all ADR early on to build sympathy for the champ.

ADR places Kalisto on his shoulders to run him into the ringpost like a dart but Kalisto slips behind him and shoved him into the ringpost.  Kalisto used the ring barrier as a base and leapt off, hitting a rana and sending ADR into the timekeeper's area.  Alberto had enough and drilled Kalisto with a chair, getting disqualified.

Winner of the first fall, Kalisto (1-0)

Alberto beat him with a chair on the floor.  ADR posed with the chair, playing to the crowd as the referee check on Kalisto. 

Second Fall.

Alberto Del Rio pretty much destroyed and pinned Kalisto.

Winner of the second fall, Alberto Del Rio (1-1)

Third Fall

Alberto waited for the champion to return to the ring, clotheslined him and scored a two count.  He ripped at Kalisto's mask and tied him upside downn in the corner, kicking away at him.  ADR went to the top to set up for the doublestomp off the top but Kalisto fought back and nailed a top rope rana off the ropes.  ADR was kicked in the head.  Kalisto nailed a springboard sitting senton and nailed a corkscrew splash.  He scored several two counts.  Kalisto turned a Lucha combination into a DDT for another close two count.  Good match.

Kalisto went to the top but was crotched from behind while standing on the ropes.  ADR worked him over to set up the double stomp.  ADR nailed a reverse superplex off the top into the ring but the force of the move sent Kalisto rolling out of the ring to the floor.  ADR teased using a chair but changed his mind.  He placed Kalisto hanging off the timekeeper's area and nailed the double stomp onto him.  ADR returned to the ring wiping his hands as if to say he was finished.  They said the title could change hands on a countout because of the Best of Three Falls stip but Kalisto returned to the ring at the last second.

Alberto attacked him and tied him in the tree of woe in the corner.  He went for the double stomp but missed.  He hurt his knee.  Kalisto nailed a rana into the ropes and scored the pin with a rollup.

Winner of the third fall, Kalisto (2-1)

Your winner and still WWE United States champion, Kalisto!

Good match that I probably would have liked more if I wasn't dealing with the Roku streaming issues.  Mauro Ranallo who was the lead announcer for this match was absolutely excellent here and made the scenario all that more exciting.

We went backstage where AJ Styles was doing his Twitter Q&A.

When asked about how it felt to be here in WWE and what would his legacy be now.  He said he was a star all over the world and beat Chris Jericho on his first night in the company.  That's how he builds his legacy.

Styles was asked about his reaction at the Royal Rumble.  He said that he wanted it but didn't expect it.  His mind was blown by it.

AJ Styles was asked about being inspired to become a wrestler.  He said that he was inspired by Barry Sanders, who was an amazing NFL player but wasn't the biggest guy.  He said that he's competing with monsters and tries to be the fastest man.  He said if he was inspired by any wrestler, it would be Sting.

He was asked to compare wrestling in WWE to other organizations.  He said he played in the minors and in Japan but this is the major league.

They announced Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award presentation will kick off Raw tomorrow.


Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs. Naomi & Tamina

Sasha and Tamina started out.  Becky tagged herself in.  The story is that Sasha and Becky don't really get along but make a good team.  They doubled on Tamina and Becky nailed a legdrop for a two count.  Tamina took over and tagged in Naomi, but Becky was able to keep her at bay.  Naomi responded with a nice series of kicks but was caught with the Lassplex, which sent Naomi to the floor.   Tamina checked on her.  Sasha and Becky nailed stereo sliding kicks to the outside

Becky was nailed off the top and crashed rudely to the floor.  She was almost counted out but returned to the ring, only to be beaten down by Naomi with kicks.  Tamina tagged in and clotheslined Lyncn, then cinched hin a rear chinlock.  Sasha tried to rally her partner, who fought to her feet.  Tamina pulled her back down by the hair, then nailed Banks.  Tamina continued mauling Lynch and tagged in Naomi.  Team BAD tagged in and out.  Lynch finally escaped Tamina's grip but was grabbed and pulled away before she could make the tag.  To make matters worse, she kicked off Tamina only to witness Sasha being pulled off the apron as they were - finally - about to tag.

All this left Becky in No Man's Land, being beaten and tossed to the floor.  She finally escapes the beating and tags in Sasha who cleans house.  She nails a nice move where she leaps up and comes down with double knees across Naomi.  She slams Naomi hard into the buckles several times and goes for the Bank Statement but Tamina pulls her to the floor.  Banks gives chase into the ring but is hit with the Rear View by Naomi for a close two count.  Not a bad match at all.

Tamina catches Sasha with a superkick but Lynch makes the save.  Naomi dumps her out of the ring.  Team BAD goes for a double suplex on Sasha but Lynch nailed a missile dropkick off the top on each of them at the same time.  Sasha catches Tamina in the Bank Statement.  Naomi goes to break it up but Lynch catches her in the Disarmher.  Dual tapouts.

Your winners, Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch!

Solid match with one of the better showings for Naomi and Tamina in a while.  Lynch was great as the babyface in peril and everyone did their job here.  Good stuff.

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